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The Green Party asked for an investigation to see if the Prime Minister has broken public record laws following admissions made in Parliament that he deletes his texts.

You have got to be kidding me.I know how many texts Cam gets a day and he is not the PM. If he didn’t delete them he would be scrolling for days. This is ridiculous.

That includes correspondence with blogger Cameron Slater.

Yeah well, how would the Green Party like it if we demanded transcripts of all Russel Norman’s’s conversations with Kim Dotcom? John Key has never visited the Whaleoil ‘Mansion’ but Russel Norman certainly has visited Kim Dotcom and no doubt texted him and had phone conversations with him.

Green Party open government spokesman, James Shaw, says the archivist has confirmed she’ll look into the Prime Minister’s record keeping practices, and whether there’s been a breach of the Public Records Act.

Next thing they will be making scrapbooks up of any notes he jots on napkins or any doodles he does on his pad in the office!

Mr Shaw says they believe the text messages should be treated the same as emails or other correspondence.

He says they are public records which should be available to every New Zealander under the Official Information Act.

I can imagine what Helen Clark would have said to any Green Party Politician who made these kind of outrageous demands.

She would have told them to take a long walk off a short Pier and then when they were outraged she would have said, ” Diddums! ”

– Newstalk ZB


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  • steve and monique

    I thought it was April the 1st when I saw this story. Only the decorations, and tree in the corner of the lounge reminded me it was not. I guess when you have no policy, or chance of getting into power, being a pain is all you have left.

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    …and again the compliant media run the story as a hit piece on the PM rather than a story of Greens silliness. When I heard this reported on the radio, it was being framed as how the PM is likely to be in a lot of trouble for deleting public record.
    Free me please!

    • Dumrse

      Hang in there ERT, as soon as the SAS get back we shall get you FREED.

    • Sally

      I am still waiting for a new reader to burst out laughing when reading this riveting item. How can anyone take this seriously.

      • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

        Susan wood ripped this apart this morning. Joke

  • stanman

    This is becoming farcical

    Bleed the thing to death you Green numpties-the party that lost % vote at the election,the party forever entombed in opposition

    Ive actually had a guts full of this rubbish demanding the PM delivers god knows what to moronic wannabe politicians.

    Keep it up Greens,it worked well in the election -should go just as well moving forward

  • Michael


    Given how they have beenshut out of every Government since 1996 they never need worry about their records being OIAed, so might as well make it hard for everyone else.

    • exactchange

      I almost wish there would be a (brief) Labour / Greens government to see the biter bit. Now that would be worth buying bulk popcorn for,

      • caochladh

        You probably couldn’t afford the luxury of popcorn if the lunatics were in charge of the Treasury benches. You would be gathering seaweed instead.

        • Catriona

          And thank god these lunatics will never, ever be in charge.
          Actually, it’s time they biffed Russell and Metiria out.
          They are now toxic to the Greens I believe.

      • Aucky

        Popcorn’s not good for you and accordingly will be banned. Doubly banned in fact because it’s made out of GM corn.

    • MaryLou

      Well, I don’t think they have any interest in BEING in government. As others have pointed out, being in opposition allows you to make as much noise as you like, be as destructive as you like, with absolutely no accountability.

      Really angry that I have to pay to support these people. None of whom were ever individually voted for.

      • OneTrack

        Not surprising they were so in favour of MMP.

  • Nige.

    They are running out of ideas. Their own supporters won’t be into this. Not the ones that believe in true freedom.


    • Salacious Crumb

      That’s where you may be wrong Nige. They believe only in their own freedoms; not anyone else’s. Afterall, they know best.

      • Nige.

        If the green party ever make it into power do you think they would create a “ministry of sooking”?

        • Salacious Crumb

          Quite possibly but they would first have to contend with setting up a Ministry of Exodus as Kiwis evacuate the country in droves should those nutbars ever get a sniff of government.

    • BlitzkriegNZ

      Most of their supporters are dogooder housewives and idealist students who think they’re voting to save a tree or two and only support them for a single weekend every 3 years.

