First the armed forces, now the police are told not to wear uniforms

This does my head in.   By the time that the armed forces and the police are cowering in the face of terrorism, what is a citizen to do?

Police forces across Britain were on alert last night after a warning of an Islamic State-style plot to kidnap and behead an officer.

More than 7,000 officers in the West Midlands were warned they were in imminent danger following a telephone threat.

Police chiefs in Britain’s second largest force were so concerned at the ‘anonymous but credible’ threat that they stopped officers going off duty until they had attended a security briefing.

However, it was reported that senior officers feared a female officer would be targeted for ‘shock factor’.

A source told the Daily Mirror: ‘It is known police are worried jihadists are going to behead an officer.

‘They believe they want to target a WPC for shock factor. The fear is a terror cell will think female officers make easier targets.’

Other forces urgently reviewed safety precautions and warned officers not to wear their uniform or ID badge when off duty – normally they are allowed to wear uniform when travelling to and from work.

The alert came after Islamic State called on followers to launch ‘lone wolf’ attacks on the West.

The official threat level to officers was already heightened amid fears extremists will attempt to copy last year’s murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby – which, as the Mail reported last week, has led to soldiers being warned not to wear their uniform off duty.

Let’s be painfully clear.  These people that want to behead a WPC are fellow Brits.  They were either born there, or they arrived there through immigration.   And they are all Muslims.

New Zealand must use this information to shape its immigration policy.   Concentrations of Muslim immigrants already exist in New Zealand to a sufficient density in certain location to call for Jihad.  Simon Collins Derek Cheng of the NZ Herald has been threatened that if he continued to write unfavourable articles about the Avondale mosque situation, something would happen to him.

Make no mistake – these people are already here.

We can’t afford to allow more to come in.

The only way to deny them power is to ensure they get no political clout.

– Daily Mail


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  • Honcho

    I also fear our way of life is already being eroded … and have proof.

    • The Whinging Pom

      How long, do readers feel, before everyone is expected to don ‘modest swimwear’ in public pools etc in order not to offend those with Islamic sensitivities?

      EDIT – clarification

      • STAG

        I she’ll from this day forth wear only the slightest of budgie smugglers to show my contempt for such suggestions and intrusions on my civil liberties.

        • The Whinging Pom

          Bravo that man!

          As someone brought up in the less prudish 60s and 70s I’ve always been of the opinion that budgie smugglers were the absolute MAXIMUM you should wear in the pool or on the beach!

          • Wallace Westland

            I don’t hate the rest of the world enough to do that to it.

        • Garbageman

          another alternative for you stag, not to many to be seen at Oreti Beach though

          • Wahbonnah

            10 bux for that!!!!
            That’s daylight robbery!!!
            For the amount of fabric involved, theres probably more stitching used, it should only cost $2!!!!

        • Dumrse

          And the more endowered should wear their turkey smugglers and stroll around the mosques.

          • STAG

            By that measure, fit me for my emu smugglers.

        • Wahbonnah

          I don’t want to shame my bruthas out there, but I too shall take this call to arms STAG.
          Just let me know when.
          Shall I keep my Borat mankinki on ice for shock tactics at a later date?

  • friardo

    12 Hatred stirs up quarrels, but love makes up for all offences. ?

  • STAG

    I am incredibly lucky to have grown up in the blissful peacefulness of the last 40 odd years, but it breaks my heart to think my children may not know such halcyon days thanks to determined and backward ideas of these animals. I dispare for the future as an escalation of this situation is clearly going to happen and I only pray that cometh the hour cometh the man as I’m not sure our current leaders have the stones to do what needs to be done.

    • Salacious Crumb

      Every once in a while a generation steps up and shows immeasurable courage and selflessness in dealing with a very real threat to our cherished way of life. I hope we are one of those generations.

      • STAG

        Where is this centuries Winston Churchill I wonder?

        • Pita

          Nigel Farage…UKIP

          • STAG

            History will record him as the catalyst of change certainly, but he is not the leader that western Europe will rally around.

  • Greg M

    All service men and women should be issued a side arm with permission to carry when in uniform or not. All it would need is one knife wielding radical shot dead in the street to make the other wannabe jihadis reconsider.
    Time to start playing hardball with these morons.

