Damn straight public opinion is cooling

The most successful losing team in the world is still on the bludge but the government is getting cold feet on funding more America’s Cup challenges.

Team New Zealand is the sporting equivalent of Colin Craig, they spend loads of money coming second or worse…the only difference is Colin Craig spends his own money whereas Team NZ likes to spend our money.

It is time for millionaire sailors with multi-million dollar houses to find another trough to sup from.

Public opinion is turning against subsidising Team New Zealand’s America’s Cup campaign and hosting the competition in a billionaires’ tax haven is only likely to make the situation worse, the Government warns.

Prime Minister John Key said the international yachting regatta was increasingly seen by Kiwi taxpayers as “billionaires playing with their toys”.

“Turning up in Bermuda hardly helps in terms of breaking down that image.” ?

Bermuda was announced yesterday as the next America’s Cup venue, pipping San Francisco at the post.

Team New Zealand may now need to secure rights to the America’s Cup qualifying stages in Auckland to have any hope of getting Government funding, after ministers said the choice of Bermuda as the host country offered few incentives for a taxpayer subsidy.

Government ministers said the small island nation provided fewer commercial opportunities for local companies to leverage off a New Zealand bid.

They also noted that New Zealanders’ growing opposition to subsidising a rich man’s sport was unlikely to be helped by the decision to hold the competition in Bermuda – a billionaires’ playground and known tax haven.

It will hardly be a tourist extravaganza in any case as there are only barely 5000 hotel rooms or other accommodation available on Bermuda, which has one of the highest rack rates in the world for rooms.

Time for the gravy train to end.

It’s over. It will be 14 years since we last held the cup when they finally get racing, and by then?Oracle?will have found better ways to cheat.


– NZ Herald