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This morning it is you, our dear reader who is the face of the day. Without your support and vote Whaleoil could not have won it’s third Best Blog award in a row last night.
The haters will say that you are a Bot and that the voting was some how rigged but we know the truth. It was YOU and your appreciation of what we do here that got us the award.
Last night was a public popularity contest without a judge in sight and what a thrill it was to have the Blog’s popularity confirmed yet again.
The Haters say that we are not quality and that we should be shunned and the award given to better writers. Their views makes me recall a quote from the author of ‘ Rich Dad Poor Dad,’ Robert Kiyosaki. A University Professor had castigated him for the quality of the writing in his books on how to become rich through investments. Robert replied, ” I am not a best writing author, I am a best selling author, ” and that dear readers is it in a nutshell.



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  • Hughesy


    Has Tiso imploded in self important rage yet?

    • Who? Tisco’s? Aren’t they the foodie equivalent of the $2 shop?

      • [MOD] Can we start tightening things back up? It’s slowly sliding the wrong way.

    • Yeah, right, whatever…

      “Has Tiso imploded in self important rage yet?”
      Of course. He’s Italian!!

  • steve and monique

    Congratulations. Glad we could all play a part in a great outcome. As for the doubters, well jealousy is a cruel master.

  • Dumrse

    Well done to the Whalers. Good catch.

  • sheppy

    Yesterday the organisers had many people calling them trying to stop Cam winning. Fortunately they agree with freedom of speech which isn’t liked by the left when it doesn’t suit their agenda. Very sad!

  • Whafe

    Awesome work to an Amazing Whale Oil community.

    Magic stuff. May the snowball continue to gain the momentum…

    We will be FREED from the MSM

  • MAWG

    This is testament to the veracity of this blog.

    Some call you offensive, some call you crass. Others decry your methods and your political views. Some don’t like the way you expose people for who they really are. (Ironically, hypocrites don’t like the harsh light of truth).

    In all the criticism of Cameron, and of Whaleoil (The blog is larger than the man!), one thing has never been questioned or challenged.

    It’s honesty.

    No wonder the left is up in arms over it.

    • Ohhh but not for a lack of trying from both the political and media on the Left.

      This award though, complete negates all their attempted smears because it’s been awarded based on the public’s perceived popularity of the public’s preferred best blog – and they won’t like that at all…

      But best bit, it only highlights just how out of touch with reality the MSM have placed themselves.

      But I guess, when you’re relying on 18th Century technology for profits….

    • Michael_l_c

      If WO was lying, the truth would be presented & would be obvious as such, even to those who disliked the facts. The downfall of WO would commence & rightly so. That is the nature of facts as opposed to rumour, innuendo, smears, half truths & lies, oops, that is what the screaming, envious left are doing.

  • Aucky

    This victory puts the MSM into a really invidious position. They can hardly refer to ‘the award winning hate blogger’ and neither can they ignore you, self-obsessed as they are with media events.

    • Pete

      Greenwald was lauded as a Pullitzer prize winning journo by all the lefties..when he wasn’t,

      So it should be quite easy for the MSM and political commentators to refer to Cam as an award winning Journalist,

    • Sally

      The Herald also has a problem as they cannot criticise the Netguide Awards and they won one, along with GrabOne.

  • Radvad

    Yes we support you but there is a very good reason for that, in fact many reasons. For me I love that when Cam cops criticism he doesn’t fold and go on TV and cry a river of tears in fake contrition. There is nothing panty waist about Cam and I love it.
    Congrats again WOBH and onward and upward.

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    The msm just became a little more irrelevant with another nail in the lid. Time is not their friend Cam and soon the shills will only have a small corner of the market for their continual leftward march.
    PS loving the reporting on you having dirt on Key – Joe public is just more and more confused about what the msm are trying to push, and has to find out the truth for themselves. If that is you, then you will soon find you have been mislead by the main stream medias reporting.
    Congratulations Cam and team!

  • la la land

    So exciting – especially with all the bullying going on in the media by the left towards Cameron … hopefully it brings even more people to the blog!

  • Chris EM

    It’s much like the general election we’ve recently had, isn’t it? No matter what the rabid left/msm say or what they do, the votes won’t change.

  • la la land

    I can see Tiso is not enjoying your win…

    • Herbert Charles

      Tiso is such a child…i love it.

    • Michael

      I might have missed this, but who the heck is Giovanni Tiso?

      • spanishbride

        He is a blogger who was nominated for the Canon Media Award earlier this year and lost out to Whaleoil. He and Wrongly Wrongson then spearheaded a long and vicious attack on Canon and a boycott against the sponsor of the awards products. He demanded that the Award be taken off Whaleoil and was also in The Herald yesterday before the awards trying to bully Netguide into not giving whaleoil an award.

      • DavidW

        Only went there once, singularly unimpressive. This exchange certainly hints that he has some issues – it comes across as if he is biting off his own fingers one at a time and thoroughly masticating them even though they taste like (insert least favoured flavour here).

        • Cowgirl

          I have struggled to his blog a couple of times, but his turgid prose is so asinine and self-congratulatory (you can almost hear him high-fiving himself over how many big words he can fit into a sentence), that I’ve quickly got bored and left again. It’s impenetrable, which is probably how he likes it.

