Explain this!

Explain this photo in the comments.



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  • Charlie

    You prick, that’s my dinner stuffed!

    • Orange

      Yeah, why dog food containers are not suitable for use in microwave ovens. :)

  • STAG

    Make it yourself he said, it’ll be easy he said.

  • Hedgehog

    Classic failed kidnapping case. Perb wasn’t aware the dog couldn’t work the the microwave, thought if it could operate a generator then it shouldn’t be a problem. Thats why most criminals get caught.

  • Sally

    The dog’s owner is in the dog box and this is his attempt in making dog tucker.

  • Isherman

    Oh crap,..think…I know! “the damn cat did it”..they’ll buy that surely.

  • Technomage

    It’s ‘shopped, you can tell by the pixels! LOL!


    • Damon Mudgway

      Yeah…but WHY???

      • Technomage

        Because….racism? ;-)

        Just kidding, but that’s another meme that pops up, just like the ‘shopped…pixels’ one, which, being into ‘shopping myself, is one of my favourites!

    • mommadog

      So much for school lunches and feeding all the starving kids.

    • wooted

      Well, that’s ruined my Climate Change theory!

  • Punter

    Kim Jong-un’s propaganda photo for animals in training for North Korea space program

  • 1951

    “There is a point where ‘The Best Friend’ thing can be pushed too far. This is enough to make one weep.”

  • mommadog

    The house just out of the picture on the left is loaning their microwave to the house on the right. So neighbour 1 put it on a trolley to deliver to the neighbour 2. He decided to go out the back way rather than along the road as its a shorter path and the dog can come for a walk. However as they got to the tree stump the trolley wheel hit a small rock hidden by leaves and the jolt made the microwave door open. The owner of the microwave was embarrassed to see last nights dinner still in there so went back to get a cloth to clean up. In the mean time the dog, being an opportunist jumped up on the tree stump to see what the smell was. As it was takeaway crap and dog is used to much better fare he decided to just sit there and wait for owners return. In the mean time neighbour 2 wondered what was taking so long and came out to find microwave and dog. He pulled out his phone and took the picture so he could use it to tease neighbour 1.

    • Caprice

      Very good. You should join the ranks of Columbo, Kojak, or Hutch even.

      • I.M Bach

        Or Agent 86.

    • Technomage

      That’s some mighty fine detective work there, Lou!

  • George

    Can someone change the channel?

  • Technomage
  • Tom McKechnie

    I think it’s what’s called a dog’s breakfast.

  • JAFA Gazza

    My ex cooking stew.

  • Andru

    The real cause of this strange situation……

    • Andru

      The TARDIS never was a predictable machine.