With friends like Matthew Hooton who needs enemies?

Matthew Hooton is a friend of Laila Harre (  Still I assume ) as they went/or are still to go on a skiing holiday to Whistler together. The trip has been planned and paid for, for months. It will be/should’ve been an interesting trip if it was the source of Matthew’s statement on Paul Henry yesterday about The Labour Party and The Internet Party.

He stated that the Labour Party’s  “Vote Positive” campaign slogan was designed to complement Kim Dotcom’s Moment of Truth as the idea was to provide a contrast between despicable John Key and The Labour Party. This confirmation, from a confidant of Laila’s, confirms what we have said all along here on Whaleoil about Dirty Politics being a hit organised by not one but two political parties ably assisted or led by the Machiavellian Matt McCarten, a long time friend and Alliance pal of Laila Harre.

This is the first time that Hooton has dropped the veil. Of course he was donkey deep in pushing the left-wing slant on Dirty Politics…he constantly claimed that this MP or that MP was next, and that John Key would have to resign, and that National would lose the election. He was drinking the Kool-aid of the Dirty Politics crew, literally, from the horse’s mouth. He is as complicit as the media, and perhaps more guilty than most.

I still find it interesting that there is nary a mention of him in Dirty Politics…and certainly nothing about his own business practices…very interesting indeed.

However the collusion between Labour’s inner sanctum and Dotcom’s criminal political conspiracy is now established.There is no longer any doubt that Labour via the cosy relationship between Matt McCarten and Laila Harre colluded with and plotted with Kim Dotcom in order to subvert our democracy and hijack an election through a criminal enterprise.

This now makes the story I heard from one National MP that saw McCarten approach Mark Mitchell, and stop and say “Ahhh, so I finally meet the puppet master” make complete sense.

Now what on earth could McCarten have meant by that statement? It means nothing unless you also watched Martyn Martin Bradbury claim constantly via his left-wing hate speech blog that Mark Mitchell ‘s election was going to end in tears and that he should have shut up about Kim Dotcom.

But I digress…that story is for another day.

Best of all, with Hooton outing the relationship,  and just after revealing this pertinent bit of information, Hooton then threw Laila under the bus, naming her the years biggest Political Loser but trying to soften the blow by comparing her to feminist icon Kate Sheppard!

Hooton is nothing if not shameless, I’ll admire him for that, but as for his political predictions for the election, they were as accurate as those of Wrongly Wrongson, the blogger formerly known as Martyn Martin Bradbury.


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  • Timboh

    Hooten was clearly closer to the teuton and his lilo neigh to get it from the “horse’s mouth”

  • kayaker

    Wow! WO readers, if you do nothing else today watch and listen to the Paul Henry link. I only wish the Paul Henry Show was on earlier and more people would’ve seen this.

  • Sally

    He was an excellent middleman for Labour and IP. MSM often used him as a political commentator plus his ties with NBR and since he was seen to be more on the right he was a good mouthpiece for them to have to push ‘dirty politics’. Since he came out after the elections and told us all he was going on a skiing holiday with Harre I have taken anything he has written/said with a grain of salt.

  • Not Clinically Insane

    Thats not a gun thats smoking… Its a howitzer

  • Ross15

    I used to have a bit of time for Hooton but that interview showed an arrogant person talking out “both sides of his mouth”. It smacks of someone caught in the headlights in the middle of the road not knowing what side he is heading to –he can certainly not be called a right wing commentator any more.

  • Fairnz

    Who else is looking forward to the next 2017 smear campaign!

    • Mainstream Mike

      stuff smear campaigns, I’m for more faces smashed into the ground, and hopefully a few broken necks…

  • kiwiinamerica

    Cam you often describe Matthew as a corporate [insert colloquial word for ‘lady of the night’] and I’m inclined to agree. He is the consummate inside the beltway operator who thrives on smoozing with the MSM types (like his regular stints on Radio Pinko). I have lost count of the number of times he signed Key’s and National’s electoral death warrant only to be dead wrong. He was as obsessive about the Dirty Politics rubbish as his MSM mates. He once described Key’s interview with a very aggressive Guoyon Espiner on Morning Report as by far the worst interview he’d ever heard Key give …. 5 weeks before Key astounded pundits like Hooten with an election night absolute majority! He has also designated Key’s texts to you as a political capital offence triggering another round of Chicken LIttle predictions while middle NZ yawns. Honestly even though he commentates ‘from the right’ and does have some interesting insights and gossip, I think he’s gotten way out of touch with the “median voter” that he rabbits on about. I suspect he’s getting out ahead of the next wave of Dirty Politics revelations so as to not be swamped by the way it implicates Labour and media/beltway insiders like him.

  • JC

    Laila and Matt…

    Why do I hear Delta Dawn in my head?

    “Then a man of low degree stood by her side
    And promised her he’d take her for his bride”


  • MaryLou

    Nope – lost now. Thought I’d kept up, but Mark Mitchell is National. So… huh?

    • Sally

      Mark Mitchell spoken up about KDC in parliament.
      Remember Mitchell had a run in with KDC

      • MaryLou

        Wow – thank you, somehow I missed that. But that makes my “lost-ness” worse. Clearly no love lost, so why the term puppet-master, from McCarten?

        • Sally

          Maybe they thought Mitchell was behind KDC’s troubles. He was an ex policeman.

  • IntrinsicValue

    After that interview, I’m picking Hooten and Harre won’t be going skiing together any time soon.

  • Mainstream Mike

    Let me guess – Cam’s jealous of Hooten’s gig on RadioCommunism?

    • Dave_1924

      Odd comment Mike. Why would you say that?