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Mark Mitchell

Mark Mitchell

Mark Mitchell is well qualified to have an informed opinion on the anti-terrorist legislation. If he is 100% behind it, then I feel confident that it was the right thing to do.


The MP who chaired the anti-terrorist legislation rushed through Parliament last week, Mark Mitchell, says the bill was “100 per cent” justified.

And he said he had had messages yesterday thanking him for the bill in light of the Sydney hostage crisis.

“It becomes a lot more real for people when it’s three hours across the ditch.”

…Mr Mitchell, a former security specialist who ran a company in the Middle East for 10 years, said New Zealand was not immune.”We don’t have some sort of magic inoculation that means we couldn’t be exposed to some sort of extremist actions here.”

…Mr Mitchell said one thing he had learned after dealing with terrorists’ acts for a decade was that they had become good at adapting and changing tactics to defeat measures taken by countries to mitigate risk.

“You do have to be quite flexible and be able to move quickly and take all the measures we need to prevent that from happening.”

The bill followed advice from New Zealand security agencies about Isis (Islamic State) recruiting foreign supporters through social media.

Isis enlists recruits to undertake local acts of terrorism or join its ranks in Syria or Iraq, where it has engaged in mass killings and some beheadings in its bid to set up a caliphate, a state ruled by a single leader under Islamic law.

Passed with the support of Labour, the legislation gave the Security Intelligence Service extra powers including warrantless surveillance for 24 hours and the ability to cancel passports for up to three years.

Mr Little said last night that it was not yet known whether the Sydney crisis involved somebody connected to a network, or was a lone person or whether it was someone with mental health issues. “But the reality is that the sort of risks that the legislation is designed to deal with are real.

Credit where credit is due. Thank goodness Andrew Little is taking this seriously rather than political point scoring like the Green Taliban. A government’s job is to protect its citizens and as leader of the opposition I am glad that Little is giving National his support.

“Even though Australia’s security assessment is higher than ours, nevertheless the world is not a benign place even down this end of the globe and we shouldn’t assume that it is.”

– NZ Herald


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  • unitedtribes

    The religion of peace is demonstrating its peaceful way again this morning.

    • Cadwallader

      100+ children murdered in Pakistan but the msm here will dilute this atrocity rather than call the culprits out for what they areā€¦.scum! The truly regrettable aspect to this incident is that due to it having happened in a “muslim” country it won’t raise the awareness of how ghastly these killers really are. Two deaths in SYD provides all the world with a view of the vileness of islam whereas a mass killing in Pakistan will soon be forgotten.

      • Woody

        I expect to see the rent-a-mob lot marching in the streets over this atrocity. There we go Tui, another billboard for you right there.

      • johnbronkhorst

        Retaliation for army attacks on Taliban bases…they say..so they attack the children of the soldiers.
        Where is the outrage from the left?
        or are children and families fair game now?
        Also heard they burned one of the teachers alive, in front of the kids.
        Heros for the cause no doubt…in their own warped minds.

  • conwaycaptain

    I am disgusted with Vance and Norman saying that JK is using the Sydney Siege for Political purposes. It is them that is using it. And the NZH cartoon is on the nose as well

    • jv7

      Grant Robertson was equally disgusting having a go at JK yesterday – irrespective of his leader’s and Goff and Shearer’s more circumspect take on it

      • Morgy

        I heard Robertson on Morning Report yesterday. He added nothing. Thanks Guyon.

        • Aucky

          He added to my already very deep suspicion that Espiner should not have a job at Radio NZ.

      • Saggy

        Unless he’s got a crystal ball in his handbag Grant Robertson could not have foreseen the slump in dairy prices either. It’s a bit rich screaming from the cheap seats in an attempt to paint John Key and Bill English as liars when an unpredictable event has provided a temporary set back to their forecast. The economy is still tracking well.

        • Catriona

          Just as well Robertson didn’t become Labour’s “Glorious” Leader then.

