Daily Roundup


Jacinda’s Fish n Chips shop!




Man card and Dog Card revoked




The Sony movie that united the world










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  • Alright

    Jacinda’s Fish and Chip shop…

    Rolled around the floor laughing.

  • MAWG

    There used to be a cafe in Wellington on the corner of Eva and Dixon street, called “Eva Dixon’s”. They ran the cafe at the Wellington Zoo before the council shafted them.

    Their motto was “All you can eat for as much as it costs!”

  • Carl

    A cat wouldn’t let you get that close.

  • ozbob68

    At the cafe at Lands End in England, there is a sign saying “we do not replace food stolen by seagulls”. I saw it and thought “if ever someone made that request, it was in a ‘merkin accent”. Sheesh!

    • Euan Ross-Taylor

      I was in Llandudno, North Wales a couple of years ago and witnessed a seagull dive on a woman and steal a double scoop icecream right out of her hand and fly off with it. It was unbelievable the skill those big seagulls have developed.

      • who’stoblame

        I once had a freshly made american hotdog with tomato relish, onions and mustard. Walking along a jetty, with a strong wind up the rear, somewhere in South Oz. Went to take my first bite then “whamo”, gone in blink of an eye. Watched the dogfight for 30secs or so, sighing, then went back for another. The buggers had shut shop. That was nearly 30 years ago and I’ve often wondered just how that hotdog would have tasted. “Que Sera, Sera”

  • burns_well_eh

    20 years ago I owned a fish and chip shop – waited for almost two years before somebody finally said the immortal words “I’ll have fish and chips twice”

    So I could say what I’d been waiting for 2 years to say “I heard you the first time!”

    Small things…

  • Pete

    Jacinda would only make this offer to her Facebook or Twitter followers, the rest of you would have to pay the full subsidised price of 50% of the full price of the first fish and chips, if you were a holder of a union card or “kewl young person voucher” whereupon you would get an further subsidy and additional discount or social investment “benefit payment” amounting to 30% of the retail cost of the GST discounted .chips..”in real terms” multiplied by the Likes and tags received at the #equalrightsforuglyfatwomen fair -trade co-op.

    Plus you would have to pay for someone else’s fish and chips as well!