East Coast Green Party Candidate wishes for a Green Christmas and gets a reply he didn’t expect


Another missive from Gavin MacLean, who was the East Coast Green Party candidate from the 2014 election.

This one is a poem based on Bing Crosby’s “Dreaming of a white Christmas”, with the words changed to “Dreaming of a Green Christmas”.

I’m dreaming of a green Christmas
Led by the finest expertise,
When we find the gumption to curb consumption
And spread equality and peace.

I’m dreaming of a green Christmas
With every letter that I write;
For the powerful think might is right,
Though it’s wealth that keeps the world in fright.

I’m dreaming of a green Christmas
Not like the ones we’ve had before,
With pollution drastic and endless plastic;
The Earth can’t handle any more.

I’m dreaming of a green Christmas
With economics less obscene.
You will wonder where you have been
When all your Christmases are green.


Someone responded with his own rendition

I was dreaming of a Green Christmas,
All this year til election night.
Dreamed voters were dumber,
Gave the lefties the numbers,
Awoke clutching my passport in fright.

I was dreaming of a Green Christmas,
But every letter Greens write,
And how they talk shite,
Helped 88 percent see the light.

I was dreaming of a Green Christmas,
No, not healthy rivers, less pests,
But rabbles of communists,
Ushered in on their lists,
Sneering: “I can spend your money best!”

I was dreaming of a Green Christmas,
Though those whiners are more red than green.
ISIS rapists need hugs?
We’d have to be mugs,
To let them in come two oh seventeen


– Gisborne Herald


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  • dumbshit

    very clever reply, although 10% will not understand, sadly

  • Don W

    I wonder if Gav has the gumption to curb his consumption.?

    • taurangaruru

      No he doesn’t but he will spend plenty of your tax dollars telling you how to curb your consumption

  • Dave

    Thats Gold

  • Tom McKechnie

    A wonderfully humourous reply.
    i just wish the ” Party of Peace ” would give us some peace and allow NZer’s to enjoy this festive season without their fairy dust missives.

  • cows4me

    Another chocolate whale to that most wise person.

  • Hedgehog

    loved the reply. I just shake my head in utter bewilderment that someone would write the versus to the first poem – and no doubt believe them. Their world and mine are light years apart.

  • Nige.

    Funny. Here is a bit of poetry i was just listening to that i feel sums up the green party.

    “Do you feel what I feel, see what I see, hear what I hear
    There is a line you must draw between your dream world and reality
    Do you live my life or share the breath I breathe
    Lies feed your judgement of others
    Behold how the blind lead each other
    The philosopher
    You know so much about nothing at all”

    If your feeling REALLY adventurous see if you can find out the name of who wrote it.

    • BlitzkriegNZ

      RIP Chuck – Death!!!

  • OneTrack

    Interesting that for a supposed “environmental party”(sic), he only mentioned the environment once out of four verses. Methinks Green is just false advertising.

  • willtin

    Green vomit is Bile.