        • Aucky

          The economy is tracking well Saggy. International commodity prices are always a massive variable and very rarely are the planets all in alignment. If it’s not timber it’s wool, if it’s not beef it’s lamb – this time around it’s dairy. For Robertson to try and make political capital out of it just shows his lack of competence and basic financial nous. For the MSM to give him oxygen when they know full well he is totally wrong borders on criminal.

          • Michelle

            The MSM wouldn’t have any idea about the economy, the only thing they know about is when the price of their latte, or whatever they drink these days, goes up in price
            They print what someone says without an ounce of thought going into what that person said

        • Bryan

          and dairy prices are up this morning and what bugs me about the MSM is the price was around 5.50 to 6.00 two years ago and last years 8.00 was a bonus and all the Farmers knew that and took the extra to reduce debt so we are really back to where we were two years ago on which most farms budgets are set, as these guys are not stupid. They have also said there has been a excess supply but that was coming to an end and todays action shows they are right on the nail the excess is running out and the demand will now rise

          • Platinum Fox

            The reality is that New Zealand is a swing producer of dairy products, competing internationally with surpluses from suppliers for whom most of their production is consumed in their own domestic market (Europe counts as a single market for that purpose). The FAO analysis for 2004 showed that only about 7.1 percent of world milk production is traded internationally (Intra-EU trade excluded).

            It will surprise most people that, according to the FAO, India is the world’s largest milk producer, followed by the United States of America, China, Pakistan and Brazil.

            New Zealand, the United States of America, Germany, France, Australia and Ireland are the countries with the largest production surpluses. China, Italy, the Russian Federation, Mexico, Algeria and Indonesia are the countries with the largest production deficits.

    • Aucky

      Vance I can handle. She’s just another run of the mill, ten a penny tabloid journalist who is trying to make her mark in NZ. Big frog, little pond – easy to ignore. Norman is a more sinister intrusion on our democratic process- he adds nothing, zero, zilch to government. He’s kidnapped the greens and is taking them on a path to political oblivion. Most Kiwis support sensible green policy, what we despise is Norman’s arrogant personal attacks and his continual undermining of our country’s best interests. Just go home mate – you’re not wanted.

  • Hard1

    It is sad that the left has no real men. I can’t think of one Labour or Green apologist that has expressed a willingness to stand up to aggression.

    • Aucky

      Totally agree. Boy, did we or did we not dodge a bullet on 20 September? Just imagine if the coalition from hell was in power right now!

      • Morgy

        By the way the MSM acts, you would think 20th September is just around the corner!

  • Catriona

    Could WO name and shame the 27 Politicians who voted against the
    Anti-Terrorism bill please?
    I need to feel secure when I go about my daily business that there is not a madman planning an attack on e.g. my local Supermarket or whatever.
    Yeah, I accept they are entitled to their opinion, but for the greater good of innocent NZers don’t you think they could have swept aside their personal beliefs and just voted for the Bill anyway?
    Hey you guys – it’s not about YOU!

    • Isherman

      Maori Party (2) Te Ururoa Flavell, Marama Fox.

      Green Taliban (14) Russell Norman, Materia Turei, Steffan Browning, David Clendon, Catherine Delahunty, Julie Anne Genter, Graham Kennedy, Kevin Hague, Gareth Hughes, Jan Logie, Mojo Mathers, Denise Roache, Eugenie Sage, James Shaw.

      NZ First (11) Winston Peters, Darroch Ball, Mahesh Bindra, Ron Mark, Tracey Martin, Clayton Mitchell, Denis O’rourke, Pita Paraone, Richard Prosser, Barbara Stewart, Fletcher Tabateau.

      • Chris EM

        It makes me wonder what these people have to hide. What illegal or despicable acts have they done or are planning to do that makes them so afraid of being spied upon by our security agency?

