Daily Roundup

Just one thing today, and it isn’t at all funny


New Zealand’s lefties telling us all that we should fear politicians instead of a man with a gun.

That is the REAL fear.

What a perverse way to view life.

Of course, if Labour were in charge, John P would not hold that view.   He’d be crying out for “someone to DO something!”, and “why isn’t anyone protecting my family?”.




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  • Chris EM

    I think we all knew, really, that these types of people would turn up saying these types of things.

  • Whafe

    The left in general put copious fear into any sane minded individual…

  • Captain Darling

    Jeez those lefties scare easily, terrified of that nice Mr key.

    • Bombastic

      Jeepers, you mean he doesn’t behead citizens with a blunt knife, stone gays to death (a Labour MP was right into that), mutilate young girls’ genitals, stone rape victims to death, fly planes into buildings nor bomb and cause mayhem? I think Mr Key is pretty tip-top by comparison.

  • BR

    When it comes to leftist politicians they may have a point.


  • Damon Mudgway

    Was John P under the influence of stupid drugs at the time he used his ninja warrior fingers on his keyboard, or is he always this clever and brave?.

  • john Doe

    Dear Mr P

    You really do have a very narrow and shallow view of the world. You need to get out more.

    Regards Mr D

  • 1951

    John P, some of us are old & wise enough to know that there is less in what you say here, than the message portrayed in ‘Comment of the Day’. Go take a look and Grow Up.

  • Nechtan

    At the risk of seeming thick who is John P and why should I care?

    • zotaccore

      Seems to be a bit of a weirdo to me, just another insignificant left wing looney short of a few grey cells.

  • stephen2d

    The lefties in this country are desperate: there is so little difference between John Key’s National and Hellun’s Labour (policy wise) that they have to manufacture something to be outraged. So they try to paint Key as some sort of extreme right winger, out of impotent rage, hoping it will stick. However, to every normal person in NZ it is so obviously laughable that they only do damage to Labour. So, just like during te emergency debate last week, they will posture, grandstand, huff and puff, but they will vote for the security law as they know it needs to be that way and that they’d do the same. A bit also like selling assets in Christchurch. It’s not easy to be a lefty.

  • Gaynor

    The lack of loyalty to our country by such people is sickening. Australia in the face of its tragedy is putting NZ to shame.

  • DVS Guy

    “Luddites”. Only time I’ve laughed today.

  • Honcho

    Well, I hope our agencies and forces are extremely well resourced, they recruit our best and brightest, our fittest and most disciplined, I hope that they are equipped with the latest and best equipment and technology, and have the best world class training …. and it proves to be a complete waste of time and money.

    It seems there are always some would prefer the opposite.

  • Cadwallader

    “Supposed mandate to act?” Where was he on 20th September 2014?

  • Timboh

    John P has the luxury of never experiencing real fear for himself. Some may think him a coward but I couldn’t possibly comment.

  • Bombastic

    Is any one else nauseated by the #illridewithyou? No threat has been made towards Muslims yet the hand wringers are pre-emoting it with a love in. Well for me it’s #iwontflywithyoueither #norshareacafewithyou

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Aunty Andrea Vance, the terrorist hugging journalist has written a master piece blaming John Key as opportunistic….Not sure where these creatures emerge from…

    • Bombastic

      Here’s a jigsaw Andrea might like to set out on her kitchen table and have a go at putting together.

      [actually I’d be banned for posting the picture I’d like to of a decapitated Europenan soldier, so I won’t – it’s a bit of a shame in a perverse way, we need to actually see what Islam in the form of it’s radicals is up to]

      Andrea gets to ride her keyboard for another day as an apologist for Islam. If only she knew.

  • maninblack

    This guy is a massive raving pinko. So is his misses. He has a very very one sided view of life.