Filthy Catholic priest pedo scumbag set to be extradited…finally!

Bernard McGrath, enjoying the food court while awaiting a decision on his extradition to face 252 charges for sexual offending against boys

Bernard McGrath, pedo priest

Bernard McGrath can finally be named.

He is the filthy pedo scumbag who has been fighting his extradition to Australia where he is facing 250 charges of interfering with boys while a Catholic priest.

A High Court judge has rejected the bid by former Catholic brother Bernard Kevin McGrath to overturn the Minister of Justice’s decision to grant his extradition to Australia to face sex charges.

Justice Cameron Mander’s decision was issued at the Christchurch High Court today, two weeks after he spent half a day hearing submissions on the judicial review of the decision by former Justice Minister Judith Collins.

Australia is seeking the extradition of McGrath, 65, to face 252 child sex abuse charges there.

Justice Mander said today: “I conclude that the Minister made no reviewable error in making her decision that McGrath be surrendered to the Commonwealth of Australia. The application for review is declined.”

Good. When is the next flight to Australia?

Defence counsel Phillip Allan argued in the hearing that there had been a breach of natural justice in the minister’s decision. He said this concerned the failure of the Ministry of Justice to obtain further information about McGrath’s circumstances and the limited support he would have available to him in Australia.

He said McGrath would have no emotional support, no financial support, and questions concerning the funding of the defence on legal aid.


The judge said in his decision that the minister had concluded that the factors relied upon did not give rise to compelling or extraordinary circumstances that would make it unjust or oppressive.

He noted allegations that Cameron Slater, a blogger associated with the minister, had breached suppression orders imposed in the case, but he described suggestions of communications about the case between Slater and the minister as “unfounded speculation”.

Oh really? The real situation was that The Press published a photo of him, in contravention of the suppression orders. We used The Press photo on a blog post because…you know…mainstream media had…and then the scumbag journalist dobbed us to the Police and said we have breached the order.

As soon as I was notified I took the photo down.

Finally we can be “rid  of this turbulent priest”.

Let’s hope he wastes away rather painfully in an Australian prison.


– Fairfax



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  • Nirvana10

    It is indeed right and just that this man face up to the consequences of his vile actions. But, in the interests of accuracy, Bernard McGrath is and has never been a priest. I know that the alliterative ‘pedo priest’ rolls nicely off the tongue, but it is not true. This in no way diminishes the awfulness of the allegations he faces and has attempted to avoid. He was and is no longer a lay brother with the order of St John of God. There is a difference.

    • Monito

      Doesn’t really make any difference there is no doubt about what he sdid to those young people in a postiion of trust. Send him back to Australia to face the music this has all gone on long enough.

    • ex-JAFA

      Thanks, I was going to query the contradictory reporting. For those not schooled in an environment of loud shouting and vicious corporal punishment, a brother (effectively a male nun) and a priest are occupations as different as a nurse and a surgeon.

  • Mrs_R

    Boohoo is right. His concern is he will have limited support, so what! He waited until he had those children in a position where they had NO support so that he could (allegedly) abuse them. Hope he enjoys Christmas in Australia.

  • peterwn

    He will not be put on the next plane as he is able to appeal.

    Interesting, especially as Kim Dotcom will no doubt seek a similar Judicial Review in due course. Fortunately the Court pushed back the various grounds raised. While the Court can justifiably review the information processes up to the point of the Minister’s decision, the Court should not be dictating the decision the Minister should make. This would infringe on the ‘separation of powers’ principle as between Parliament, the Executive (eg the Minister) and the Judiciary.

    The Bain case will be interesting here, since it appears to me that one of the Judicial Review points sought is that the Minister should not be obtaining a ‘second opinion’ but should run with the Canadian judge’s opinion.

  • At least get your facts right, Cameron. He was never a priest – he was a brother. Equivalent to rocking up to a monastery and becoming a monk. To become a priest would have required seven years of study, which he did not do.

    • stephen2d

      Wow, such an important “fact”!

      • It is actually. It’s almost like jumping up and down saying that I’m a priest. If I say I’m not, and you imply it’s not that much of a mistake, then then what does that say about your understanding of things?

        • stephen2d

          Ok, a catholic brother ordained by the Catholic Church is a paedo. Still doesn’t excuse the church turning a blind eye and the victims are still there.

          • Can almost totally agree with you there (except the ordained part). There is no excuse.

  • Eddie

    I’m fearful of the backlash against the Catholics and other Christians because of this revelation. Those poor people who will be ridiculed and oppressed because we can’t separate this man from them as their share a religious affiliation need our solidarity and protection. #illridewithyouandholdyourhandwhilewesingsongsoflove

  • Richard McGrath

    Thankfully he’s no relation of mine!