Face of the day

Former Mediaworks Tea lady  -Facebook

Former Mediaworks Tea lady Tara Merriman

This stunning sexy creature has conquered Sean Plunket and her love and support has enabled him to lose weight.
Now she has turned her doe eyes onto my man with the intent of losing him revenue.
Generally I respect law enforcement but her desire to police the internet using weapons such as advertiser boycotts earns only my scorn.

Hey yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah hey yeah yeah, I said hey,( Tara ) what’s going on?





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  • conwaycaptain

    Heavy smoker by the look of it. Like kissing Dogs Breath

    • Nige.

      Her ‘singing’ sounds like a dog barking too!

      • conwaycaptain

        PLEASE!!! My little Schnoodle takes umbrage that this woman’s singing is like a dog barking. My Schnoodle has a very musical BARK

    • mommadog

      From one non-smoker to another (I assume) I would prefer to kiss my dog than a smoker. The only time my dog had bad breath was teeth problems that a visit to the vet solved. I did date a smoker for a while and while he smoked outside and not in the house that wasn’t enough to make it pleasant. Clothes still smell of smoke, hair smells of smoke and teeth cleaning/scrubbing and mouth wash required. Even the hormonal rush of lust cant disguise it but you put up with it briefly until the lust subsides. Then you are just left with an unpleasant taste/smell.

      • conwaycaptain

        I used to smoke a pipe and gave up when I got married as the memsahib didn’t like the smell in the house.

        In 2004 I went to the UK and came home and as I walked into the room my wife said that I had been with people who smoked. She said my clothes and I reeked of tobacco as just about everyone smoked in the UK.

  • Nige.

    Nope never heard of her….but it looks to me like her confidence outweighs her ability.

  • Pete

    What I don’t understand is why she feels the need to do it?? is it some way of injecting herself into currant affairs to be seen as some kind of hero of the people standing up, and fighting the Whale…..a bit like .com and the Sony game hackers.

    • dgrogan

      Or is it merely she is jealous of WOBH’s success and Cam’s celebrity?

  • The Accountant

    Thought she was attractive until I saw the cancer stick. Agree with the conwaycaptain, below.

    • Nothelen

      Nothing to see there. Dirty stinking ashtray and a couple of lighters….

  • john Doe

    Silly girl. Prostituting herself to a cause that will only end up in tears.

  • Ilovelife

    That outfit and the fish nets say it all really.

  • MrBarrington

    I don’t know…. Plunket seems to be a Westie by the photos in the women’s mag piece… and thus he is a lost cause… odds on that miss fishnets is as well…. maybe she is doing this becuase all her cool media freinds are into bashing the Oil as well…. I wonder if she has had an original thought in her life….

  • steve and monique

    Tara, the election is over, National won, and all this boycott nonsense is over. Maybe you need to catch up with rest of the country, and move on. The media, and those who were involved in the Dirty politics saga are the only ones running scared of Cam, and his team now. And for good reason too.

  • Ginny

    If i don’t want to read rubbish stories in the Woman’s Weekly like the Plunket one, which no doubt they got paid for, i won’t. It’s all about choices. Tara, you make your own choices and leave us to make ours.

  • Sooty

    To boycott WO advertisers, she would have to read the site every day. Numbty!

    • NZ Groover

      Of course! I love the irony.

  • HSV325

    Mm white trailer trash was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the pic.

  • oldmanNZ

    Its like saying,

    Im going to boycott any media that hires tara.?

    Such a silly game, she only hurt her own image

    • Dave

      Probably no need to now. By her silly actions, the entire world knows now. Any media group will pop her name into Google and find….. TROUBLE, with a capital T. The answer to Tara’s future career prospects, assume her hubbies name, or join the Union or Labour’s PR machines. Either way, her Facebook mate Angry Andy can assist.

  • Watcher

    Well I manged to watch about 11 secs of, I said hey hey hey whats going on, I wont be buying the CD.
    Thats my first boycott of the day ;-)

    • kehua

      The only song that “undies“ knew the words to probably.

  • Damon Mudgway

    Heading from the Woman’s Weekly:
    ‘Sean Plunkett: I lost 20kgs for love.’

    Sorry Plunk, but you’ve entered the pink zone. Man card revoked.


    • Monito

      This for me ran side by side with I’m sorry I am a man! What the hell was Sean Plunkett thinking to ever be heard to say that? But at least Cunliffe did it to himself not allowed a woman to do it to him.

  • pisces8284 .

    Disappointed in Sean Plunket’s choice. Thought he was better than that

    • Watcher

      To be fair, he probably rightly would not give a fig about your disappointment.
      Just sayin

  • Bluemanning

    Who knows but one hopes the plunk is not just being used as a springboard to make her famous; rather she will become infamous to the majority by showing herself up, as well as plunk IMO.

  • Mad Captain

    MSM equivalent of a football WAG looking for fame by association. Best keep the mouth shut darling, that’s not what you’re there for…

    • Eddie Nunns

      but if she keeps her mouth shut No one will know she is a Fool

  • Ratchette

    The Dominatrix diet.