      • WordWeasel

        had a couple of ‘discussions’ with him on twitter. Wasn’t about politics per se but boy can he get nasty of you don’t agree with everything he says. Uses his experiences as proof of everything – forgetting others have experiences as well

    • LesleyNZ

      This says all about this guy Giovanni. What a gutter thinker he is.

    • Cowgirl

      What a wordsmith! I can see why everyone flocks to his blog and Twitter feed….

      • Ironically, he feels he should be a winner because “Best” should reflect quality, something that can’t be found here.

        • Cowgirl

          He sucks though – if people can’t understand what you’re on about, how can that constitute “quality”? Tiso’s blog sucks, and he knows it. What’s worse, is he knows we know it too.

    • sheppy

      That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen so far today, what a bitter man!

    • LesleyNZ

      Just checked – Mark Reynolds is “Mark Reynolds – Communications Manager and Management Team Member, Nova Energy, a division of Todd Corporation”. He is someone who has done something constructive with his life and is obviously intelligent – unlike some.

  • armotur

    Well Done WOBH and Oilers! Off to the local tonight just to show off my WOBH polo and irritate the Haters.

    Incidentally, in my experience most that “hate” WOBH admit that they have never read it and have formed their opinion from Hager’s book ( also not read) and the MSM. They wallow in ignorance!

    • Aucky

      Which is why the MSM is so dangerously influential and why duopolies such as exist in the print media should never be allowed to happen in the public information sphere.

    • LesleyNZ

      Exactly – they have believed all the anti stuff fed to them instead of finding out for themselves and thinking.

  • Michael

    Wrongly Wrongson from the Daily Blog and Greg Presland from The Standard shouldn’t fuss. It’s an enough of an honour to be nominated for awards of this nature, losing in amongst that field of nominees isn’t really a big deal.

    Wait – they couldn’t get nominated ahead of that snorefest that is Four Legs Good?

    • rantykiwi

      I entered The Standard in the “Entertainment” category – that was probably the only vote they got.

  • LesleyNZ

    As Wilbur Wilberforce said all those years ago and as Lord Tarleton replied:
    “William Wilberforce: No matter how loud you shout, you will not drown out the voice of the people!
    Lord Tarleton: People?”
    The “Lord Tarletons” of today will NOT drown out the voice of the people.
    Are you listening Wussel, Metiria, Andy & Co, Matthew H, John C, Rachel and all those political commentators in MSM and all the other “Lord Tarletons” who have tried to bring down Cam and the Whaleoil Blog? (The list is very long – just too many to list)

    You will NOT drown out or bring down the voice of the people – us.

    • Michael_l_c

      And that is the beauty of democracy. We got to have our say. It wasn’t some know it all wannabe making the decision.
      Democracy may have its problems the only thing better would be me as benevolent dictator.
      Congratulations to all of you/us.

  • LesleyNZ

    See – discussing Whaleoil and this win right now with Susan Wood on NewstalkZB. Media are obsessed. Steven Joyce has said it – Whaleoil is part of the media now. “Annie” not too happy. Cam is not a proper journalist and has no code of conduct etc…. This conversation HAS to be posted. “Annie” is all worked up. Cam MUST be the most powerful one in politics right now – according to “Annie”. When the light shines on the truth those who have been untruthful don’t like it eh “Annie”.

    • sarahmw

      Annette is so busy spreading the acusation that WO must have something on JK that it makes me wonder if she is worried that ‘ it is not what WO has on JK but what WO has on AK et al’. MMM food for thought perhaps. I dont believe for a minute that WO has anything on JK just another smokescreen and don’t they need it.

      • spanishbride

        If they want to paint Cam as all powerful and all knowing with dirt on everybody he is not going to disabuse them of the notion LOL it just adds to his urban legend.

    • I’m just disappointed Steven Joyce didn’t get a mention of Annie’s Twitter relationship with Josh Forman in somewhere.

      • MaryLou

        Well, he got Bradbury in a couple of times, King tried very hard to ignore it though “he’s not a member of the Labour Party”

  • cows4me

    I haven’t read or heard anything from the MSM about the blog awards, they say good news doesn’t sell.

    • LesleyNZ

      Pretty sure there was a story at 8:00am on NewstalkZB about the Whaleoil win. Just been on NewstalkZB website but there is no search option and news has not been updated. All I see is Rachel Smalley’s photo being promoted on just about every page I clicked on.

      • sarahmw

        Does that mean no one is listening to her and the more they put her pic on the page it will make people listen to her 1hour diatribe. Not a good move. What with Smalley and Woods on for the early morning ZB is a turnoff. Is Hosking ill or on vacation? 7Sharp don’t bother anymore as it is now fluff.

        • LesleyNZ

          Don’t know what NewstalkZB are up to with her. She is getting a lot of publicity/promotion for the unpopular hour of “work” she does. Definitely something is going on.

    • kehua

      The granny has a rather kind report of the WhaleOil win, under the heading Herald scoops Prize ,or some such thinge

  • LesleyNZ

    Good to hear Leighton chuckling over the 9:30am news headline that Whaleoil won Netguide best blog of the year. Leighton knows.