Daily Roundup

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The Standard were suffering Herald Bombs disease yesterday when running a 2014 man of the year thing with my photo on it, yet the post itself was totally devoid of any mention of me.  They accuse me of running cat pictures for click baits.  Looks like they need pictures of me to keep their traffic stats up.  Heh.


Speaking of Herald Bombs…


Showing once again that you can’t leave Australian media employees to do jobs that require knowledge of New Zealand geography.














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  • Nechtan

    What no 30 mm GAU-8 strapped under the Orcinus Assassinus Orca??

  • I’m Right

    “yet the post itself was totally devoid of any mention of me” can I assume they just referred to you as ‘filth/poison/the NZ play’ and easier to refer to you as person non grata with a nasty adjective?

  • Orange

    Well you’d get my vote for that commendation Cameron, absolutely.