Goff admits he leaked, gets slap on hand with wet bus ticket

Phil Goff has issued an apology admitting he leaked the contents of the IGIS report.

As is usual a politician gets a slap on the hand with a wet bus ticket, whereas if anyone else had leaked such a document they would likely be prosecuted.

The Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security, Cheryl Gwyn, has accepted an unreserved apology from Hon Phil Goff MP for disclosing some of the contents of her recent Report into the Release of Information by the NZSIS in July and August 2011 to media prior to its publication.

The Inspector-General will not take the matter any further.

All witnesses, including Mr Goff, were subject to a confidentiality order of the Inspector-General. The order was made to ensure fairness and the integrity of the inquiry. The disclosure of the report by Mr Goff was in breach of the order.

While no classified information was disclosed, Mr Goff’s disclosure led to premature media reporting on the content of the report, to the detriment of other witnesses to the inquiry, particularly those adversely affected by the report. Ms Gwyn said this was unfair to those witnesses, and she would be taking steps to ensure there was greater clarity around release protocols and legal obligations for future reports.  

“I have met with Mr Goff and received a full and unreserved apology, in person and in writing. I have accepted that apology, and do not intend to take this matter further.”

Ms Gwyn would also be writing to media organisations that published details of the report to remind them of obligations under the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security Act.

“The Inspector-General has significant powers to inquire into sensitive matters, and make adverse findings which may have a material impact on individuals. The obligations around confidentiality are necessary to ensure natural justice and fairness. It is important these obligations are respected.”

In the mean time, Cameron Slater and John Key must not communicate, because that is actually lawful.

But given that Phil Goff has now issued his only apology this year you do have to ask What it is that Cheryl Gwyn has over Phil Goff in order to force an apology like that? That said, what does Phil Goff have over Cheryl Gwyn that he gets off breaching the Inquiries act without prosecution?

I wonder if a private prosecution could be taken?


– Scoop


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  • Sagacious Blonde

    How, as a society, we can expect any respect for the rule of the law when daily we are faced with,’one law for us, one law for them’, is beyond me.

    • Isherman

      Quite, I was under the impression that MP’s are expected to meet a higher level of accountability than us, or is that just for non left politicians? If it were anyone in National we would hear the demands of resignation and prosecution I bet.

  • Pluto

    I retain a lingering interest as to whether this is the same Phil mentioned in the Tony Lentino texts with Dotcom.
    If so, what state secrets did he share with that particular enemy of our democracy.
    Either way, no matter how he tries to frame it he’s a proven liar. He has a lot more to apologise for than just leaking the IGIS report.

  • john Doe

    …. it is now wonder that law and order is breaking down when parliamentarians break the law and are not prosecuted.

    • Would the I-G actually be breaking laws by NOT prosecuting? I mean, surely the I-G has to also follow the law regarding deliberate law breaking?

      Perhaps the I-G is using the “Electoral Commission Standard” and ignoring flagrant, blatant breaches of the law by those on the political Left?

      Interesting that the I-G has full discretion about enforcing whatever laws they choose and is able to be “selective” in the interpretation of the Law.

      Has Goof also committed perjury to the NZ public when he denied all claims of leaking (again)?

      • john Doe

        The bottom line BiT is that Goff is a recidivist liar. He came out of the same mould as Brown. At the end of the day if they are not prosecuted the string of lies and deceit and law breaking will continue.

  • Curly1952

    And to think John Key & Cam got pilloried for an innocuous text. Go figure

  • Ross15

    ” I wonder if a private prosecution could be taken?”
    Unfortunately , Cam I think this is what will have to happen to shake up the cosy little “clubs” in the Wellington bureaucracy and beltway.

    • Aucky

      Where’s Graham McCready when you need him?

      • zotaccore

        Sobbing in a corner somewhere because of the final outcome of the Banks debacle. In any case – he doesn’t do left wing politicians.

        • Mainstream Mike

          Yeah. Trev is pretty right wing really.

    • Mainstream Mike

      Hah. Fire everyone. move the useful 1,000 people to an office block in Mangere.

  • burns_well_eh

    I don’t get it – there are two very conflicting elements of this statement:

    1. “I have met with Mr Goff and received a full and unreserved apology, in person and in writing.”

    That means he knew what he did was wrong, otherwise there would be no need for him to apologise.

    2. “Ms Gwyn said … she would be taking steps to ensure there was greater clarity around release protocols and legal obligations for future reports.”

    That means the clarity around release protocols and legal obligations was insufficient, which means Goff had nothing to apologise for.

    Whitewash much?

    • Citizen

      1. Is about Goff, he apologised so he knew what the protocols were. And probably limply apologised rather than face charges?
      2. She is talking to the media…so they know that next time they can’t publish leaked details

      • burns_well_eh

        Not at all. The second statement was all about Goff – she mentioned the media specifically in a paragraph after dealing with the Goff apology.

