Fenton “Jong-Un” Wilson and the Suppression of the Media

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson


All dictators try to control the media, and even if Fenton “Jong-Un” Wilson is a tin pot dictator he has tried to suppress the media in Hawkes Bay. “Jong-Un” and his CE, the highly unpopular Andrew Newman, have very poor relationships with the media in Hawkes Bay who have asked legitimate questions about their dodgy socialist dam.

I understand that they have made formal complaints about Red Radio’s award winning journalist Peter Fowler, and yelled at the editor of the Hawkes Bay Today, Andrew Austin.

These short tempered and inadequate little men have colluded to try to suppress stories getting out further.

They were so stupid to have it as a minute on a council agenda.  


I will give some free advice to Fenton “Jong-Un” Wilson.

In a democratic society idiot elected officials that make stupid decisions and condone the bullying of stakeholders by their staffs are going to be held to account.

Idiot officials can be expected to be mocked and ridiculed, and the way to avoid this from happening is to stop making stupid decisions, stop letting your halfwit staff bully good people, and stop expecting to be able to bully other councillors without any pressure coming back your way.

I will remain vigilant against these tinpot local body dictators and continue to hold them to account.





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  • Dave_1924

    Maybe a guest post from Mr Wilson and/or Mr Newman might be interesting to hear their side of the Dam saga and all its attendent goings on…..

    • Timboh

      Yes and frequenters of troughs might fly.

    • I don;t think they really want to pick that scab…there is plenty more pus to run on the dam issue…you see there is plenty of docs and reports that they are trying to suppress but I already have copies of.

  • Damon Mudgway

    I’m sure there’s a good side to Fenton, because in all reality nobody could really be this much of a prat?