Dutch brewery Bavaria has more courage than Sony


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  • Hollyfield

    Maybe they have Dutch courage?

    • Grocersgirl

      Heh heh

  • Logo

    Reminds me of the staged Nazi events before WW2. It will probably end in the same ignominious way. And all at the cost of a decent lifestyle and diet for the peasants!

  • John Kerr

    What a load of crap do a Movie about killing Obama then. Typical Muppet NZers /yankkee No proof of anything Buts lets just say it was North Korea with 0 proof ,Here we are trying to stop terror acts and Obama is helping make them. happen

  • Champagneshane

    He just needs to scrape the head off with a spatula and then he can do his OE in Holland!!

    • Tiberius

      He did go to school in Switzerland