        “Ms Gwyn would also be writing to media organisations that published details of the report to remind them of obligations under the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security Act.”

        • Mrs_R

          Perhaps Goff tried the line of, ‘I’m so sorry I broke the rule but I didn’t know that was the rule’. You know the sort of nonsense people spout when they get caught doing something they know they shouldn’t be doing.

          • Frank N Further

            Or it might have been “I’m sorry that I got caught. I thought that I was so smart and bullet proof that no-one would work out that it was me.”

  • caochladh

    Justice is meant to be blind, not deaf and dumb as well.

  • Disinfectant

    Anyone can make a complaint to the Police.

    • Effluent

      True, but what do you reckon are the chances that they would take any action as a result? I would estimate the probability as nil, on the basis of their performance on similar situations in the past.

  • steve and monique

    What is the point of rules and regulations and implementing them when there is no actual repercussions if you breach them? It is on a par with any other breach, including name suppression although I fear this is much worse given the very nature of the organisation. Won’t someone grow a pair and actually start to prosecute individuals regardless of political standings? They have set a precedent now. This isn’t the first stuff up like this for Phil and won’t be the last especially when there are no consequences.

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    So which is the more serious, Goff leaking a confidential Govt report and lying about it; or John Banks claiming he did not know that DotCom paid into his mayoral campaign?
    The media merely give reference to Goffs apology whereas Banks had months of hounding. Do we have any hope for a just NZ? The MSM again show their shame.

    • Mick Ie

      To feel shame, a conscience is needed. That disappeared a long time ago.

  • Teletubby

    So I guess it is now open season on confidential documents, the budget next year will be a farce when all the media know they can break the embargo as long as they say sorry afterwards. Phil Goff has shown, more than once, that he is not to be trusted with confidential documents and should have access to them, and any security clearances he may have, revoked.

    • Euan Ross-Taylor

      Can you imagine him in charge of sensitive information as Aucklands Mayor? Ports of Auckland would lose their competitive edge for a start!

  • Nige.

    Saying sorry is an admission of guilt.

    • Mainstream Mike

      No, resignation and voluntarily surrendering his pension is an admission of guilt. “Saying sorry” is a nothing.

      • Nige.

        yeah. i hear ya. Saying sorry USED to mean something. Not any more.

  • Tom McKechnie

    A private prosecution & an OIA request to see whether this is Phil’s one & only apology, for the year.

  • Timboh

    Goff has bee responsible for more leaks over the years than a pallet load of beer. I heard him on RNZ recently regarding this and he denied leaking anything. A liar and a hypocrite.

    • Supposedly, Phil “The Sieve” Goof wanted to keep his “bucket list” secret… but he couldn’t help himself and leaked it anyway…

      He could only be more reprehensible if he spat at returning Service Men…

      • Aucky

        ……….or holding hands with a terrorist.

  • roxo

    I fully expect to see Corin Dann expend a total of 0 effort or air-time to this story but will steadfastly continue his criticism of anything and everything “National”.

    Q: If the TV news & MSM can allocate @60-70% of their time and narrative during the anti-terrorism law recently, to the views of those most AGAINST it – then why are those same people not approached for their views on what happened in Sydney?
    Comments please Russselll, Whinshton?

  • Aucky

    Anybody noticed the apology in the online Herald?

    No? Try the tiny one liner “Goff apologises for leak” halfway down the page next to “Strange objects in the sky over Rotorua” and “Strong winds down power lines”. I wonder just how prominent the item would have been had it involved a Cabinet Minister leaking embargoed information.

  • countproperly

    Well no surprises there, given that Goff could be the synonym for seive.

  • Justsayn

    “But Mr Goff’s version of events seems to differ from Mr Little’s, who says he sought assurances the MP didn’t leak the report. “He’s given me those assurances, I’m satisfied with that,” he said on Firstline this morning. “He hasn’t given the report to anybody, he declined media interviews until the report was released at 10am yesterday, so I don’t know where they came from and I’m satisfied they didn’t come from Phil Goff.” – http://www.3news.co.nz/nznews/goff-sis-report-leak-perfectly-appropriate-2014112609#axzz3M66FJ8ON

    So Goff now gives “a full and unreserved apology” for leaking the report?!

    Who is lying Goff, Little, both? Did Little lie to the public about Goff’s denial? Did Goff lie to Little about what he had done? Did Goff just lie to Gwyn?

    At least we can rely on the MSM to press Labour MPs for answers to the awkward questions – yeah right.

    • Annoyed

      He didn’t leak the report, he simply leaked a bunch of choice bits from the draft report.
      Just like how he wasn’t briefed about the Israelis, he just flicked through the report.
      This muppet likes to twist words to his purpose.
      The worst thing is, I think he actually believes his press.

      • SDCLFC1 .

        Very Prime Ministerial of him I’d suggest.

