Face of the day

A muppet

A Muppet

Todays face of the day is a Muppet called Brian Rudman.

He thinks that the best way to deal with terrorism is to let other countries deal with it because it is not our problem it is their problem.

I am glad I didn’t go to school with Brian. I can just imagine it. I rush in to break up a fight between the school bullies and the little new kid. Pauline and Kevin join me and even though none of us are particularly big or strong we know that together we can stop the poor kid from getting his head kicked in. ‘

“Hey Brian,” we call out, we need your help, ” Martin is getting a pounding.”

Brian replies, ” You guys are stupid. It is not your problem. You will just give the bullies a reason to start attacking you. I’m off to hide in the girl’s toilets.”



A selection of quotes from his article are below:

For New Zealand at least, we should consider a much simpler alternative. Refuse to create the circumstances in which such an outrage can fester. Don’t send our troops to Iraq.

So every time a terrorist does an act of terror it must be because of something the countries government has done because terrorists are such reasonable people that they only target infidels because they have been ‘ offended ‘ by them. All we have to do to stop terrorists is to stop fighting them. It is really that simple according to Rudman.

The Martin Place siege is a clear signal to desist. Australian Prime Minister Mr Abbott couldn’t resist the urge to go to war and the mayhem in Sydney’s Lindt Chocolat Cafe was a direct consequence. It pushed a mentally unstable man over the edge.

So going to war against terrorists pushed a mentally unstable man over the edge so therefore it is the governments fault that two innocent hostages were killed, got it. Thanks for clearing that up Rudman.

Refusing to report for duty alongside the United States, Australia and Britain in the Iraqi hellhole is not surrendering to the terrorists. It’s common sense.

Yes, much better to let other people fight and die to protect the Iraqi people. It is not surrender, it is just cowardice self preservation.

Our leaders have been justifying the Iraqi adventure by arguing terrorism is global and to be safe we have to root it out in its Middle Eastern birthplace. But it’s only global in the sense that if outsiders fly in and poke sticks in the hornets’ nest, the terrorists can sting back as far away as Sydney and, perhaps, Auckland or Wellington.

So if we don’t poke the hornets nest we won’t get stung because hornets are predictable insects who only attack if provoked. Destroying the hornets nest so no one gets stung, well that is just plain silly talk. It is their hornets nest and best we leave them mourning their children who have been stung to death by them.Why should we want to protect their children? Only our children are important after all.

The time is long gone when we can make up the numbers in other people’s wars from Gallipoli to Vietnam, then scurry home knowing no one would be following us to this remote little sanctuary in the Pacific Ocean. In these days of instant communications and cheap transport, if you pick a fight with someone, there’s a good chance they, or one of their followers, may hit back.

Yes, best we never take a moral position on anything for fear of push back. Let’s live our lives cowering in the girl’s toilets in the hope that the bullies will focus on more obvious targets and pass us by. Courage is for suckers.


– NZ Herald



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  • Monty

    Good morning all Journos at the Herald
    I’m pleased that you are all followers of WhaleOil.
    I wonder what it would be like to work with a coward? Maybe today when you see Brian Rudman you can tell him that jellyfish have more spine that he obviously has. How appropriate he is a leftard. He really does sum up the attitude and cowardice of the left.

  • conwaycaptain

    All it needs for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.
    There is evil afoot in the world and it is inflamed by Islamic so called religious leaders who stand back and fuel the flames as they send their young ill educated people to die in the name of a blood thirsty God.
    What Rudman does NOT understand is that we are in a 1400 year old civil war between the Shia and the Sunni and the Western involvement is really just a side line. Add in the massive immigration of these ill educated brain washed people into the Western countries and there is the problem They HATE us as much as they hate the Sunni or Shia and this has to be fought.

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    When I saw the muppet picture, I was sure your face of the day was Wussel.
    I thank you for reading Rudman for me. I gave up on his columns a long time ago. What a foolish self important silly man. You have to wonder just how many Kiwis actually agree with his idiocy? How denigrading for the memories of our Gallipoli soldiers who gave such a good account of themselves and remain so respected in modern day Turkey. Rudman should be ashamed!

    • Ginny

      I think you are wrong there, there is a striking resemblance to Andy Pandy.

    • Rudman could take a leaf out of the Cunliffe book of great statesmanlike
      moments; he should go to Syria and apologise, look how well that went.

  • Michael Morriss

    You conveniently forgot to mention how he pointed out we would be supporting countries who have tortured and killed innocents in this war on terror.

