This is what Fairfax and Waikato Times calls an apology

Yesterday we wrote about the slamming the Waikato Times got from the Press Council…with all the professional media people on the Council and the EPMU hacks all voting to uphold the complaint.

Only the womble members voted against.

The Waikato Times thought that despite them featuring their hatchet job on the front page despite there being not a shred of evidence to support their claims, that they would run the apology in the middle of the Christmas holidays and buried inside the paper. They preferred instead to focus on the jubblies of Miss Whangamata for their front page.

Their apology, such as it is is now online.


That’s right, it isn’t online…they simply added a small comment on the original article, let it stand, and provided a link tot eh Press Council.

What a bunch of cowards and weasels.

You actually have to wonder what sort of sanctions there are against a supposedly reputable media organisation.

They clamoured long and hard about Dirty Polices, well this is Dirty Media.

How does one prevent news organisations from playing their own dirty games?

Media are supposed to hold the powerful to account, but what happens when they are the ones playing fast and loose and damaging people’s lives by making stuff up?

This is why they need competition.

This is why we must be FREED.



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  • cows4me

    Those that champion the bent tenets of the left will never admit guilt or wrongdoing. When clearly caught out lying, arrogantly, they believe that lying for the cause is very justified . The ideology is always right and any method to put in place this ideology must be pursued, no matter how foul and how many lies are required. This is where they fall down, if your ideology has to based on a lie it’s not worth a tin of crap.

  • Aucky

    That’s not even an an apology for an apology, it’s a simple statement of fact. I’m struggling to find phrases such as ‘we apologise unreservedly’ or ‘we are sorry’.

    • OneTrack

      That’s because they aren’t sorry and they don’t care.

  • Michael_l_c

    Being as most msm are incapable of admitting wrong the press council should have to approve any ‘apology’, with $costs being incurred with each submission that is rejected by the council.
    Also any apology should have the same prominence as the original article, in this case the front page, presumably the whole of the front page.

  • Doug

    I think you nailed it Cam, it’s Dirty Media.

    • shykiwibloke

      New term for us all. DMSM

    • OneTrack

      Nah, still dirty politics. The MSM are now political actors and have been for some time. They are just the socialist fifth column, doing their bit for the cause. Add in their puerile mentality and there you are – Aotearoa MSM 2014.

  • Bart67

    Can you complain to the press council about the inappropriateness of the ‘apology’? There is absolutely no sign of any remorse, nor any apparent wish to make amends. As far as an apology goes, this hardly makes the grade. When you fail to research, and publish unsubstantiated rumour and hearsay as fact, you reduce the level of trust that the public have in you, and if, when caught out, you continue to minimise what you have done, then your credibility is further reduced.

    Fairfax and the Waikato Times should also be mindful that, along with most of the rest of the MSM, they do not actually have a lot of credibility left!

  • Mags

    I’m sure this young man is made of stern stuff. However the WT and Fairfax have no idea how this could have impacted on him, his career prospects, his well being. Not only of a low standard of professionalism, their actions (or non actions) appear to be those of bullies. That headline is still sitting there linked to him and they should find a more meaningful way to correct that.

  • steve and monique

    I have made mention of this before but feel it is worth mentioning again, I worked for this rag for as number of years and was one of the top advertising sales staff. The editorial department actually phoned through our department a number of times trying to extract the names of victims of accidents from the family notices which had yet to run obviously in the hope of publishing them. I advised it was highly unethical and deplorable; they tried it again with a rookie operator who came and asked me (unlucky for editorial) I blasted them again and spoke to management but nothing was ever done. I had resigned after being accused of something which I hadn’t done and I was the 19th person to leave our department of around 12 staff in 18 months and the manager that I handed my resignation to decided to call a meeting and advise everyone I was fired! This company has no morals; professional or otherwise, I toldthem I was embarrassed to work for a back water publication such as theirs and stand by that years later. In that place if you want to get anywhere you either have to sleep your way there or kiss backside (hi Tara)

  • Wallace Westland

    If I was Aaron Letcher I’d be lawyering up. The fact that the WT has chosen to embed the apology in the offending article is gobsmacking.

    Surely even a dimwitted left wing newspaper editor would have the common sense to pull the article?

  • The2Game

    Seems the meejya can do anything it likes vis-a-vis fairness…

    If it had been a public figure so slammed, the likes of Paul Holmes would have had his empty chair in the studio demanding the shamed butt be plonked in it to apologise ‘to the nation’ and the latest John Campbell hack (hell, maybe Lord John himself) would be similarly knocking on that public figure’s door 24/7…