French extend the middle finger to the homeless

Those cheese eating surrender monkeys sure get uppity when they are upset about something.  Check out what they do to try and keep the homeless away:

The right-wing city council of Angouleme in southwest France has come under fire for banishing homeless people from its city center, after it installed cages that completely cover benches used by local hobos.

The municipal deputy responsible for security, Joel Guitton, told AFP that the benches were “almost exclusively used by people who consume alcohol on a regular basis,” and claimed the decision was taken in concert with local traders, who complained that threatening behavior was driving away customers.

Regional daily Sud Ouest alleged that the Champ de Mars had become a scene of regular fights between the homeless, often provoked by drugs and involving dogs.

These aren’t the first measures of their kind.  Councils have been grappling with trying to move the vagrant on from city centres for some time.



Anti-homeless measures have become a microcosm of wider political and social debates, with London Mayor Boris Johnson being dragged into a similar controversy earlier this year. A luxury development in Southwark installed anti-tramp spikes near the entrance, prompting the Conservative mayor to intervene and demand their removal.

Other common anti-homeless devices include cages near hot air vents and devices that emit an unpleasant high-pitched noise, as well as benches built at an angle, or with railing down the middle, to prevent the homeless from sleeping on them.

The French town isn’t remorseful at all

Guitton insists that the timing of the cage erection – just hours before Christmas Eve – is a “pure coincidence.” The veteran deputy also says that it is not aimed at “robbing the homeless of dignity,”stating that it is simply part of a wider raft of measures designed to make the city safer. Others include heavier policing and the installation of CCTV cameras in prominent public places.

Later, local authorities backed down against charges of over-zealousness, telling local newspaper Charente Liberte that the cages are a “glitch,” and may be replaced with another measure. They added that they have no plans to abandon their security reforms.

Ah… bugger.  Cheese eating surrender monkeys!


– RT


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  • Stuarts.burgers

    Buggar I had seen the problems in the UK, even the Labour Party was accused of installing “Tramp Spikes” out side their HQ, and I thought for once somebody had grown a pair. No they did their normal throw up their arms in surender.

  • RightofSingapore

    Next thing you know, the homeless will get homes, then we won’t be able to tell who is homeless and who isn’t…

  • So the french have the opposite problem we have, far left national government, far right local government.

  • metalnwood

    Damn, that cage looks ugly whereas the idea of a rail running down the middle of a bench is the perfect idea.

  • unitedtribes

    Actually its a big cray pot. They need to catch these street dwellers to get them back into the warm homes they give them for nothing. Jacinda should note.

    • Rick H

      But, in the nice warm home given us by the gummint, there is an awful fulla who plays his drums loudly, and annoys the heck out of me.
      And another guy who keeps drinking my milk.

      Any wonder I prefer to slum it on the streets?

  • Tom

    Good maybe Wellington should take note and copy this. After that they can stop all the lowlifes begging. Its all bull excrement

  • damm good thrashing


  • Terence Hodgson

    I think the French are following the US pattern. About 30 cities have now made homelessness illegal in the city centers and the people will be removed to camps. Also illegal in many cities (like Columbia, SC) to feed the homeless in public parks or under bridges.

    • xennex

      Some give the homeless a free bus ticket out of town. Vegas sent all theirs to LA.