The fascist tendencies of the left wing

Matthew Hooton draws attention to the latent fascist tendencies of the left wing in NZ politics.

Controversial former cabinet minister Judith Collins has a new gig as a columnist for the left-leaning Sunday Star-Times. Her first effort was about concrete fibreboard. It is possible only the sub-editors read it all the way through.

Nevertheless, Ms Collins is to be commended for bringing to the fore the fascist tendencies of the self-appointed left-wing twitterati in this country.

According to them, a former minister taking a column is not, as I had always assumed, a sign of a political career drawing to a close. To the contrary, the left-wing twitterati squealed, Ms Collins’ appointment is a conspiracy involving the apparently right-wing editor of the Star-Times to rehabilitate Ms Collins after her “disgrace” in the Dirty Politics affair.


The left-wing response, led by Giovanni Tiso and Nicky Hager’s sister Mandy was typically vicious. It was near-universally agreed that it was “unacceptable,” “unsuitable” and “completely unethical” for Ms Collins to write for a newspaper.

According to Ms Hager, Ms Collins “has already been outed as actively manipulating news stories for her own and her party’s political advantage.” God forbid!

At least as damning, according to Ms Hager, “there are an increasing number of right-wing commentators being given air time or column length.”

The media, she said, was “playing a part in perpetuating government propaganda.”

For his part, Mr Tiso hissed that Ms Collins had “poisoned the political conversation” and having her as a columnist was not “within the bounds of ethical journalism.”

Others alleged Ms Collins’ column had been “co-ordinated” with Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater, whatever that means.

Not quite in jest, it was suggested that after appointing Ms Collins, the Sunday Star-Times’s next move would be “to contact Stalin and Hitler from the afterlife to provide contrasting opinions [and] muffin recipes.”

Another leftist suggested the paper’s next columnists would be the paedophilic rapist and murderer, Phillip Joseph Smith and the alleged stupefier and sexual abuser of teenage girls, Bill Cosby.

There were calls, if not quite for burnings of the Sunday Star-Times, then at least for drastic commercial reprisals. It was forgotten that this is the same newspaper which publishes news stories by Mr Hager and his fellow traveller Jon Stephenson, and whose business columnist is the climate catastrophist Rod Oram.

Calls that got only three cancellations according to editor Jonathan Milne.

I do not recall such a vicious response by right-wing activists when Mr Hager and Mr Stephenson are given space not merely on the opinion pages but in the Sunday Star-Times’ news section.

Also forgotten by the enraged leftists is that Ms Collins was in fact cleared of wrongdoing by High Court Judge Lester Chisholm. The left may believe – as I do – that Ms Collins was probably lucky but the standard is surely innocent until proven guilty.

Even had Mr Chisholm found evidence against Ms Collins, she has already paid the price by being sacked by the prime minister and, probably deservedly, being beaten up by the media. Under what rule is this backbencher not entitled to “rehabilitation” anyway?

Mr Hager’s election-year book, Dirty Politics, did reveal wrongdoing by the prime minister’s office. In particular, the abuse of SIS information for political purposes has no place in a democracy. It certainly warranted the resignation of the prime minister’s chief of staff and arguably the prime minister himself. But Dirty Politics did not reveal the crime of the century and was itself the product of not just dirty politics but criminal wrongdoing.

Most ironically, the way leftist activists are now using the phrase “dirty politics” to smear and attempt to silence views they deem against their interests is exactly the type of behaviour Mr Hager purported to be concerned about.

Anyone mentioned in Dirty Politics, myself included, should never again be allowed to write for a newspaper or speak on TV or radio, they say. These roles should be reserved for those with “integrity,” as defined by the militant, Marxist left.

The way Mr Hager’s book is being used by his family and friends to attack their ideological foes underlines again that it was not an honest attempt to speak truth to power but calculated to advance their extremist political agenda during an election campaign.

The book was in and of itself a lesson in how the left wing play dirty politics…with crimes and illegal activities.

Be clear, I do not condemn Mr Hager for his political activity. Indeed, in a sense I applaud his initiative. He is as entitled as anyone to publish a book to try to unseat a prime minister whose economic, social, environmental and defence policies he opposes. I am appalled that the police raided his home for 10 hours after he was identified as a mere witness in Mr Slater’s complaint against the unknown Rawshark.

But Mr Hager’s supporters would be a little more credible if they at least acknowledged his political motivations and were genuinely committed to a contest of ideas.

As it is, their behaviour is far more dangerous to the maintenance of pluralism in our political system than anything Ms Collins or Mr Goff may ever bash out for Mr Milne.

Matthew Hooton, because of his links with his good friend Laila Harre, knows altogether too much about Dirty Politics.

I wonder if they will share worried conversations over what comes next while they relax by teh fireside in Whistler as they enjoy a workers holiday in the northern ski resort and playground of the rich and famous.

