Encyclopaedia Britannica’s death throes in the late 80s


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  • John1234

    Ah yes, EB, the Google of the 70’s and 80’s !!!

  • luke

    Yes I remember my Mum and Dad feeling guilty because they couldn’t afford the thousand pounds or more to give their kids the gift of knowledge ( a set of Brittanica). I genuinely love Google.

  • Hmm…yes, the computer, what will that do to help him study! Ahh, the olden days…

  • Tiberius

    I my parents got me brittanica on cd rom in the mid nineties, just before the Internet took off. We had several editions of encarta as well.

  • Isherman

    The physical set were a big investment at the time my folks got them, circa 1984, got well used and Im genuinely glad they bought them, as John says below, they were the Google of the time.

  • We had the World Books…I read them cover to cover…my mother went to a school parent teacher evening and the teacher said Cameron is a pain in the rear-end in class, he knows all the answers to every question I ask…what does he do at home, read encyclopaedias or something?

    Mum said…Yes, actually he does read encyclopaedias…best get used to being wrong.

    Ok she never said the last bit, she was much too polite to say that, but she did tell the fool teacher that I did read encyclopaedias.

    • Orange

      Did you get good marks in school? I find it doesn’t matter how annoying a student is, if they are getting good marks I think they’re great. I tell them that too which invariably results in them becoming less annoying.

  • Andy Brown

    Had a set of the Compton’s that Mum had bought.