Face of the day


Alice Wylie

Hi Cam
Merry Christmas to you and the team at Whaleoil.

A follow up from your post 20 November about my neighbour Alice Wylie.
We visited shortly after the incident and I showed her the post on my Ipad as she is not Internet connected.
She was ‘tickled pink’ with the write up and also the comments.
I got the post made into a Christmas card.
Here is a photo with Alice holding her ‘hard copy’ of your post.
SB may consider her for a face of the day?
I can report that Alice has made a stunning recovery and has been overwhelmed with the community support.
Have a good break.


I just want to report that we all here at Whaleoil were grinning from ear to ear when we received the above e-mail.

What a lovely photo.


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  • Carl

    Alice you are a legend. Can someone tell me where this hate filled blog everyone talks about in the media is.?

  • Lord Evans

    Alice is an inspiration on so many levels. She fully deserves praise for her courage and the support she’s received. I wish the police had caught the cowardly scumbag
    bully mugger who attacked her but I have a feeling that Karma will be strong in this case.

  • Chris EM

    A woman of substance. She’s no princess, she’s a queen.

  • Sally

    So not only WO is a blog your mother would read but is also now suitable for a great grandmother. What is the world coming to. Wonder if it will be alright with the Labour and the Greens?

  • 1951

    Only 90yrs, and still out there wanting to improve the park. Wonderful full life Alice.

  • Cowgirl

    Good news. Go Alice you good thing!

  • LesleyNZ

    How wonderful to have Alice as a neighbour and what a lovely thought to make the post into a Christmas card. It is the little thoughtful things that matter. Love this photo.