Garner’s winners and losers

Duncan Garner has published his list of winners and losers for 2014.

I will be talking with Garner at 1545  about this on Radio Live.

My political winners and losers of the year.



For all the obvious reasons. He is still the PM and he is still widely popular according to the polls. He had the kitchen sink thrown at him and he almost won the election outright. He’ll have to watch it doesn’t go to his head.


Couldn’t win a fight in a kindergarten but ends the year on top. His caucus didn’t want him, his party didn’t want him, his electorate didn’t want him. Yet he ends the year looking strong and competent as Labour’s new leader.


He beat Hone Harawira and therefore beat Kim Dotcom – do I have to say anymore?


She knew Dotcom and Harawira were in an unholy alliance and she put her principles before it all. She called it right – she has values and principles that are beyond reproach whether you agree with her politics or not.


Yes he’s a dirt-bag, muck-raking, scum-bag attack blogger, but he likes it that way. He doesn’t play by any rule book yet he’s been judged a journalist by the courts. Despite having his dirty laundry aired for the world to see he remains talked about, his blog gets more hits than ever, he breaks stories and the PM returns his texts. Oh and he wins mainstream media awards.

And his losers;



Threw millions at trying to rig an election, but the public weren’t fooled. He’s now fighting to stay out of jail. Rest my case.


He picked the wrong rich friends. Should have stayed poor. At least he’d still be in Parliament. Woeful judgement.


See above.


Was on track to be the next National Party Leader – now she’s struggling to be heard from the backbenchers. Huge fall from grace. Career in tatters.


Came across as a fake and then apologised for being a man. Do we have to say anything more? Awful defeat.


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  • Greg M

    Garner got it wrong again. It should read “Multiple mainstream media award winner”.
    There ya go Dunc, I fixed it for you.


    The left MSM should be added to the loosers list….after all they were the driving force behind the mudslinging etc etc….ending up backing the loosers…..sad bunch!

    • Cadwallader

      I think the Mana lot ought to have been grouped together as a set of losers…then there’d have been space for Grant Robertson and Winston Peters in the losers list. Grant Robertson is dead in the water after two failed leadership bids and Winston didn’t get to be King Maker.

    • OneTrack

      The MSM lost most of all. It’s pretty clear to most people that the MSM don’t know how to even spell impartial, or professional, for that matter.

  • Rokopa

    I think we can safely say the MSM are in a tie with KDC as he wasn’t the only one ‘trying to rig an election’! And Duncan, you are right ‘the public weren’t fooled’ either by KDC or the fools in the MSM who still think we, the public, are thick.

  • ozbob68

    Aimee Gulliver from Stuff wouldn’t even give Whaleoil a nod on the Political Year in review. Maybe Cam has her application for Freed on file?

  • Woody

    Sounded to me like Garner should add himself and Gower to the loser list, trying to get Cam to say something that he had no intention of saying, at least not to them.

    • Pete

      I think they were trying to trip JK up as well…..

  • sweetd

    You smashed Paddy Gower, made him look very stupid, excellent.

    • Yeahright

      Isn’t Paddy on some kind of Power Trip, gee he loves himself!

      • sweetd

        Paddy is used to being heard and controlling the message, he didn’t like being found out in a lie. What an idiot.

  • Ross15

    He will be proved completely wrong about Judith Collins. Her name has been cleared and she will get back into Cabinet.

    • Raibert

      I think she could make a good replacement for Len as Aucklands next Mayor.

  • Alright

    RadioLive at 16.50. Gower completely skewered.

    I could hear his face turn red.

    Don’t tell lies Paddy – even by non-disclousure. You’ll get caught out.

    • Nige.

      i cannot believe that radiolive are touting it as giving Cam a …cough…cough…… “grilling”

      • Alright

        LOL. Just deluded mate. Simply deluded.

        • Nige.

          more like they painted a target on themselves………

  • island time

    People on either list need to have shown some relevance surely….Tiso & Bradbury have none.

  • NotGandalf

    Just heard the interview, sounds like two guys rounding on Cam, not allowing him to finish his responses, and basically acting like two guys who are fearing for their jobs and possibly their careers. Hounding someone to try to get them to undermine a police investigation reeks of self interest and self preservation. No way is Cam going to give these guys a chance to save their bacon as it sounds like they may well know who Rawshark is, and IF they know, then they are complicit in the police investigation.

  • axeman

    As much as I don’t like Sue Bradford for her politics’ she did do the right thing and is deservedly so on the winner list. And the losers are bang on with the possible exception of Judith Collins as she has been vindicated but was at the time of the election causing to much collateral damage and making excessive noise.
    And Cam’s the man

  • STAG

    Just listened to this, Wow there is some arrogance and undisguised Labour support from DG and PG. Smugness and self importance, PG worse then a private school-boy bully. My respect has dropped another level.

    • coltheman

      They actually came across as a couple of spineless try hard bully boys. PG actually has the spine of a jellyfish.try disagreeing with him on twitter and he blacklists you.

    • Jonathan P

      Perhaps you need to listen to Newstalk ZB where they bleed blue then.

  • burns_well_eh

    Laila’s in there, and he devoted exactly the right number of words to her as she deserves.

  • andrewo

    Don’t worry Cam, we love you. You’re misunderstood is all… ;-)

  • Nige.
    • Alright


  • Groinpiece

    Just listened to the interview. Well done Cam, you stick to your guns. What a pair of self righteous clowns those two are, any normal person listening to them would realise pretty quickly that
    they are the ones who are ‘toxic’.

  • McGrath

    To me, the interview just proves that these so-called expert political commentators in the msn live in their own little world.

  • Pete

    I heard something else in the interview, and that was Garner loading the bullets and lining Gower and up to look like a muppet. Garner wants the top job back in the political arena and needs to see Gower off, and out the way.

    Gower fell for it hook line and sinker tonight though when it was revealed he also talks to the Whale, and knows who the hacker is. Dirty ..dirty politics indeed


  • dale

    Oh no no no! Pedro your not talking to the toxic whale in private are you? Don’t you know we in the msm are trying to black list that evil? The new Little one won’t be happy!!!