Faces of the day

It has been a rough ride in the wild wild west of Politics this week ( but this blog is locked and loaded.)

We have had to deal with three outlaws ( who just keep on digging.)

One is hiding behind Parliamentary privilege in order to lie and attack ( a real coward )

One repeatedly attacked the National Party for communicating with a  TRIPLE Award winning Blogger then was presented with hard evidence of his party doing the exact same thing.

One who lost ( again ) at the latest awards and keeps whining about the winner on social media and in the dead tree Media.



















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  • conwaycaptain

    Wussel thinks he is Captain Ahab of the Pequod hunting the Great White Whale and Metiria thinks she is the Green Party equivalent of Ishmael the harpooner and they will bring the Great White Whale to bay.
    Now we all know what happened to Captain Ahab and the Pequod don’t we!!!!

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    Maybe those posters should read ‘UNWANTED’ not ‘WANTED’?

    • Richard

      NZ’s most unwanted may be the sole reserve of the last 5 Labour leaders.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Tongue in cheek > Sounds like the .44 is ready so do you out in sceptic kiwiland feel lucky well do you punk? Who is going to be the punk today to reveal their foolishness

    You know someone had to put this line up so here it is.

    “I know what you’re thinking: ‘Did he fire six shots or only five?’ Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I’ve kinda lost track myself. But being this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?

    • HR

      Funny! This could of been on of the earliest “product placements” in movies ever? Wonder how much the company paid to have their product in that famous line…..

  • Caprice

    Russel looks the most criminal of those three photos. Must be the five o’clock shadow..

  • conwaycaptain

    How many people read Giovanni’s Blog???

    • As Scribe famously said:

      “Not many, if any.”

    • Watcher

      I nearly went and had a look Captain, then I thought why would I give this person the time and help inflate his hits, when I would only be there to be nosey. He is of no consequence.
      The same reason why I never ever visit the Standard or Bombers sites.

    • kayaker

      I didn’t even know he had a blog. Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new, eh? Though, I don’t think I’ll bother visiting the blog (his tweets are mind numbing enough).

      edit: i to I

    • Dave

      I have had a look on several occasions, and am yet to understand the exact point he was trying to make in articles I have read. The one point he is clear in, is he hates Cam, and despises John Key and National.

      To follow him on Twitter is quite good entertainment, better than some comedians, especially when you realise, he is deadly serious, he believes he is
      correct. What is truly frightening, is he does have a small following and they listen, and believe him. I remember back to the Canon awards, and he honestly believed he was going to win, his bleating on Twitter was unbelievable, and then he turned his attack on Canon. The term petulant
      spoilt brat is understated.

  • ShoreRight

    Too many zeros after the $5 on the top two posters, other than that a great campaign to rid us of lying, hypocrisy and whining !

  • Honcho

    A man of such character as David Parker, a man with such a disgusting festering skeleton in his closet as David Parker, I bet he prays that closet door never Knox.

  • zotaccore

    Listened (forgive for why!) to Moroney in the chamber yesterday. She has now adopted Littles phrase of “cut the crap”. I wonder if Little will chat to her about that given that anything Moroney related = positive results for the Nats. She really has become septic, which reminds me, Sepuloni back on the scene really isn’t going to assist the Labs… they are all really nasty right now… learnt not a thing from the last election.

  • metalnwood

    Is english tiso’s second language? When you look at his poster ‘whining’ kind of looks like it could be winning if english second language.

    So maybe he thought he was a winner and all he was doing was winning..

  • LesleyNZ

    Listening to Parker right now – what a smooth talker. Labour must be getting really worried about what is to come.

  • jaundiced

    Labour and the Greens haven’t learnt the lesson of the election – that the public really doesn’t care about who talks to who. But they’re starting to sense uncertainty about Key’s credibility. The best thing John Key can do is resist the need to defend himself about who he may or may not send send texts to. Its that defensiveness that makes him seem dodgy. Dare I say, a bit of the HC approach – ‘nothing to see here, lets move along’.

  • Bryan

    well prehaps parker would like to tell us all about a meeting held 10 weeks before the election in Karori to discuss election stratagies and who was there and who the two extra’s were

  • Alexander K

    I visited Tiso’s website to see what he is on about.

    He seems to be a something of a cultural misfit who really hasn’t yet realised that New Zealand society is quite different from the society that he grew up. For starters, we are an older parliamentary democracy than Italy and much less tolerant of corrupt politicians. We are leaner than the British model we started with – it didn’t take long for the idea of an Upper House, which we sarted to use, to be rejected as irrelevant to our culture. We don’t revolt against our politicians as a group and chuck them all out with alarming frequency either, as the Italians do, but if JK started hosting parties in the style of some Italian PMs, we certainly would. We don’t fall under the sway of fascist bullies such as Mussolini, and there are many other differences that would be boring to reiterate.
    I understand his passion, but us Kiwis are not Italians. We don’t shout and wag our fingers under the noses of those we disagree with and we do not attempt to blame others for our own shortcomings. If Giovanni wants to fit in with Kiwi society, playing the shouty Italian will only be tolerated for enough time for him to come to understand how things work in Aoteoroa. Time to choose whether you want to be a displaced Italian or a Kiwi, Giovanni. Your blog is fine for urban Italy, in my view, but is irrelevant here in NZ.

  • Christie

    It is a shame – I once thought David Parker could be a credible Minister of Finance, next time Labour is in Government. But he has shot himself in the foot so many times now that he has no credibility at all. And this is the worst of all.

  • Guest