      • OneTrack

        Those housewives will get a hell of a shock when the price of petrol for their Remuera tractor jumps by by 50% because of a carbon tax.

    • Betty Swallocks

      What else do you expect from a party one of whose leaders was in the Macgillicuddy Serious party, and is still so out of touch with reality she styles her house as a ‘castle’, and whose hobbies include dressing up and playing kids’ games?

  • Ginny

    And every phone call should be taped?

  • Blue Tim

    And they wonder why they’re stuck on 10%-11%

  • Sally

    There is so much silliness in this but we are talking about the greens.
    There will have to be whole new department of people in charge of Key’s phone. Keeping tabs on every text, checking phone records to make sure none are deleted just to satisfy all those OIAs that will come rolling in.

  • sheppy

    Are OIA’s easy to do? Is there an online form? The txt’s between Wussell and KDC need sunlight, especially if they’ve been deleted. I’m surprised they haven’t appeared already.

    • peterwn

      AFAIK you cannot OIA for information held by an opposition party or by any backbench MP. The Greens complaint presupposes that all information that comes the way of a Minister is ‘official information’ including Moonlight’s vet bills.

      • sheppy

        That’s totally unfair, we are paying for 121 MP’s, and only a few of them are accountable.

  • Jp

    If they rule that txt messages are subject to OIA, that means that all civil service cellphones will be as well.

    So much for the Greens and their anti spying rhetoric.

    • dgrogan

      You’d think that they’d be able to work this out for themselves, wouldn’t you? Just shows where Green’s policy is concerned, logic is not at all a prerequisite.

    • spanishbride

      You hit the nail on the head right there. They don’t want John Key spying on a few dozen people of concern via legal channels but they do want all of NZ able to spy on John Key.

  • caochladh

    Anyone got the Green idiots cell phone number so we can all start texting nonsense to him and fill up his memory?

    • mommadog

      That a thought. He probably only gets one or two texts a week himself so assumes that’s the norm for everyone. What a twit.

  • ruawai

    Would be interesting to read Len Browns texts!

    • Jp

      A good thing to LGOIA if John Key’s text messages are subject to it

  • Rodger T

    This is text book obsessive behaviour from the Greens,quite fascinating in the context that it is manifested itself to an entire group who have now lost sight of their core “values” and are desperate to appear relevant in politics.

    • murrayirwin

      I assume the ‘Text Book’ expression is a deliberate pun?

  • Nige.

    When some one wants to join the green party, at the job interview (so to speak) does Russell say “now, James, you do realise that you will be required to make a complete fool of yourself from time to time”.

  • seismac

    I think this cant be true !!!!! that’s not Mr Shaws photo I am sure its Mr Bean —–only he could think up such a money generating way to fill the Govt coffers with “wussell dollars” at $5000 for each deleted txt

  • LesleyNZ

    I had never of James Shaw Green MP before this. Makes me think he is just trying to up his profile and make a name for himself. The Greens obsession with Cam is making them look complete idiots.

    • sheppy

      I wonder if these morons realise they keep giving more free publicity for WOBH

    • OneTrack

      Well he has now made a name for himself – totalitarian idiot.

  • Alloytoo

    It would appear to me that by this logic all selfies of the PM should be on the public record too.

    I encourage everyone who’s ever had a selfie with the PM to forward them to Russel Norman (at least once a day)

  • Jaffa

    If the PM gets 7000 texts a week, how long will the phone’s memory last?

  • oldmanNZ

    do these idiots realise, the default setting on most phones is…after 200txt (or when storage is low), the old one get deleted..automatically…so unless you untick this option, the phone will delete old text.

    so here, JK , the most popular PM, will get bombarded with merry xmas and happy new year text very soon.

    or Voice mail, what the difference between a Audio message and a written message? both are still messages. how many VM can his provider allow to hold?

    What about phone conversation, should they be recorded as well….

    Where should we draw the line?

    The tea party tape was a recorded conversation..that should be available under the OIA as well.

  • Catriona

    There PM should say to James Shaw -“O.K. James – you and the rest of the Green Party show me yours and I”ll show you mine”. What a pathetic little creep James Shaw is.