    “The recent report on the CIA’s widespread use of torture begs the question, are there any “goodies” in this fight. On Sunday the British Government announced plans to send hundreds of troops to Iraq in the new year to help train Kurdish and Iraqi forces. That is the same role Mr Key is contemplating for our soldiers. They’d be operating out of US safe centres. In the same edition, the Independent newspaper reported that the International Criminal Court was to consider hundreds of new cases accusing British soldiers of abusing and torturing Iraqi men, women and children, aged between 13 and 101. This is on top of earlier war crimes claims.

    Then there are the drone attacks, unmanned flying bombs. Last month the Financial Times, not a left-wing journal, reported that President Barack Obama had authorised at least 99 drone strikes in the Arabian Peninsula, 330 in Pakistan and more than 370 in Iraq and Syria. Last December one drone strike blew up a Yemeni wedding party, killing 12 civilians. Was that any less horrendous than what happened in Martin Place?

    • Damon Mudgway

      Unfortunately it boils down to the simple fact the West is at war with Islam.

      • Albert Lane

        No, I think it’s the simple fact that Islam is at war with the West. And the sooner we realise this, the sooner we’ll be able to do something about it.

    • Nechtan

      “who have tortured and killed innocents in this war”

      Off course ISIS have never done that? That is pretty much all they do, real scary when confronting lightly armed militia or unarmed women and children, lets see how they go against real soldiers.

      The Taliban killing approx 140 children was a terror act inflicted on unarmed innocents, but hey thats ok, it wasn’t a drone strike by the evil USA.

    • Doc45

      When did war ever get to be clean and tidy with no injustices on either side? People who can kill innocent children by cold, deliberate, one by one shooting do not respond to invites to have a nice cup of tea while we discuss issues. A drone hitting a wedding party(if indeed it did) is a dreadful, cruel act but it does not parallel or excuse what happened in that Peshawar school.
      Trying to make out that the US and/or the UK is the lead perpetrator is pretty stupid considering acts of barbarism and cowardly killing have been going on in the ME for centuries before the US and UK were even thought of.
      Can we walk away or “hide in the girl’s toilet”? It depends on your values – whether you value life, respect and support your neighbour, share some level of collective responsibility for achieving a peaceful and just society.

  • Honcho

    Islamic state didn’t form over night, it was ignored, it grew, the bloodshed grew … it was ignored, it continued to grow from Syria across the border into Iraq …. it was still ignored, they continued to grow and started taking oil fields and refineries which they kept running to finance themselves through black market oil sales … it was still ignored, the now cashed up started the ball rolling on building its significant internet presence which provides a global link to finance and recruit fighters who were now flooding into Syria to join the fight from across the border in turkey … people had taken notice, but continued to ignore it …..

    Do we want to continue to ignore this now global threat, or do we want to allow it to grow and further entrench itself?

    If the ending the horrors of holocaust provided a noble enough justification for the bloodshed and loss that were seen by both sides in WW2, then what do we make of the genocide of Christians, Jews, Sunni’s that we see in Syria and Iraq? … De we continue to be ignorant? or are the strength of our convictions stronger than that?

  • Richard

    When I first saw the Muppet picture I thought it would be a story about Angry Little…looks just like him, uncanny.

  • Eiselmann

    Like to know how Rudman explains the slaughtering of Yazadi children, applying his logic these children brought their deaths on themselves by being involved in attacks on ISIS , funnily enough I didn’t see those reports on the MSM, perhaps Brian can refer us to the news items showing Yazadi children attacking ISIS.
    Appeasement in the face of evil never works all it does is give evil time to build up the body count.

  • no bullswool

    What an ignorant man.Good thing he doesn’t know what our intelligence agencies know , he can sleep easy in his deluded false little world. How does it go “ignorance is bliss”.He bases his entire argument on assuming that these individuals are reasonable people and will only harm us if we give them a reason to do so. Reasonable they ARE NOT and the fact that we are part of the western world is enough reason for some.

  • oldmanNZ

    Using his hornet nest analogy, we should leave it alone and we will not get stung.
    Well, people who had a wasp nest in there back yard will know what happen if you leave it alone, how big will it grows untill it takes over your whole area and you live in constant fear.

    Doing nothing does not make it safe, especially if they starting to build a nest in your own country already.

    • Dave

      Another alternative, with dual meanings. Smoke them out, the smoke can passive them, you can safely move them. Or, identify and use firepower to smoke them out!

  • Wannabee

    This reminds me of a quote by Martin Niemoller :

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  • callumhw

    Dhimmisim. Plain and simple. It is a strategy that Islamic terrorists revel in. If they can get the victims to blame themselves for the attacks and cast the attackers as the righteous ones then how can they lose!

