My good friend Brian Edwards and I agree again

It's all about quality not Sex appeal says unattractive Blogger Giovanni Tiso

Giovanni Tiso

That’s what happens when you’re friends.

Media commentator Brian Edwards says the content of Ms Collins’ column – “defending the working man” struck him as interesting, but doesn’t understand the outrage against it.

“Why should she not write a column? She’s on gardening leave at the moment or in rehab, however you want to put it. She needs something to do. I don’t have a problem with it.”

But some are calling for a boycott of the paper.

“Would that be the crazy, outraged Twitter left, I wonder? Probably,” says commentator Janet Wilson. But she also says workplace safety is an unusual topic for the former Cabinet minister to tackle.

Dr Edwards says calls for a left-wing commentator to balance out Ms Collins’ column are “nonsense”.

Judith Collin’s column in the SST was like catnip to the same half a dozen bitter Twitterers that also destroyed Willie and JT’s radio show, badgered Canon for sponsoring the NPA Press Awards (because I won one), and is now all over the Sunday Star Times because Judith Collins has a column.

At the centre of it, none other than the ubuiquitous Giovanni Tiso – the man nobody heard of ever before, except this is now his thing.

His thing is to call for boycots, bans and commercial terrorism against any business that supports causes he doesn’t agree with.  And as per usual, his Twitter sycophants pile onto the bandwagon.

The reason he’s able to get so much purchase on these issues is because he’s found the sweet spot of being able to influence kindred media types that also inhabit Twitter.

Which is all well and good, except that they seem to turn a blind eye to someone who wants to ban, to silence, to make people go away.   Tiso is very scared of open intelligent debate, regularly resorting to personal attacks to avoid the issue.  But his media pals see no conflict between a free an open press and constantly supporting a guy that wants to shut it all down when it doesn’t suit him.


The real worry is that this man wouldn’t have an audience if it wasn’t for his rather remarkable influence over certain media people who are very happy to help him push is narrow minded angry little barrow.

Tiso pressured Netguide not to award me Best Blog.  Of course.

None of it is personal I bet.  He’s just very determined to destroy anything that doesn’t suit his life view.   He’s no better than a foam-at-the-mouth letter to the editor writer, except through Twitter, he’s able to mainline his anger straight into the reporters’ minds.

– 3 News


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  • Jas

    You shouldn’t be suprised that he and his left mates want to ban everything they don’t like as in any other country with lefties or communists they ban stuff as they know they can’t win otherwise.

  • Sally

    Wonder if Laura McQuillan is referring to you know who. (pic)
    Pretty much sums Tiso up

    • Tiso’s mission in life is to ensure that no one else can be offended by the things that offend him. Sadly, that includes pretty much everything. He wants to be the self-appointed conscience of the nation, but instead he ends up looking like a humourless git who finds a cloud alongside every silver lining. The media needs to shut of his oxygen supply.

    • burns_well_eh

      In as far as it mentions someone with a personality, no it can’t be Tiso she’s referring to.

  • flutterby

    Judith’s column was very timely and raised a huge issue. Why shouldn’t she write an article, it was well thought out, proactive and a timely question which one day could prove to be a life saver for many builders. MSM have for many years promoted views which are contrary to mine but tolerance and respect are important. I will be buying the Sunday Star Times again as long as the Honourable Judith Collins is a guest writer.

  • All_on_Red

    Brian’s a bit slow. Most of us boycotted the SST years ago.

  • Shoreboy57

    You would almost think Tiso “had something over” some of the media sycophants. But who could suggest that sort of influence?

  • island time

    But really….who is he??? What has he ever done? Is he fighting for oxygen or thieving it?

    • Dumrse

      He is depriving a village of its idiot.

  • maninblack

    Tiso is just another big loser of the left.

    There is plenty of freedom of speech as long as he agrees with it.

  • disqus_wQAtaLd7Yt

    Which is all well and good, except that they seem to turn a blind eye to someone who wants to ban, to silence, to make people go away. Tiso is very scared of open intelligent debate, regularly resorting to personal attacks to avoid the issue.

    • spanishbride

      If you actually read what is written here you will see attacks on policy, attacks on ideas NOT attacks on personalities. Evidence and facts are also used in ‘ attacks ‘ which is why they are so effective.

      • M.

        So the attack on the feral west coaster or Cecil Walker was nothing personal just a hit on policy?

        • Muffin

          its not an attack to call ferals….ferals. They were also able to come on this site and defend their behaviour…………seemed FB death threats were more their style however.

        • BlitzkriegNZ

          The feral was the driver, Cam assumed he was the boy who died, not the passenger who he accidentally called feral, he has clarified this many times. However, the reaction and the way they blatantly ignored this clarification definitely brought out the feral in a lot of people. It was clearly feral behaviour from the driver and if he had been the one who died, Cam would’ve been justified calling him a stupid feral for what he did.

        • 1951

          May I jump I here, M. Cam has expressed in-depth as to the lead-up to ‘feral West Coast’ article which I’m sure if you have the time, you will be able to find yourself. Go back a bit and look at the way the MSM have covered such stories themselves before you jump to shallow conclusions. Too long the MSM have gone out of their way to make some sort of victim out of kids whose impulsive, illegal, inconsiderate, foolhardy and dangerous decision-making have killed themselves &/or the mates, whilst being pursued by the police. Too long have the MSM made the Police out to be the ‘baddy’ in performing the lawful duty to protect the public. Go look a little deeper. We are sick of the PC crap that comes from the coverage the MSM has been providing. We are sick of the way the MSM undermine the police & their responsibilities. We like the way Cam holds others to account. We like the sunshine exposure when all is not right.
          Give it a little more thought.

          • Rick H

            One slight error in your post, 1951.
            please replace the words “whilst being pursued by the police” with “whilst fleeing from the police”.

          • 1951

            Uh ha, so true. I guess clarification required. When police in their duty of protecting the public and upholding the law, approach a youth, possibly in a vehicle that is owned by another member of the public, then the youth in all his wisdom decides to threaten the safety & wellbeing of his mates and the general public by fleeing-the-scene at high speed, then according to the MSM the youth, this child is a victim. Funny as some of us see this behavior as straight out feral.

          • Rick H

            And, of course, that is exactly what it is “feral”.
            Yet the MSM almost always paint it as the “Police” chasing these nice boys to their deaths.

        • Cecil Walker was a liar, who claimed the company hated on him when in fact he was given extended leave and loads of support.

      • Mark Harrison

        Like describing sômeone as rancid mutton disguised as maggot-infested lamb? Or the pillory that the complainant in the Roger Sutton case was subjected to?
        Occasionally things go a little far here too.

  • James Growley

    Outrage is the fuel of the left. If they weren’t constantly outraged over something, anything they would cease to function.

    • wooted

      Ever notice that people who get offended easily usually have no sense of humour?

      • James Growley

        Yes, and they all seem to have that anally retentive look about them.

  • cows4me

    I can’t see a problem with the guy, he’s the perfect show boy for what you get if you buy left, long may he continue.

  • no bullswool

    I had never heard of Tiso before I came to WO. He really is a tiresome, spiteful little man. This is New Zealand not North Korea. We can vote for who we like, we can text who we wish to, we can read who and what we choose. It’s called Democracy. I suggest he gets use to it!

  • Catriona

    So this Tiso bloke – where did he spring from? And I should be influenced by his views because?

  • Goldie

    Who is Giovanni Tiso? (serious question – I have never heard of him).

  • Kiwibabe

    News flash – National are working for the working man, and families!
    Labour just hate that!