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Jim Hickey read the weather for the first time in 1988

Fans of veteran weather presenter Jim Hickey have paid tribute to the man who has beamed into their living rooms for more than 20 years…

Hundreds of well-wishers have left messages on the ONE News Facebook page for Jim…

“Thank You Jim for all the great memories, and all the very best for the future you will be sadly missed,” Paul Axon wrote.

“The best weather man ever! We’ll miss you! Happy retirement!” Kylie Brown said.

“You’re the best Jim. The nation loves you. Now I’ll have to put up with years of dissatisfaction from my partner who thinks you’re the best weather reporter in the universe (I also agree). No one compares! Will miss your charisma, energy, punchy weather facts & shiney face it’s been a pleasure watching you return and sad to see you leave yet again,” Laura Drummond said.

“Hey Jim. You made the weather look great regardless of how bad it was. We will miss your funny puns and sayings. Enjoy your ‘retirement'”. Nadine Dornbusch said.

“Thank you for 26 years of our weather Jim. And you’re still good looking even now lol. Hope you enjoy your retirement,” Christina Olsen said.

“Ah Jim, you were the one who made the weather interesting and fun. Those that are coming after you have big shoes to fill. All the best. We will miss you,” Jeannette Mackenzie said.



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  • Dumrse

    A job well done. All the best with your commercial ventures. Not many places I pay top price for coffee but the views alone set Queenstown out from the rest.

  • conwaycaptain

    The BEST weatherman ever was the man who read the BBC Shipping Forecasts in clear well modulated tones so you could understand it well out into the Atlantic in all weathers.
    He may have forecast Rockall Force 10 increasing to Force 11, heavy seas and swells etc etc, but he always ended with “Good Night and Good Sailing Gentlemen”
    Jim hickey is an entertainer that is all. His method would be unintelligible to someone who really wanted a weather forecast

    • Couldn’t agree more. We no longer have news we have “infotainment” and Jim, great guy that he is, is part of that culture. Love the reference to “…… and now the shipping forecast.” Rockall, Malin, Fastnet and all those names that for us landlubbers conjured up wild seas and small boats battling the briny.

      • conwaycaptain

        I the days before faxes and the internet the Met Office used to send out by morse a long message with barometric pressures and positions of Isobars, front etc.
        We had a pad of maps of the N Atlantic and all these positions were plotted and the isobars drawn in and the fronts drawn in and coloured. Red for a warm, blue or a cold and red/blue for an occluded front.
        2nd Mate on the afternoon 12-4 used to draw these ups, they were I must say a work of art!!! and it would take about and hour to draw. As you did more of them you got faster and they were A3 size or thereabouts.

    • Grocersgirl

      Sadly, I think you are right.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Just wondering whether Brendon Horan could make an appearance?!

  • Sagacious Blonde

    Augie Auer gets my vote for best ever. RIP

    • KatherineS42

      Me too.

  • steve and monique

    Top bloke, and will be missed on our screen.

  • LesleyNZ

    Going to miss Jim – he has charisma and brought fun to the weather report.

  • stanman

    Tough boots to fill.

    Go well jimmy

  • burns_well_eh

    Interesting how 26 years ago, New Plymouth was considered one of the main centres to get its own forecast. Looks like Kaitaia gets its own too – way too high for Whangarei.

    I don’t like the new guy Daniel – smarmy and unctuous – but then I was always a fan of Marama Martin and her taiaha pointer.

  • 1951

    Oooh look what hair or the lack of it, does to a man. It was lovely back then.

  • conwaycaptain

    Here is a funny take on the weather.
    Running up to the Cooks we used to tune into the morning weather report at 0700 from ZKR Rarotonga Radio and their weather report was issued from Nandi.
    Put on a Cook Is accent and add in clucking chickens in the background ( I kid you not)
    This is ZKR Rarotonga Radio, ZKR Rarontonga Radio, ZKR Rarotonga Radio.
    Here is the weather report for the Cook Islands at 0700 21st December.
    Today there is no weather.
    ZKR Rarotonga Radio OUT!!!
    Seeing that we sent in Weather reports at 0001,0600,1200,1800 GMT regular as clockwork it was a bit off putting that they didn’t have any weather forecasts.
    FYI there is no 0000 at sea as it can be misconstrued whether you are talking about midnight just gone or midnight to come. it is either 2359 21st or 0001 22nd and so on.

  • Eiselmann

    Going a bit against the grain here…..I found him just a bit too much to deal with , I never got his attempts at humour and more often than not he seemed to be more about ‘Jim Hickey time’ than focusing on the weather. I turned the TV volume down and just watched the display when he was on.
    Saying all that congrats to him , he obviously had a very loyal and enduring fan base I doubt we’ll see the like again.

  • Richard

    Hi there Conway Captain. I always enjoy your comments here, and wonder whether you have ever written a memoir of your years at sea. I have met a chap in Whangarei, who was the local Harbour Master before retirement, who went to sea at 16 with Shaw Savill and then other companies for many years. he too has many interesting stories to tell.