        • Honcho

          The truth is they most likely have nothing to hide. To them it’s all a piss take, one big joke to go against EVERYTHING the current government does, rightly or wrongly, and we pay their considerable salaries, perks and benefits, they either forget that or are too self absorbed to care.

      • GoingRight

        Since Marama has arrived in parliament I fear the Maori party will become more radical, they seem to oppose most things the government do, and obviously don’t want any Maori to be punished if some of their youth (which some are already) convert to Islam and end up going overseas to fight.
        The Green Party, well enough said as to why they opposed this bill as they are irrelevant. New Zealand First is still a party of ONE and everyone else does as they are told by Winston who is just grandstanding. Had he been in Parliament as a coalition partner he would have voted for it, he is just playing games.

        • Catriona

          Well, lessons need to be learned and being ‘radical’ doesn’t appear to get anyone anywhere except for scorn heaped up on themselves.
          Marama has a lot to learn.

      • Curly1952

        Thanks for the names Isherman. Perhaps and email to the parties involved with a list of the names with a big “thanks for nothing” note with it.

      • Frank N Further

        I like to think that I keep reasonably abreast of the news and politics. But its amazing how many of those names that I either have never heard of, or struggle to link to anything worthwhile that they have ever contributed to NZ (apart from brown nosing up their leaders nether regions)

        • Isherman

          In terms of ‘do’, for the vast majority of them, pontification (without mandate) is about the sum total of it.

      • Sunshine

        And how many of these were actually elected by the voters of NZ?

        • Isherman

          Of that list..exactly one, Te Ururoa Flavell in Waiariki. The next closet from that list was Catherine Delahunty who came second in Coromandel, 15801 votes behind the winner, and then Kennedy Graham who ran second in Helensville by 18278 votes away from top spot. Since you asked, lol.

          • Sunshine

            Yep, I knew the answer and that’s why I posed the question. I have no time for those who cannot “win” by vote of the people and get in because some turkeys with no brains were allowed to vote for these little parties which mostly offer nothing of value. I’m not sure the Maori Party are convincing us that they deserve to be snuggled up with National.

        • Wallace Westland

          How many of them are actually NZers?

  • kehua

    Welldone Mitch, only the Green dropouts would be against this Legislation, speaking of which I hope a mindful eye is being kept on the `Green` alighned terrorists who are constantly trying to undermine legitimate farming and associated activities within our country.

  • timemagazine

    Mr. Mitchell, if you are the architect or one of the architects behind this law my family and I are greatful for trying to keep us all safe. We can hope that you will never listen to what the Greens have to say. They don’t care about the people and they show it time and time again.

  • SlightlyStrange

    Have I woken in an alternate reality this morning, where Mr Little speaks sense?

    • johnbronkhorst

      So effectively he has said….”me too”….to what John Key has been saying for months.,

      • GoingRight

        My understanding is he had no option but to support it. Had his hands tied behind his back (metaphorically speaking). Now he is coming over as if he is a responsible leader in waiting to run the country, whereas they were going to oppose this bill.

      • taurangaruru

        He had to from a political standpoint. He has to differentiate himself from the loons in his own party & the Greens who are anti anything Key proposes – because it was Key that proposed it rather than whether what he proposed was good or bad.
        Little now looks more “statesman” like, more like a potential leader of the country & that is exactly the outcome he wanted.

        • johnbronkhorst

          little couldn’t look statesman like if he made a harbour crossing on foot (walking on the water) the man is a sleazy opportunist who wormed his way into his party leadership role with the help of the rest of his thuggish friends…the unions.

          • taurangaruru

            Totally agree jbk but it is the game he is playing, 2 & a bit years to win enough voters over is all he is thinking of

  • Curly1952

    Good on you Mark. The old saying – “Don’t judge me until you have walked a mile in my shoes or live a day in my life” You have obviously lived close to this so I for one would rather trust your judgement than the loony left or “journalists”

  • Wallace Westland