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RELUCTANT HERO: Mita Moses - pictured with his partner, Kathy Strongman.PHOTO/NZME.

RELUCTANT HERO: Mita Moses – pictured with his partner, Kathy Strongman.PHOTO/NZME.

What a cool guy. I bet that security guard was relieved to see him. He may have been reluctant but like my face of the day yesterday he stepped up and did what needed to be done and put himself at risk to do so. We need more men in the world like Mita Moses.

The deaf man who stopped a security guard being robbed of a cash bag outside an Onerahi supermarket says he’s really a shy guy who just went to help someone.

“I don’t want to be famous or in the newspaper. I’m really quite a shy guy,” said Onerahi resident Mita Moses who has been hailed as a hero after going to the aid of the guard being assaulted outside New World Onerahi on Monday afternoon.

He was walking to the supermarket with his partner, Kathy Strongman, – who is also deaf – to buy groceries when he saw the security guard get attacked.

The security guard was leaving with the morning’s takings when he was attacked from behind and punched in the face by a robber, who tried to wrestle the bag of money from him.

Mr Mita, a father of four, put his quick-thinking actions down to experience as a bouncer and a boxer.

The 150kg former heavyweight boxer – and possibly New Zealand’s only Maori deaf fighter – beelined for the attacker, who then ran off towards Onerahi Cemetery.

“I walked into this and when the boy turned around and saw me he just took off,” Mr Moses said through a sign language interpreter.

“He ran across the road and through the cemetery and was gone.

“Maybe he thought I was too big or too ugly.”

Mr Moses, a former bouncer with 10 years experience in Whangarei and Auckland venues, said he wasn’t scared to approach the attacker and was ready to restrain him if need be.

“I’ve seen many fights and arguments and I’ve often had to restrain people in the past.”

The 40-year-old senior security officer for Northern Districts Security was taken to Whangarei Hospital with facial lacerations, concussion and a suspected fractured eye socket, but he discharged himself a short time later.

Police and the owner of Northern Districts Security, JP Dignon, thanked Mr Moses for his actions, with Detective Senior Sergeant Dene Begbie saying he possibly prevented further injury to the security guard and also stopped the robber from getting any cash…

-The Northern Advocate


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  • T. Akston

    Both ends of the spectrum on display here. The crappy little low rent thief, and a kiwi that we can all be proud of.

    Thanks Mita, best wishes for the New Year.

  • Ginny

    One of the pop up ads on this sight is the fried egg in the middle of an avocado. Has anyone tried this?
    The other ad that regularly appears is the dating site with a woman whose thighs are bigger than her waist. How can that be?

  • Andy Brown

    Thanks for helping people. Kudos to you.

  • Watcher

    Good on you Mita, you obviously sized up the risk, and went for it.
    Well done, have a great New Year.

  • steve and monique

    Top man, and humble. Take a bow sir, you deserve the applause.

  • symgardiner

    Nice work Mita.

  • Builder

    I hope they give Mita a decent reward.

  • newbarnkiwi

    Well done Mita and here’s to a very prosperous new year for you and Kathy… an act such as this deserves at least a little good fortune coming your way. Take care big man ;-)