Daily Roundup


If you think that’s funny, you could be good at maths



One more step:  Don’t watch it on TV either



We’re not gonna take it…



From last night’s Backchat – Google’s sense of humour



Katie and Tau comparing sizes



Via the tipline



Gower retweets a 218 day old Tweet.  If you ever needed proof he’s on the ball…



So… that means… nowhere, right?



Pro Tip:  Always check them before untangling




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  • ozbob68

    Don’t worry katie, I back you to hit 10 metric tons first.

  • Platinum Fox

    Another pro tip for the Xmas lights – acquire a cable reel to store them on from a sparky, a cabling guy or maybe a retailer that sells cable by the metre.

    • Goldfish

      There’s an easier way – get an extension cord tidy thingy from Mitre 10. The expensive one is about $4 and it looks like a modified coat hanger.

      • Platinum Fox

        Sorry, showing my age. I was thinking of a no cost solution, not one that entailed laying out cash.

  • Pluto

    3 to the power of 14 gives 3.1699.. times 1,000,000,000.
    3.17 is pi ?

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      I recommend you join Handy Andy’s research team…..

  • Cadae

    Setting that price was a cad of a thing to do.

  • Cremster

    Round the back of that supermarket you can buy Ecstasy for $2.71/pill (rounded down…)