Dirty Politics cartoons without Whaleoil or Cameron Slater

Believe it or not this year there were some cartoonists who managed to draw political cartoons about Dirty Politics without including a reference to Whaleoil or Cameron Slater. Their main target was our Prime Minister John Key. He didn’t get as many cartoons about him as Cameron and Whaleoil but he still did pretty well considering that he is important enough to have access to Cameron’s phone number and texts Cameron sometimes ( although Cameron is not pro-active about texting him back and often just replies to be polite )

When asked by the Mainstream Media whether or not he thought it was wise for him to engage with the Prime Minister, Cameron replied that John Key is the leader of the National Party and he gives out his contact details to all Political leaders and Politicians not just John Key. Some may not like John Key but he is recognised as the Prime Minister of New Zealand and therefore deserves the courtesy of access to New Zealand’s number one award winning blogger and journalist.


























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  • Aucky

    Isn’t it just brilliant to see what an unbiassed press we have in NZ?

  • Damon Mudgway

    Seems the only criteria for MSM cartoonists is to be as whiny as their editors.

  • dgrogan

    Is it just me, or has all this got rather boring and tedious now?

  • Gaynor

    A lot of the cartoons over the last few days haven’t even been well drawn. What is with portraying John Key with a huge nose ..is it Jewish stereotyping ?

    • Betty Swallocks

      Tom Scott has for a long time been depicting John Key with the same sort of facial features as Nazi cartoonists used to draw Jewish faces in the 1930s. Very disturbing I think, but not unexpected in the context of anti-semitic hysteria that the left increasingly whips up these days.

    • OneTrack


  • Coffee Connoisseur

    I wonder if the comments from posters would be the same if Labour and the Greens were in govt and the same issues arose…..

  • twr

    There really are some nasty smear merchants out there aren’t they. They never said a word while Clark and Cullen were removing our freedoms and pillaging our wallets, but Key does almost nothing and their imaginations run wild.

  • The Left just don’t get it, and by the left it appears most of the MSM political cartoonist are more than left leaning.
    Nationals response to Dirty politics exposed more of the lefts eaknesses, dirty politics & underhanded tricks than the book exposed in Nationals. But the real problem the left had, and they haven’t fixed it yet, is that they did’t have a viable alternative government in waiting.

  • Wallace Westland

    I’d like to give an up vote for the intro. Wonderfully tongue in cheek and very witty. Thoroughly love it.

  • johnnyB

    Interesting the theme running through that ‘dirty politics’ is not a dead issue and it will somehow come back and destroy Key. It was presented in all its glory and was voted on in a general election – the only real Poll of political opinion. We should take heart that the Left and the MSM still choses to take the same road of failure it has previously.