The Economist clarifies why Unions hate Charter Schools

The Economist gives us a good insight as to why it is that?unions hate Charter Schools.

Just two points suffice:

1. Outcomes for children improve.

Under the new regime, schools have sharply improved. In 2004 just 16.5% of pupils in New Orleans?s schools beat Louisiana?s state performance score; by the end of the most recent school year, 31.1% did, according to the Cowen Institute at Tulane University. High-school graduation rates have risen from 55% before Katrina to 73% now; drop-out rates have fallen by half.

The way the NZ Unions have tried to bluff this out is to repeat ad nauseam that it is a “failed policy overseas” and hope that they public is as stupid as they are. ?

2. The teaching workforce is rejuvenated by non-union people.

After Katrina, most of New Orleans?s 7,500 unionised teachers were, in effect, fired. Charter schools have hired some back?but they have also hired plenty of new, young ambitious teachers, often straight out of college, who work the long days and extra hours without complaint.

?A key staring point to genuinely improve education in NZ is for teachers to stop hiding behind unions, stand on their own two feet and do what they probably believed in when they chose the profession.

Finally to rub salt into the raw union wounds, people are voting with their feet on charter schools.