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Ad, an anonymous poster on The Standard Blog

Ad, an anonymous poster on The Standard Blog

Today’s face of the day is an anonymous poster on the The Standard Blog called Ad.

He seems to feel that if you can’t beat them you should join them and so proposes that The Standard try to be to Labour what he thinks Whaleoil is to National.

I think that this is very funny, as given the whole Dirty Politics shebang, that would mean…

  • Andrew Little would get grilled for weeks on whether or not he is in text contact with authors on that toxic,vile, Left Wing attack Blog The Standard.
  • Any politician in Labour who is a family friend of a blogger on The Standard will be vilified for weeks in the MSM for associating with them and will be held accountable for what they say both in public AND in hacked e-mails.
  • Andrew Little will have to put up with a Blog that he cannot control, a Blog that will say when it disagrees with Labour party policy or disapproves of how he personally handles things.

So what pearls of wisdom does Ad have for The Bloggers on The Standard?

Does it strike you that one of NZ’s very few leftie institutions (either party or media) to come out of the 2014 election unscathed is The Standard itself?

The Standard is to Labour what Whaleoil is to National…Left and right and MSM can now see the power of blogs – what they have done and can do. This day was coming – it’s time.

Um but isn’t that Dirty Politics? Isn’t that very power and influence what you have all been railing against?

Continuing as is, however, the Standard will become to politics what TransportBlog is to transport: preaching in a narrow conversational base from the converted to the converted. And therefore changing nothing. The Standard must march its banner out of home, or remain a media adolescent.

I want to put it right out there: The Standard can take the next step in New Zealand’s political order, and it should.


1. Article authors should have expertise. Qualified authors will then be broken into the MSM with immediate quotability and echo… Named authors will confront MSM dominance head on and become new media figures. Then let all commenters pour in.

2. The Labour Party and the Green Party should be jointly invited to make The Standard their default online dialogue from MPs to members and to the world. Kill their own sites. Become the dominant portal for the future coalition. The Standard brings activists together like no other media in either digital or analogue worlds. That latent political potential now needs converting

3. The Standard should broaden out its targets. Check out the Australian site Crikey. It tracks its own power against Murdoch on a monthly basis. It has earnt its own swagger by taking on causes, egos, and winning.

4. The Standard needs to be reformed as a company. It needs a Board and shareholders, an advertising base that gains corporate and NGO respect, and have ambition. Have its own weekly (hell daily) editorial committee that directs theme and positioning – like grownup media do. It should seek to at least become NZ Site Number 2.

Er isn’t that capitalism?

..The Standard is the most powerful non-party leftie force in New Zealand. Neither Labour nor the Greens nor the Unions nor any leftie NGO can now live without it….we’ve been bitching and moaning about how stuffed the entire leftie movement is for months now, when part of the answer is staring us in the face.

Because if we leave it as is, the default policy and political content on everyone’s devices this time next year will be Television Goddam New Zealand and the NZ Goddam Herald. They have massive marketing programs to achieve this.

With continued redesign, The Standard should be the default app for all leftie cellphone users. With redesign of its author system, The Standard can break more stories than Whaleoil. With relevant clicbait, more videos, and more comedy, we can broaden beyond the political anoraks.
Let’s use this site to help get from We Lost to We Can Win, by doing and altering media our way.

Sooo you are saying that Cameron Slater is a journalist and does break stories and that you need to emulate his winning techniques, interesting.

I believe The Standard can and should be the primary media voice for installing and then critiquing the next leftie government. But The Standard needs to accept its own power.

It is time for The Standard to Put On The Ring.


The one ring to rule them all

The one ring to rule them all



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  • Nige.

    The ring makes you invisible. Speaks volumes.

    • phronesis

      The Stranded already exists in a parallel universe so maybe he is suggesting that if they put the ring on people will then be able to see them?

  • A Goldie

    So Adam thinks the fractuous left can work together in a cohesive manner over editorial content. I am sure a “she man” is about to hand him a apple

  • dumbshit

    emulation— the greatest form of flattery!

  • Aucky

    Currently The Standard is to the Labour Party is what the Volkischer Beobachter was to the Nazi Party and has about the same level of credibility.

  • Dumrse

    I wonder if it was Ad who was recruiting trolls to attack WO. I spent an hour looking for it last night and can only guess it was deleted.

    • spanishbride

      It is still there published 28th of Nov :) it got 336 comments so it certainly got either a lot of people talking or one or three arguing LOL

  • rantykiwi

    4. The Standard needs to be reformed as a company. It needs a Board
    and shareholders, an advertising base that gains corporate and NGO
    respect, and have ambition. Have its own weekly (hell daily) editorial
    committee that directs theme and positioning – like grownup media do. It
    should seek to at least become NZ Site Number 2.