    • simon

      Yes please, I’ll have one

  • This is wrong on so many levels and a pretty good reason why the UK needs to look at arming their police

    These threats wouldnt happen in the US where the police have proved they have no issue with shooting someone that may pose them a threat

  • john Doe

    Instead of briefing them to look anonymous in civilian attire they should be sent out in force, armed, and shake down a few dodgy Islamists and and mosques. Do it every day for a year. Why should our sovereignty be threatened by these animals

  • Thersites

    Remind me again, just why did the British Government think it was such a brilliant idea to import millions of people from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Somalia, Algeria and many of the failed states of the world to live in the UK?

    You would think that they might be having second thoughts by now but today’s Daily Mail reports that David Cameron is still determined to see Turkey as a member of the European Community, and some other official states that only a small part of the UK has been developed and there is room for millions more immigrants.

    As you say, we must learn from their mistakes.

    • cows4me

      Liberals ( all cultures are equal and must be treated as such)

      • Hard1

        Cows4me, what happens when different breeds of cows are mixed together ?. There must be a good reason not to.

        • cows4me

          Not at all, there are very good reasons for doing so, it just depends on how you farm, your type of land, you preference for a certain breed. We cross breed cattle all the time. It depends on the animal you want, different breeds offer different traits, if you mix breeds you can get the traits you want. Example I might breed a friesian cow with a jersey bull, this might give me a lighter boned cow that can handle wetter land while giving me a large milk producing cow that is a friesian . Of course it’s a lot more involved than that I’m only giving you one simple example there are many many more reasons for cross breeding.

    • LabTested

      From Todays Telegraph

      Polygamy is being practised on an “enormous” scale within the British Muslim community

      ..the women, often born abroad and brought to the UK for arranged marriages…

      Nine in 10 of the women described themselves as married but only one in 10 were in marriages recognised under English law

      “He lives with me but refuses to pay for anything. I live in his house that he bought but I claim benefits on it to pay his mortgage.”

      The article raises so many question about how foreign women can be imported to become brides & then claim benefits when the husband already has a number of ‘other wives’

  • Dairy_Flat

    Western societies have become soft and very vulnerable to determined assault by fanatics such as IS. The only way to deal with such organizations is with uncompromising elimination of the threat. The worry is that western politicians are more interested in re-election than making what are difficult decisions, made more difficult by the handwringers of the left and those generally who can’t see that IS and the like are not open to reasoned discussion.

  • Hard1

    Would we rather be too late?. Muslims are totally inflexible regarding all their beliefs including marriage. What is gained as a nation inviting Muslims to NZ ?. Nothing.

  • caochladh

    If their planning is at an advanced stage, they will already have selected their target and the place to commit the atrocity. To my mind, it would be better to be in uniform, alert and armed with a round in the chamber.

    • SlightlyStrange

      Yes, being not in uniform may not save their intended victim.

  • KiwiKaffir

    We are at war but our politicians refuse to see it. We must inform and lobby them and if they won’t listen then get rid of them for some who will.

    • Nige.

      Seems as though we are at war with some of our politicians who want to cuddle up to these internal terrorist organisations. First step is to observe which parties are sympathetic to them and not allow them enough votes to get their more extream members in on the list.

  • KiwiKaffir

    No matter what taqiyya (Koranic endorsed lies) the moderates tell us here the fact remains that as muslims they are to support the ideal of bringing sharia law to every nation. This being the case it’s anti- democracy, anti-freedom of speach, anti-western ideals. They are here already but they simply refuse to admit it!

    • Mike

      That’s the other type of Koranic endorsed lying; ‘Kitman’ – lying by omission.

      • KiwiKaffir

        Thank you Mike, I didn’t know that!

  • Just a thought….

    I am sure ” Wussel” will stand up in Parliament today and profusely complain as to how by the ” military and police” not wearing their uniforms ,while off duty, this impacts on the poor wee terrorists ” human rights” by making it so much more difficult for them to identify their next ” victim”……….
    edit : typo

  • caochladh

    This is the way to deal to the murdering mongrel swine. By far the best drone attack footage I have seen for some time.

  • Zeal23

    Some more insight into the death cult, time to arm the forces and lose our complacency