Face of the day

Laila Harre can only be described as a Political prostitute. She didn’t just bend her principles she broke them and then beat people over the head with them. She took money from an employer so bad that not only did he break employment laws by paying below minimum wage and requiring his workers in his home to work without breaks, sleep or two days off a week he also didn’t pay them at all.She took money from an employer that makes rape jokes and makes money from pornography.She took money from an employer that has been convicted of criminal acts such as hacking and was under investigation for many other crimes.The list goes on and on and Laila’s willingness to sell her principles for the prospect of power should never be forgotten.


“If Mr Key is King of the Year of the Hat, Laila Harre is Queen. The long-time feminist and crusader against wealth, corporatism. sexism and racism, headed a party funded by a multimillionaire who made much of his money hosting pornography websites and who thinks “nigger” jokes are funny.

Ms Harre still managed to lecture the rest of us about sexism, though, presumably while wearing three hats – labeled, respectively, “Party leader,” “Shameless Opportunist” and “I Have the Self Awareness of a Bat.”





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  • Bart67

    I still cannot work out if Ms Harre was being cunning or stupid, but either way, she is completely unsuitable to be allowed to be in ANY position of authority. She has no defining set of values save her own self interest. How can anyone who sells out to someone so bereft of any sort of conventional morality be trusted? I doubt NZ politics will see her presence again!

    • Kevin

      No doubt LH would argue that what KDC did was a long time ago and since that time he’s been “radicalized”.

  • cmm

    It is somewhat ironic, and somewhat karma, that Liala and Hone hurt not only themselves, but the prospects of the Internet party too.

    There is no doubt that some of the “internet generation” that would have voted for an Internet Party saw through the hypocrisy of a militant anti-capitalist feminist and militant anti-white Maori both supporting someone that epitomises the worst attributes of everything they stand for: a rich white exploiting male.

    KDC would have done far better on his own, as would have Hone and Laila. Teaming up was like three drowning people grabbing onto each other: they went to the bottom faster. Something we should all be eternally grateful for.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    “…..I sleep with a clear conscience…” hardly the lyrics LH will be humming as she goes about her day to day life now.

    • johcar

      Harre wouldn’t know a conscience if it bit her in her bank account…

  • steve and monique

    Shameful. About the only word I can put up here which describe this woman, and not be moderated for.

  • GoingRight

    Sadly I don’t think we have seen the back of her. With the likes of her mate Matt McCarten safely remaining in his position with the Labour Party the likes of Harre (there for the poor (with her Audi in her driveway) ) will be found a position with the left. She is really only for “what is good for Leila” it has nothing to do with what is good for the underprivileged. She makes my blood boil just listening to that voice and the words that come out of it. I for one won’t ever forget her behaviour and lack of scruples with her association with KDC and his IM party.

    • conwaycaptain

      I think that as well that her Mate Matt will find a position for her somewhere in the Labour Party. Then as Annette Sykes and others are eased out their places will be taken by the Lefty Luvvies of the old Alliance Party and the Unions.

  • Macca

    Of course in the eyes of the left, what Harre did was OK with the MSM – it would have only been the crime of the century had anyone from the right acted as she did.

  • Cadwallader

    I imagine the chances of LH getting a job at Freed are about equivalent to Matt McCarten joining the team? Having seen the shameless greed exhibited by her nothing would surprise me about her trying….anything! (Only joking!)

    • Wheninrome

      “Roving Reporter”, ” the insider’s view” are titles that might fit.

  • Sally

    The only time I want to hear about this woman again is when she has a little chat with the police about procuring content for a book.

  • Kevin

    Not only did KDC make money from porn, he made it from stolen porn. Even pornographers can’t stand him.

  • timemagazine

    All politicians and activist on the left are prostitutes. And the same goes for their pals in the MSM.

  • Catriona

    It will be interesting to see how the ‘Road Trip’ she is planning with her sister in February is it? will go.
    She appears to have a self-awareness problem – that is she still thinks people want to listen to her and be brainwashed by her communist ideas.
    Don’t think so Laila.
    I still think she’ll talk herself into having another go at trying to get back into Parliament in the future.

  • Jaffa

    Don’t hold back, say what you really think!

  • burns_well_eh

    Without wishing to lower the tone, at least with a real prostitute you get something back for your money, and generally don’t have to pay half a million dollars.

    • Wallace Westland

      Clearly you haven’t met my ex wife! :)

      • burns_well_eh

        Brave man, Wally – respect!

  • Ross

    Is she the most unsuccessful woman in NZ politics? It seems every one of her endeavours has resulted in absolute failure.

    • 2rotorbro

      Ll Ll Llll Lil liar puts the ‘L’ in liar….& bullcrap

    • Deckboy

      Followed closely by Pam Squarkery.

  • Marby

    She has resigned her position as leader of the Internet Party and is now going on a tour of the North Island with her sister Nicki. They are going without a car or money! Will be relying on “hospitality” and are looking for speaking engagements. She says on her facebook page that they will be walking and hitching. It sounds like something a greenie would do. Quite strange really.