    Ad’s missed gthe whole point of a blog – it doesn’t matter that the content will be delivered online, what he describes is the MSM model which is currently dying a slow and painful death. And aiming to be number 2 implies that they feel they can’t surpass WOBH – that must give you a warm fuzzy feeling.

  • Being a couple of times a week reader for comic relief, for the standard to become anything other than the joke it is it would need to get out of the 60’s and catch up with the rest of the world (for a start)

  • Sally

    Like all ventures funds are needed. Maybe the Labour Party and the Unions would like to provide the necessary finances.
    Oh wait……………..

  • intelligentes candida diva

    I have never gone to The Standard, found what I like as far as news goes here.

    • One thing you do NOT go to TS for is news.

    • Eiselmann

      You haven’t missed anything…think of the most rabid ‘hate the left with an obsessive passion’ person on this site, and their counterpart on the Standard would simply be lost in the noise. There is a lot of very angry people on that site and with the exception of ‘counter’ views there’s no obvious mods work being done.. Some of the stuff posted there would make a wannabe rapist rapper pause for thought

  • Woody

    If The Standard want to head in that direction, the first thing to do would be to deny Prentiss the right to delete any comments that are outside what he believes even when there is constructive criticism involved. The would also need to have some control over commenters who attack the person rather than the message the person is presenting.

    In short, The Standard would need to get rid of at least 50% of the idiots who already post there – yep. looks like a great way to go forward.

  • OT Richter

    Or…. Labour could enlist some intelligent MPs, formulate decent policy and then get that policy across to the masses in a clear and concise manner. Thinking that a good blog can win the election for them is like rolling a turd in glitter.

  • LesleyNZ

    The Standard will have to change its standard which is nigh impossible as those who write and converse on the The Standard do not know what a standard is.

  • What a lot of writing so say “we need to become a Whaleoil but with our politics”.

    Many have tried. They think it is easy. Certainly looks easy, doesn’t it? A few cat videos. Eh Presto! A successful blog.

    Good luck with that. Good luck with never missing a day, including Labour day, Christmas and your own respective birthdays and holidays off.

    Whaleoil is a machine. If anyone can emulate it, that would be amazing enough. For anyone to keep it going for 365 days in a row, that would be award winning. To keep it going for 9 years without missing a single day? Nah.

    • johcar

      I agree. Most *ordinary* people don’t have that sort of staying power, commitment and determination. Where are the lefties going to find the extraordinary in their ranks? They didn’t have it before September 20, they don’t have it now… They’re doomed – doomed I tell ya!

    • Aucky

      They will have to moderate the language and the personal attacks for starters. Very passe in its current form. An almost impossible task when dealing with those old trolls that used to be a blot on WOBH.

    • la la land

      Ummm and you forgot to mention that it takes balls to write what cam writes. Something that seems to be missing in general from the left these days…

      • Euan Ross-Taylor

        I think you have just found where the left have been putting their rings on!

    • LesleyNZ

      They will not have cat videos – they are not the sort to have cat videos. They will have pig videos. Oh – goodness me – I just saw a pink pig flying past my window ……………………………………………….

  • JustanObserver

    Oh it will be so funny to watch the Standard “put on the ring”
    Just trying to imagine if it will be a Toe-Ring, an Ear-Ring, a Neck Ring … or a ‘Rooster’-Ring.
    Whatever it will become, it will shred itself in the maelstrom carnage that is left-differing opinions … Popcorn anyone ??

    • It would be an improvement on their current nose ring.

      • cows4me

        If that’s a Standard pig Pete it should have lipstick.

  • Billythekid

    If in case ??? You can bet your balls their donate circle will remain static !!!

  • spanishbride

    This morning I popped over to read through their comments and found this fascinating interaction between the author of the article ( Ad ) and a commenter.

    • Sally

      It sounds like Ad would be better to give up on the TS and come over here and express himself. Opposing views are always welcomed.

  • cows4me

    The trouble for the left and when it all boils down to it their ideology can’t cut it. They can pretend to be anything they like but if they are seriously challenged they get all prissy and pull the plug on you. The Standard as a lefty Whaleoil, I don’t so. Like sunlight is to a vampire free speech and two way conversation simply can not be tolerated. The lefts very being is telling and planning other peoples lives, this is something that will never change. The left does compulsion and big government not freedom and self responsibility which is really what life is about.