  • Greater clarity only needed for the uneducated or self-interested. Goff admitted he talked to journos but “didn’t expect them to use the information”. I’m still gobsmacked.

    • Rick H

      Is that the same as handing a few cans of spray paint to some bogans, and being surprised when they start spraying junk on buildings?

  • Aucky

    A labour mayor will be a given unless Simon Bridges steps in and puts a halt on the move to take away the annual AECT dividend of $335 that 72% of Auckland families receive as a dividend from their power useage. Stu Nash has put his hand up to champion their cause – enough said.

  • SDCLFC1 .

    Lesson for John Key.
    Be up front, apologise and then everyone can move on.

    • Kiwibabe

      When Key corrects himself everyone moves on except the lefties and their rabid media mates, all wailing like banshees….

      • SDCLFC1 .

        What’s this forum/thread then if it is not wailing like banshees after an apology.

  • Dog Breath

    I think IGS is using this opportunity to convey a message to all that the rules have changed significantly in her role and that the IGS now has real teeth and this is the last warning to all who may think they can take on her new powers. I think she is being wise in conveying this message.

    • bjmarsh

      I disagree, she has stuffed up by not underlining the strength of the law. Hers is an unfortunate precedent. Think about the State Services Commissioner and the lack of effective sanctions.. Those who live by the sword… etc.

  • Sooty

    So the Goof has admitted that he leaks like a sieve and has the spine of a flatfish. So what’s new!

  • sarahmw

    Of course he does not care,why should he. Been in Parliament for yonks enough to have a nice lot of $$$$$’s to retire on. Plays at being a farmer on a wee lifestyle block……typical leftie. And why would we expect outrage from the MSM over this. They all share the same bed. Funny that he thought the it would not be reported(leaking), guess he was of the mind the press is on his side.Can you imagine the howls of protest if it had been a National or god forbid John Key leaking this stuff. phil goff thinks he is above all this,,,sanctimonious and arrogrant but he don’t care that mayoral job looks like a go. Don’t be fooled I would imagine the apology had political attached to it. phil just apologise then they won’t have anything on you in the local elections.Don’t forget the left is sly and he is one of auntie helen’s old mates .

  • Liberty

    What a cop out. John Banks was persecuted by the state , A dud Judge ,The lefty media and a convict over a technicality.
    While a one time leader of the labour party deliberately leeks and embargoed
    Goff should have had to resign. He still should. He wont because he is a gutless labour MP and Labour MPs don’t take responsibility for there actions .

  • ElZorrodePlata

    Contrast this with other political gaffs or allegations of gaffs. Ministers have been fired for less. MP’s have resigned for less. The opposition and the green taliban have been ranting about lesser crimes or the perception of crimes without mercy for the last few months and now this!

    Does he still keep his shadow portfolio? Does he still have the confidence of his leader? Will Nicky Hager write a book about this? How can these people hold their heads high when in parliament when this hypocrisy is rampant.

    Can any sane person imagine a Labour lead government with these kind of gutter principals.

    • Phill

      Cue Russel Norman demanding his resignation!

      • Kiwibabe


  • axeman

    So how can he hold the title “Honourable” when in fact he completely Un-honourable

  • Edward Bufe

    Where can you get private prosecution when you need one?

  • Beetle

    Now that really is dirty politics. There’s a clear history of this with Goff and his boss doesn’t seem concerned. Don’t expect Nicky to write a book or the MSM to flog it like the far lesser story of JKs texts to WO.

  • bjmarsh

    My view is that the Inspector-General has erred, and her decision to NOT proceed against this politician does not uphold her role as the watchdog of the Intelligence and Security Community. She must be counselled by the Governor-General about the vital need for her position to be seen to be supportive of the laws which bind us all. She has conspicuously failed in the first test of the integrity of her office, and should not use her gender as an excuse.

  • flutterby

    “I think that was a generous decision on her part and I appreciate that.
    I think when you make a mistake like that, you simply own up to it –
    which is what I did. I didn’t lie about it, but I didn’t pretend that I
    didn’t make the comments and I apologised for being in breach of her
    embargo. I should have honoured it to the letter.”

    “When you make a mistake like that”………..Mistake? For a geriatric member of parliament with Honourable in front of his name …. a mistake?? I think not – more like a deliberate pre meditated act with a blatent disregard for authority.
    Mayor of Auckland? Never!

    Why do all these lefties get the soft treatment? Were the Greens ever prosecuted for blatently damaging National Party election signs? No but John Banks was prosecuted on a baseless charge, but then he’s on the right!

  • pisces8284 .

    Does anyone else feel like they are living in a parallel universe, where it seems everyone else is left leaning (media, judges et al) and yet……we won the election. Bizarre doesn’t even get close

  • Kiwibabe

    As one of the longest serving and senior Labour ministers Goff fails totally to hold any measure of professionalism (oops this is politics) and is not fit to run anything.