Freedom of speech dead in Netherlands as police prosecute Geert Wilders

The Islamists are winning in shutting down opponents, using the laws of their new countries against those who speak out against them.

Geert Wilders is now being prosecuted for speaking his mind.

Months after a fiery victory speech, Dutch police have announced they will be prosecuting democratically-elected house of representatives member Geert Wilders for asking his voters whether they wanted to see fewer Moroccans or not in the Northern European country.

This is not the first time Wilders has been in trouble for making comments considered unspeakable by the Dutch government, having narrowly avoided prosecution in 2011 after calling for a ban on the Koran. Now a full nine months after he made a speech during the March local elections, in which his Freedom party performed well, the authorities have decided to prosecute him again on exactly the same charges.

After Wilder’s comments in March there were protests against his comments by the Moroccan community and its allies, and the Dutch police received over 6,400 complaints. He will be charged with “insulting a specific group based on race and inciting discrimination and hatred”.

Standing on a stage in the Dutch capital, Wilders called to his supporters: “Do you want more or fewer Moroccans in this city and in the Netherlands?”. As they responded: “Fewer! Fewer! Fewer!” he replied “We’ll take care of that”, reports theIndependent. Despite clearly ruffling some feathers, Wilders is unrepentant saying he was only representing “what millions of people think”.

Of what he perceives as a waste of police and court time being used to persecute him, Wilders says: “It is a travesty that I have to defend myself in court for this. The Public Prosecutor would do better to devote his time to prosecuting jihadis instead of me”.   

Defending the prosecution, a police spokesman said “Politicians can go far in what they say, that is part of freedom of speech, but the freedom is limited by the ban on discrimination”.

As well as Islam, Wilders is also a vocal critic of the way Western governments deal with radical Islam, especially policy that take passports from suspected terrorists but allows them to walk free. In the wake of the recent Canada Parliament Hill shooting, Wilders toldBreitbart: “Let them leave.

“Let them leave, or detain them. I find it incomprehensible that Western governments stop people who want to leave to fight for jihad in Syria or Iraq… nothing is being done to make our own countries safe”.

It isn’t just the Islamists using these tactics, it i actually a tactic increasingly used by the left-wing as well.

The Privacy Commission and other government agencies in New Zealand are increasingly being used as a blunt instrument against freedom of speech and association.

Then there are the attempted boycotts and bullying that goes on if you dare oppose some aspect of leftist dogma.

Look at what Kevin Hague is doing against Katherine Rich. He wants her shut down and his pals who are health troughers listened to instead.


– Breitbart


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  • Carl

    Could the same be done here with Winston and his anti Chinese stance every election.

  • colin herbertson

    could be he went wrong by singling out a prticular nationality, if he had said islamification instead of Morrocans he may be on safer groud. But it’s good that the issue is in the news. If Wilders wins at will be a victory for freespeech. best of luck to him

    • dgrogan

      Safer ground, yes. But the message may be blunted, if it’s watered down with PC rhetoric. I do it myself. I want to debate the dangers of Islam, but end up saying, the danger of ‘radical’ Islam. You see the difference?

      • colin herbertson

        i know what you mean and if he had made it abont culture rather than race ,which is what he really means, he would sill be in hot water but islamophobic alienates fewer people than’racist’.

        • Wallace Westland

          Moroccan is not a race, of course neither is Muslim or Islam.

          • colin herbertson

            it’s an ethnicity, to these people thats near enough

  • symgardiner

    True democracy prizes ridicule and mocking of idiots – not jailing them.

    • BlitzkriegNZ

      Speaking truthfully about Islam makes him an idiot now?

      • symgardiner

        I didn’t say he is an idiot – although that hair do puts him right up their with Peter Dunne. My comment was general in nature.

        • BlitzkriegNZ

          Fair enough. Problem is, the idiots are getting away with shutting down anyone that doesn’t agree with them.

          • symgardiner

            True. And they should be mocked mercilessly like we mock Wussell the Aussie Commie import. Or Winston First. Or Loose Lying Len or Wrongly Wrongson.

  • Michael_l_c

    Hope he can get a jury trial. It would be very interesting to see the selection process.

    • dgrogan

      Indeed. Could any Muslims be selected for duty on that jury and it be a fair trial?

    • Champagneshane

      Inquisitorial justice in The Netherlands, no juries. But this will just increase Wilder’s popularity especially in the southern and eastern provinces. The muslim Tsunami is becoming very politicized in The Netherlands but of course there is always the history of Nazi Germany in their midst, not that long ago, so it is tempering the reaction of many politicians…..

  • wooted

    I spent a month in Holland about 15 years ago. I loved the place and the people. I always felt safe, except for once when I had to catch a train in South Amsterdam, and was surrounded by Muslims.

    It may have been my imagination, but the hostility felt real. And no, it wasn’t the colour of their skin, as I have never felt this living in South Auckland, Hokianga or Whangarei, or holidaying in Bali. And this was long before I became aware of the discord prevalent among Muslim minorities in western countries.

    • botti

      The Morrocons in the Netherlands appear to be behind a big upswing in violence against Jews. A former EU commissioner even said Jews had no future in the Netherlands because of them.

      Unfortunately, jewish groups in Europe tend to strongly promote multi-culturalism as they see it as making countries safer for them. Instead, in the case of islamic immigration the opposite is happening across many European countries. Many jews are leaving France also.

  • botti

    ***but the freedom is limited by the ban on discrimination”.***

    The late Lawrence Auster used to write that the core of liberalism is the principle of “non-discrimination.” Of course, this also means that liberailsm is inherently self destructive, because if a country can’t discriminate in terms of who it allows in, then that country and its culture will eventually cease to exist. RIP Netherlands.

  • damm good thrashing

    I thought the Dutch were a sensible people

  • Rex

    Enough is enough. Who’s Country is it?

  • KiwiKaffir

    Winders is a man for his times. Outspoken but right!

  • Champagneshane

    You may be interested to know that Wilders is himself a half cast. He is not a hundred per cent Dutch. His mother was ( or is, not sure if shes still alive) an Indonesian, a former Dutch colony, and as you know that region harbours probably the largest Muslim population of the world. He’s singled out the Moroccans from generalized Islam because the last time he had a crack at Islam he landed before the courts. The Moroccans in Holland are a fairly tight knit bunch and there are a lot of them so he knows he will get their backs up. Wilders is winding up the Dutch in a way that hasn’t been seen since the demise of the Third Reich. He really does polarize Dutch society and it is surprising the support that he is gathering, particularly in the south and east that is more indigenous Dutch and you would think they would remember their history. His party is now the second most popular in The Netherlands.
    This is not the last we have heard from Geert Wilders, he sails very close to the wind. His last trial ended in an acquittal but he was warned that he was close to the edge of the Dutch “anti hate laws” the provision of which is very similar to part of our own Human Rights Act.
    I think Wilders is testing the courts limits here but the precedent was set down in his first case so he may well dodge a bullet again.Talking about dodging bullets, this is what happened to the last Dutch right winger that lifted his head just a tad too much…….