The Unionist and the Corporate Shill do Whistler sounds like a porn movie.




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  • Whitey

    Not a porn movie I would like to watch. Sounds like more of a niche market effort.

    And why shouldn’t right wing commentators get air time, Hager? Oh, that’s right – it’s because most New Zealanders agree with them. When you have to silence dissenting opinions, you’ve lost the ideological battle.

  • caochladh

    I know damn all about this Tiso fool, but interestingly when I typed “Tiso” into Google this picture came up… it a relative perhaps?

  • MaryLou

    And yet another “swerve” in opinion by Mr Hooten. Honestly I’m not sure that he knows himself what his opinion is, although this time I’m in agreement with most of what he says, so won’t knock it! Could he perhaps be feeling a bit of heat (or at least seeing it coming), and be deciding to pick a side?

    • Cowgirl

      I think he tries to be a right winger, but gets upset if lefties hate him so straddles the fence rather badly. This piece doesn’t know if it’s Arthur or Martha really – it reads as “you’ve been really bad, but I sort of agree with you on some things, so please don’t be mean to me on Twitter!”

      • MaryLou

        Very succinct! I think you’re exactly right

      • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

        All that fence sitting must mean he is riddled with splinters.

        • willtin

          More likely, riddled with borer.

  • Alright

    What do we get next from these frightful people?

    Book burning?

    • MaryLou

      That is the logical next step isn’t it, after silencing dissenters? History does repeat, about time all this was stopped in its tracks. About time Hooten said something. There’s few enough willing to.

      • Alright

        “Freedom of speech” apparently only applies selectively…to those one agrees with.

        I don’t like occupying the same planet as these people. My father fought at Monte Casino as part of the arguement against people who hold views like this.

        How was I brought up? Politically, my father (a staunch Labour voter) took me (at a young age) to both National and Labour Party meetings.

        He walked the talk.

        • MaryLou

          Maybe it’s our turn to ensure that tradition doesn’t fall by the wayside

          • Alright

            The trend Mary Lou literally reduces me to tears.

          • MaryLou

            Have been thinking lately but not yet figured out how to verbalise it well – historically the pendulum always swings between conservatism and liberalism, and any other two opposites. But it doesn’t seem to be swinging back so well this time. Maybe it really does require, this time, those of us who would normally just observe, to get a bit louder about our beliefs? Maybe we’re simply not contributing our views in the same way any more, with the advent of social media?

          • Alright

            I suspect you can define timelines (between conservatism and liberalism) by gaps between galvanising events like Wars. The longer the gaps are the more “liberal” (egocentric) the general population becomes.

    • Cadwallader

      Fahrenheit 451!!!!

  • ozbob68

    yep, I remember that Katie Bradford quote “No matter what we talk about, the polls don’t change”. Our lefties overlords are here to protect us from ourselves, but who will protect us from them?

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    It is only the lefty media that are always talking about Dirty Politics. Everyone else have gotten past it and didn’t believe it, just look at the election result

  • 1951

    I am starting to feel sorry for Hooton lately. He is like a teenager wanting to be free to play kids games but pretending all week to be an adult.
    The reaction to Judith’s column by the Left is quite extraordinary though. Perhaps the Left are starting to fray at the edges . Having infiltrated our learning institutions from Preschool right through to the Ivy Towers, (yup, preschools – your can’t have daily prayers but you can have exactly that if they are spoken in Maori). We have Nige with UKIP making a mark, challenging their thought processes in Britain. Something like 3000 scientist challenging the UN’s AGW manipulations and the obvious inaccuracies with model predictions which made the Al Gore’s bank accounts very fat. All this compounded by the near economic collapse of favorite Nations forming the EU. Those poor peoples of the Left. It ain’t goin’ they way they told us.

  • Karma

    “At least as damning, according to Ms Hager, “there are an increasing number of right-wing commentators being given air time or column length.”

    Wow. Talk about professional jealously. Lefties clearly don’t like it when someone other than themselves gets handed something on a platter.

    • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

      Amazing to hear she actually thinks that way. The absolute hypocrisy is astounding.

      “We are all equal! But some are more equal than others!!”

    • I imagine these two must be the “life of the party” when they get together.

    • Cadwallader

      It is easy to imagine how Hagar loses sleep dwelling on WO and his mates. He must writhe in anxiety in the early hours.

  • digby

    Can anyone answer the question, “Why is the MSM seemingly so left leaning?” My expectations is that the MSM owners see a longer future with the left leaning parties. The left generally stifle economic freedom / economic progress and encourage random interventions that suit specific, and not always open, agendas. IE they see the left as being the best chance of introducing rules that will assist their profiteering and longevity.

    • Pita

      “Why is the MSM seemingly so left leaning?

      A good leftard understands; it’s not the story, it is how you tell it…