  • fairymai

    Think I am correct, in recalling Plunks having to tell Tars, to stop Twittering with .com as it may appear unhelpful on his show? Believe it was the Eve before the Dot phoned him on Live.

  • timemagazine

    Grow up, laday, stop being so immature.

  • Left or right wing I suspect the poor girl is a victim of the MSM smear campaign. If she troubled herself to actually read WO and see the comments she may understand that she is insulting a great many people, not just Cam. She is typical of anyone who believes Cam is the Devil incarnate but her comments come from sheer ignorance of the site and its followers.
    The great thing about WO is (a) we get detailed analysis of key issues, the analysis is ‘moderated’ by many very well informed and educated comments from the Oilers, and for me, I feel in the company of a sensible, well educated and thoughtful group. How the silly girl can make the comments she does must come from gross ignorance as they certainly wouldn’t be made if she read WO.
    She needs to follow WO for a week or so before heading off into ‘boycott’ waters – she’ll sink fast and also is in danger of tarnishing one of the MSM’s few serious and informed broadcasters

  • … and if you check her Facebook page she is ‘friends’ with Little Andy. Say no more …

    • Isherman

      And Mathew Hooten,.. boy, he’s popping up as ‘friends’ of all sorts in the lefty world lately.

  • mommadog

    Its kind of sad that she is in such desperate need for attention. Sings with a band on stage when her singing belongs in a shower. Dresses up in fancy dress, keeps a facebook page showing her virtues to the world and likes “famous” company as she appears to believe she is no ordinary mortal. Copies those who she thinks have good ideas and will bring her attention (boycotting WO adds). Guess she has never heard of the virtue of humility.

  • Dave

    Has had a unremarkable career in mostly sales positions, the smile and wave type, the type where a cute smile and being able to remember what the client wanted for an hour so she can type it into her laptop. Now, we shouldn’t put her down beyond her stupidity at suggesting a boycott, and the link with SP is not too relevant, but I would love to be a fly on the wall of their home for 24 hours. Ps: Kudos to you SP, one of my champions and stay strong, good luck riding this one out, love and a conflicting media career can be difficult.

  • Dog Breath

    This is priceless. This Is a bit like in the US when someone is nominated for public office then their life is put under the spot light to see if they are morally fit to hold office.

    • mommadog

      All is fair when you choose to put yourself out there and articles in magazines are out there as are public facebook pages. So is standing for public office where in NZ or the USA.

  • redeye

    Only the left feel they have a right to dictate public opinion by some form of force. The rest of us either ignore or debate the crap away.

    • mommadog

      Yes – whatever name you put to it, socialism, communism, it is the same philosophy. You must all think as we do. But do they recognise themselves as being a step away from the likes of North Korea? I doubt it. All that is stopping them is us – the voters.

  • mommadog

    While reading WO this morning this add has just appeared. I believe it is the first one Tara has boycotted to her own peril.

    How’s Your Singing Voice?Watch This Amazing Video – See How You Can Improve Dramatically!


  • Wallace Westland

    What are the stats for WO views again?
    Think I’ll boycott Sean Plunket and RNZ. Seems only fair that if his partner is so prepared to use blatant left wing tactics when she is on a subject she has no clue about that the boot should go on the other foot…so to speak

    Now their advertisers won’t miss me……but….remind me of that stat again?

  • Sailor Sam

    Now I know where those tacky, so called sexy Xmas presents advertised on Trademe were sold to.
    And she sucks on cancer sticks as well.
    SP, she will look like a wrinkled 90 year old by te time she is sixty.

  • Catriona

    Tara Merrimen – no singer she ain’t. Whose bright idea was it to let her loose with a microphone. Back to the other subject – what’s her problem?

  • Catriona

    What I don’t understand is why people put personal pictures on Facebook for all the world to see. Why not keep it private then the likes of Whale Oil, Herald etc, etc. can’t get on and ‘share’ anything they want. Sometimes pictures people put up come back to bite them on the bum. But thanks, anyway, Whaleoil for enabling the readers to see who this silly, insignificant Tara person is.

  • Catriona

    Actually, I’ve had a squiz at her FB page out of curiosity, like. It appears she knows she’s the Face of the Day today as she has closed her photos off to the public. And she has ‘gazillions’ of friends too (yeah right) – a very popular lady it seems.
    My bet is that she’s wishing she never got mouthy about WO.

  • Sunshine

    Silly vacuous woman trying to make herself relevant to the looney left.

  • caochladh

    Maybe she has a book on the way – “How I turned Plunket into a Plonker”.

  • MrsRight Winger

    That is such a vomity article, but that goes without saying in the WW.

  • LesleyNZ

    Well – Sean Plunket is a bit of a dark horse then. Leighton has far better judgement and sense.

  • Tom

    Got to say I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for farting dressed like that.