David “Goat” Parker Spanked In the House

David “Goat” Parker was completely spanked during question time.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 3.11.12 pm

First up the Speaker gave him a tap for his ridiculous question that made little sense to start with. 

Next was a rehash of matters already covered in this blog and elsewhere.

Then even B list National Party Minister Michael Woodhouse took him to pieces.

Matt Nippert gave evidence to the Chisholm Inquiry which made this question even sillier and a large waste of time.  Nippert handed over everything he had on the topic including illegally obtained data from the hack.

Sadly we could not find a video of “Denial Song” from Chris Knox to dedicate to the silly old Goat.

He has got no evidence, continues on smearing under the protection of parliament and acting like a goat.

In coming weeks he might regret delving deep into Dirty Politics.

It is just a shame that David parker and Labour continue to enable a criminal act and prefer to smear rather than ask questions about progress in finding a criminal.


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  • Alfred

    It’s pleasing that the Speaker confronted Parker over this question, despite then allowing him the opportunity to repeat various allegations. Woodhouse also hit the nail on the head saying that Labour really needs to move on. Parker essentially looked like a fish out of water and no one in Labour came to his rescue.

    • Cadwallader

      There’s nothing about Parker which screams “Leader” then again who on his side of the house even whispers Leader.

  • Chiefsfan73

    It’ll matter not, he’ll keep on flogging that dead horse. Let us not forget, in order to make a lie a fact, you simply have to keep repeating it.

  • Igotta Numbum

    Parker is trying to keep it alive so Labour get smashed in the next election as well, thereby securing his rise to the top. Expect a goat to be his 2IC.

  • kloyd0306

    Quote from Cactus Kate: “In coming weeks he might regret delving deep into Dirty Politics.”

    Sounds juicy. What’s coming down the pike?

    • Cancer Man

      Wheres the quote from? Sauce?

      • kloyd0306

        My bad….

        It was the great Cam himself in the second to last paragraph.

        Even better – maybe Cam knows something and I hope it involves Hagar having his head handed to him.

  • Timboh

    So he stole a friend’s wife, acted the goat in parliament, rorted the system to get Claire Curran a job, and is acting like a troll in parliament. Where is billy goat
    gruff when you need him?

  • Rusty B

    The last statement by Woodhouse was superb, World Cup, Osama, National 2 elections, Labour 4 leaders…David “Billy” Parker despatched to the boundary!!

  • These questions, have the LP lost a good staffer or something that is causing them to take swings and misses, don’t they roundtable these before they submit them? Or is this some kind of political under-bussing that we’re seeing going on?

  • Aucky

    Labour, NZF and the Greens all got a comprehensive bashing today. I’m disappointed with Ron Mark – he’s totally out of his depth and his inept questions remind me of Andrew Williams.

  • Tom McKechnie

    That a former Attorney General ( however briefly ) would descend to this level of smear politics, is yet another example why the Labour party are beyond hope.

  • burns_well_eh

    Great spanking by Woodhouse, he’s warming to his task more recently.

  • andrewo

    A detail: Wasn’t it Labour that was previously going to close down the Serious Fraud Unit?

    • Time For Accountability

      Exactly – They had something to fear that never made it to the public eye.
      I long suspected this irrational proposal was linked to the top echelon on Labour.

      Perhaps it was the SFO right to interview anyone who cannot invoke their right to silence.

      Spinning forward to current times perhaps it is to SFO who should interview the goat as it would not have a right to silence and could be relied upon to tell the truth.

  • Chris Chitens

    Bit of help please: I missed the memo about the goat and Parker- can someone tell me briefly what that is all about?

    • BlitzkriegNZ

      There’s a link in an earlier story today about it.

      • Chris Chitens

        Please tell me that is a wind up! I wouldn’t be surprised!

        • Wahbonnah

          David Parker and David Parkers, two different people :-)

    • stephen2d

      No, no, no. The goat story is related to David Parkers, a little known MP.

  • Michael

    I thought Michael Woodhouse’s response to the last question was the wrong tack – he should have simply challenged Parker to provide evidence of the allegation, complain to the Police, or simply to shut up.

    I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that Cameron Slater is the anti-Christ. Perhaps Parker could ask Chris Finlayson about that next year?

  • Dreadnaught

    I suggest Mr Parker might like to run through questions such as these in front of a mirror before committing to them. Looking rather foolish.