  • El Jorge

    It doesn’t concern me that the greens want to do this, it concerns me that they don’t realise how stupid they look……….again…….

    • Rod

      Don’t let it concern you. In my view, the more stupid they look, the better. That’s about the only thing they are doing well.

  • Rod

    Unfortunately, the Greens know that we can’t demand access to their phone records, because the Official Information Act applies only to Ministers of the Crown, not those who are just MPs. But it only applies to material produced in their official capacity, so as John Key has said, it depends which hat you were wearing at the time.

  • andrewo

    The Green Party needs to stick to its day job. Where are all their community based environmental projects ? I take part in one of these and I never see one of these hippies anywhere near it. Hypocrites.

    • OneTrack

      You don’t think they are an environmental party, do you. That disappeared with the departure of Rod Donald and Jeanette Fitzsimmons.

      Pure hard-left, anti-capitalism now.

  • Old Man, Torbay.

    So the Greens want the Prime Minister to keep all his texts.
    They are only one step away from demanding that we, the public of NZ, keep our texts.
    After all we may have sent a text deemed to be of “Public Interest”.
    Brings to mind George Orwell’s 1984.

  • Dr Gonzo

    Ah – A trougher to the core – his 15 minutes of fame will cost the taxpayers a few MORE hundred grand. Hey James – Happy Christmas you maggot.

  • Rex

    If JK has to release his text messages then surely the same should apply for the Left as well. That would make interesting reading!

  • Annoyed

    So private messages as well then? Are they also going to require a microphone on his pillow so they can find out what he says to his wife when they go to bed at night?
    Aren’t these idiots supposed to be against this kind of thing? Or it that only when it benefits them?

    • LesleyNZ

      Oh so VERY well said Annoyed. The Greens are sounding like a bunch of nosey parker busy bodies!

      • OneTrack

        Shortland St. has closed down for the year and they are missing their daily dose of gossip.

        And these are the numpties supposedly complaining about spying on kiwis. I bet when they get into power, they will suddenly have a change of heart and the gcsb will be ok again.

  • 1951

    Now, now people, this nice young man is trying to go places. As you can see he is nearly at the top floor. If Angry Andrew is as successful as previous Labour leaders, our young James here may just be in there with a chance. Before you know it he could be a Shadow Minister of something. Possibly nitpicking, who knows….?

  • Macca

    This ‘in the public interest’ line has just become farcical. It was utterly ridiculous when used as an excuse by Hager to justify the publication of stolen emails and it’s nearly as ridiculous now. Had Hager been held to account as he should have been by both the legal system and the media, none of this circus would still be happening.

    Now emboldened with their success and being given coverage which was never deserved, one wonders where this will end. I’m thinking badly for the left!

  • Ratchette

    I guess the obvious course of action is to immediately request copies of Comrade Norman’s txt’s Mayor Brown’s txt’s, Mr Angry, James Shaw, Cuniliffe ……

    • steve and monique

      That’s just what I was thinking. Does this not set a precedent that now requires ALL politicians or at least the leaders of the parties to now divulge all of their texts etc? People in glass houses Wussel…..

    • OneTrack

      Russel will be glad to set an example.

  • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

    So does he have to record everything from every interaction? I hope they have big storage servers as this will be huge when they all have to comply. And where will the data collection parameters stop? All govt department heads /supervisors etc…

    As long as they dont keep track of journos and the political activists.

    I hope they realise this will show who are the whistle blowers (unless they are clever enough to have burner phones).

    The opposition are garbage. They are the trifle of politics – nice for a treat but not something offering sustainablity and essentially full of bad stuff we should avoid

  • Captain Darling

    Why does anybody take any notice of what those stupid greens say.

  • Hedgehog

    If they think the PM should retain all TXT messages, then the same should go for all MPs and all public servants with work cells. As usual the Greens don’t employ any common sense and the archivist as well if they take the request seriously. Just stupid!

  • OneTrack

    They probably don’t care much. MMP has put all of them in the most well paid jobs they will ever have, and they don’t have to do anything except play at anti-capitalist activists, which is what they would be doing on the dole anyway.