Doug Sellman teams up with discredited troughers

Professor J. Douglas Sellman

Professor J. Douglas Sellman

While on the topic of prohibitionist and supermarket hater Doug Sellman, his organisation Alcohol Action NZ is gearing up for a big fight with the Government over the report of the Ministerial Forum on Alcohol Advertising and Sponsorship.

Travel and lifestyle blogger and pinko David Farrar commented on all the bans the forum recommended the other day, saying it was all a bit depressing, and that it will eventually end up with plain packaging for drinks and food.

Farrar’s post would have incensed Doug Sellman, who is now saying that Alcohol Action NZ is ‘sponsoring an independent expert committee on alcohol advertising and sponsorship (IECAAS), which is monitoring the work of the Ministerial Forum’. From this an ‘independent report’ will be produced. It’s worth a look to see who is on this so called ‘expert committee” that will produce an ‘independent report’.

Oh dear look who we have here.

Prof Jennie Connor, University of Otago

Prof Janet Hoek , University of Otago

Assoc Prof Antonia Lyons, Massey University, Wellington

Mr Shane Bradbrook, Wellingon

Ms Amy Robinson, Auckland

Prof Mike Daube, Curtin University, Perth

Prof Peter Joyce, University of Otago, Christchurch (Chair)

Jennie Connor is Doug Sellman’s offsider who learnt at an early age while island hopping in Fiji that mixing drinks (wine, rum, whisky then a vodka and something else). Clearly an independent and impartial commentator.

There’s Janet Hoek. He’s well known to regular readers as the Beowulf expert and wants marketing restrictions on junk food just like those applying to tobacco.

Ahh there’s my good friend Shane Kawaneata Fedderick Bradbrook. Regular readers will know all about this trougher. He was exposed for troughing it up all over the world thanks to the Ministry of Health. Shane Bradbrook continues to have a big sook, moaning how unfair life is since he lost his troughing lifestyle.

Then there’s $2 million dollar man Prof Mike Daube which has created significant conflict for him in Australia, with calls made for his resignation following revelations that he misled the government and Western Australian public.

It’s not going to be hard to guess what this ‘independent report’ from this lot will be saying.


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  • Albert Root

    Prof Sellman looks very, how do I put this, anaemic. Does he get out of his bunker often? Clearly he has vitamin D issues.

    • JC

      Thats why his face is in a bubble with a pin about to prick it (or a prick like WO about to pin it to his wall?).

      IIRC Sellman was the guy who likened supermarkets to drug dealers because they sold cheaper booze.

      However since he started it lets liken Sellman to the Taleban, same fanaticism, same demand to control all of the population, same level of insanity.


  • Yeahright

    How do you get on these boards? I know nothing about Health policies and its sounds like I would be more independent than this lot!

  • Alfred

    Who is paying for this lot? The Government could hardly expect to see a balanced and “independent” report out of these people.

  • 1951

    Incase you drop in for a read Doug, here is another way of looking at the world…..People, it doesn’t matter who, what age, where from, must learn to take responsibility for themselves. It is not a case of education really, it is a case of ownership. People must take ownership of their decisions, growth, maturity. Going around placing BANs will not alter the situation one iota. Look at Russia, did no advertising for over 40yrs stop the love of Vodka? Ask yourself.
    I suggest rather than DICTATE what we should be ALLOWED to do, try getting people to work with you…..and ….for God sake start respecting us the general public….by throwing the word “histrionics” at us, about us, will only get an even greater negative response from us. Take time out.

    • AlanB

      Well put 1951. There are cliffs I could jump off and damage myself, why not have an independent committee discuss it and resolve (very democratically) to bulldoze them all flat or put up 4 meter fences 100 meters from them? All with government money of course.

      • 1951

        Ta, I get so angry about these guys who have worked themselves into positions then act like the High Priests of a by-gone era, particularly those that have lived well on taxes we have had no option but to pay.

  • caochladh

    That looks like a face with a lot of issues to me. Do these people sit any sort of psychometric or competency test to assess their suitability before they are appointed to the magic troughing roundabout.