Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson shares his views on religion, faith, politics and homosexuality

Willie Robertson appeared on Larry King Now and shared his views on religion, politics and homosexuality…plus gives us some insights into the family business.

One year after “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson was blasted for graphically discussing his controversial views on homosexuality in GQ, Larry King grilled his son Willie on the family’s beliefs.

“We stood by our father. We stood by him as a family again,” Willie Robertson said on “Larry King Now.” “What I want people to know and what we’ve said over and over and over is that we love everybody.”   

Willie explained that while the family does not shy away from their Christian faith, he has begun to question whether homosexuality is a choice.

“Since the controversy and since I know all these people and if the thought is, ‘I’m born this way,’ I don’t know. I’m trying to figure out myself though the passages. Because I always have to look through the Scriptures to see what’s there and then I put it up against people, put my time in, so I’ve spent time with people.”

“I’m not the judge. God’s gonna be the judge,” he added.

In the meantime, Willie said his family is focusing on accepting all people.

“All I can do on the surface is love people, accept people, be kind and be respectful to people and I think as a family that’s what we do.”

The luvvies tried to boycott Duck Dynasty and it failed spectacularly. A+E initially caved, but then faced a viewer backlash that was worse than the attempted luvvie boycott.


– Fox News


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  • Bruce S

    Giving one’s views on homosexuality; politics and religion in one sitting? I spy with my little eye something beginning with “train wreck”.

  • timemagazine

    He was probably “blasted” by all those pretending to be tolerant, all loving and compassionate, but only when it suits them.

  • Love Duck Dynasty! They are a hoot. Uncle Si is just like an uncle I had years ago.

  • TonyM

    A show that involves hunting and deliberately made for family viewing. Plus I like his attitude…. I’m going to check it out. Sees like he’s got a good handle on his Bible which I also like

  • jcpry

    Smart gentleman or just great media training? I suspect a bit of both.

  • understater

    I’ve got Phil Robertson’s autobiography. Well worth a read and a great Christmas gift.