    These people have attacked us, but rather than striking back the msm is blaming us. What have we done to provoke these poor terrorists. The msm will blame the government, themselves anyone but those actually responsible.

    This strategy (similar to Stockholm syndrome) has been employed by Islamic extremists since the time of mohammed. We need to stand up up and realize we have not provoked this. This would be happening regardless of the war in Iraq as expansion and conversion through violence is part of extreme Islam’s M.O.

  • Dave

    Within minutes of the attack being labelled Terrorist, Media the world over followed it, the list was long and every country could be reached, and informed. This is what terrorists seek, a stage, a platform for their brand of political and idealogical horror. NZ is as “at risk” as any other country, are our MSM and socialists so thick they cannot imagine a similar situation in NZ being picked up and run by media the world over. Worst still for NZ, the aussie media acted fairly prudently and cooperated with police requests not to publish his demands, I can’t see that being anywhere near the same with the kiwi media scum. Make no mistake, NZ could be used as a stage, easily. Think of this. As you enjoy a coffee at a cafe sometime today or soon, would you prefer a little bit of reassurance knowing there is surveillance and authorities act to protect, or enjoy your coffee surveillance free as, we live in NZ, and we are not at risk.

    • Albert Lane

      Yes, read today’s Herald about the passport scam, and you will find that we are already targetted by these people, who use false NZ passports to gain easy entry into other countries.

  • Sagacious Blonde

    Fool should read his own paper.

    “Illegal migrant’s scam exposes flaw in passport system”

    They are here, they are buying our passports, they are infiltrating our society. By the time Joe and Jane Naive-Nicety wake up to the sort of evil these people promulgate, it will be way too late.

    • Albert Lane

      Yes, and he got a sentence of 2 years. And it was part of an overseas scam with terror connections, with hundreds of passports. Two years!

  • The2Game

    Cam, wouldn’t you have LOVED to have been on Brian Rudman’s Rugby team?

    ‘I don’t think we should go into their half. It might upset them. We should just sit behind our posts and learn macrame…’

  • niggly

    Why do these cowardly leftie wimps have to self-project their own insecurities and pointless pontificating onto the wider population?

    It’s not as if these cowards would actually do anything positive to help anyone, so why to they whinge loudly when others are prepared to help prevent killing, rapes and violence perpetuated on the innocent (kids, women and men)?

    So who are the better human beings here, morally and ethically? Sure ain’t the likes of Brian Rudman, Russel Norman & the Greens, nor Labour with their idiotic flip-flopping on foreign policy (depending on whether they are in Govt or not).

  • Benoni

    I agree with Brian Rudman. We should not send troops to fight against ISIS.
    That war is an Islam against Islam war and we should let them go to it and not stop it. We should save our fire power for when Islam starts fighting non Islamic peoples eg in Israel, Somalia , Somalia, Ethiopia. These are the wars we should be concerned about. Stopping ISIS killing Shia is like stopping Hitler attacking Pol Pot. there is no point in trying to stop the evil vicious ISIS from killing the equally evil vicious Shia.
    Both should be confronted when they attack relatively benign countries such as Nigeria, The Sudan, Somalia, Israel. People who advocate fighting against ISIS are not taking the PAN Islam threat seriously enough.

    • Nechtan

      Innocent people are being killed, raped and subject to all manner of atrocities in the name of a twisted ideology. For nations to stand by idly and let it happen would be as reprehensible as for you or I to walk past an old lady (or anyone) being mugged, or raped.

      • Benoni

        It has not just suddenly started now. It has been going on forever in the name and under the rule of Islam. The only thing new about it is the name ISIS. Otherwise it is business as usual. This is the reality of Islam. We can and should confront and fight Islam when they attack outside of Islam. When it is 1 Muslim fighting another let be. Save our will to fight for when they are attacking and subjugating other peoples to their unholy rule.

    • burns_well_eh

      What a load of rubbish. Atrocities and violence must be stopped wherever they occur, and regardless of which imaginary friend or – as in this case, which particular flavour of the same imaginary friend – you believe in, or in whose name you’re committing the atrocities.

  • taurangaruru

    Wait until Rudman’s beloved publicly funded arts centres and theatres are turned into Madrassas & he is forced to attend the indoctrination schools, just wait Rudman if you do nothing now that is your future.

  • wooted

    According to Brian Rudman’s logic, if I’m ever attacked in the street, it’s OK for passers by to just ignore it, and for the police to respond to my complaint by asking me what I did to provoke it.

    I’m glad he’s not my neighbour!