Despicable scumbag

What a despicable scumbag…blaming his victims for his offending.

There is no possibility of this scumbag being rehabilitated, the only known cure for scumbag like this is a copper coated lead injection.

A former Morrinsville Scout leader and Bible studies teacher blames his victims for the sexual crimes which have landed him in jail for 16 years.

The severity of the sexual assaults and the breach of trust by Matamata man Donald Wilson McKenzie, 67, mean he will serve the prison term with a minimum non-parole period of eight years on 15 sexual assault charges.

The sentence was handed down by Judge David Wilson QC in the Hamilton District Court on Friday.

The charges included unlawful and attempted unlawful sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection on a boy aged between 12 and 16 and committing an indecent act on a boy.

McKenzie admitted the charges on the fourth of a five-day trial in Hamilton District Court in October.

Until 1999 McKenzie also taught Bible studies in Waikato schools until 2013 when his offending was exposed. 

The first victim met McKenzie through Scouts and was 14 when the offending took place.

Crown prosecutor Louella Dunn said the offending carried on for about six months.

It occurred during the late 1990s when McKenzie lived in Newstead.

He met his second victim about four years ago when he was 11. The offending continued for about three years.

Dunn said McKenzie’s pre-sentence report made “very disturbing reading” and revealed he was still in denial of his actions.

“Mr McKenzie lacks any form of victim empathy or understanding of his offending, and even as of today appears to put blame on these two victims for his predicament today.”

She said the offending was also a serious breach of trust.

What a scumbag.

No doubt Kim Workman will think this scumbag can be rehabilitated.

There is only one positive from this case, he didn’t manage to convince a judge he needed name suppression.


– Fairfax


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  • john Doe

    It is really sad that paedo’s have infiltrated the Scouting Organisation. It once was a great institution for boys to let off a bit of steam and have some organised adventure.

    Baden-Powell will be turning in his grave.

    • Cracker1963

      “Baden-Powell will be turning in his grave”- Maybe not: Tom Jeal’s The Boy-Man, a 1990 biography, details Baden-Powell’s attraction to, and likely affairs with, teenage boys, as well as his fondness for nude boy photos and requirements that Scouts in his care should bathe outside naked.

      • john Doe

        Well knock me over with a feather. I shall delete him from the list of people who were inspirational in my youth!

        • Cadwallader

          As a Boy Scout I was instructed to whistle and smile at all times! or was that bend over, whistle and smile at all times?

  • Betty Swallocks

    I suppose being a ‘former’ scout leader and bible-studies teacher doesn’t make him enough of a pillar of the community to remain name-suppressed. The same goes for being a ‘life coach’ these days as well, apparently.

    “Walmsley said identifying him would cause “extreme undue hardship” to his wife and to his elderly father, who shares his name. There was also concern that members of the complainants’ families might take retributive action against Walmsley if his name was published.

    The judge said adverse public reaction and financial hardship did not amount to “extreme hardship”. In dismissing the submission, Justice Collins said in his assessment, it was too speculative to carry much weight.” Pity the judge in the case of the “Prominent New Zealander living in Central Otago who admitted his offending” couldn’t have reached the same conclusion.