Good to see Labour finally taking terrorism seriously

Looks like Labour has come to its senses when it comes to mitigating the risks of terrorism, while the Greens continue to cuddle and represent terrorists.

Labour has confirmed it will support new foreign fighter laws after changes including a softening of a planned 48-hour warrant-free period for spies.

However the Greens have said they won’t support the legislation.

“We accept there is an increased threat level and new measures are needed to ensure our security agencies can rapidly respond to terrorist threats,” Labour Leader Andrew Little said after a caucus meeting discussed changes hammered out at a select committee.

“Labour has ensured that all searches on potential terrorist activity will require a warrant except in cases of urgent and extreme risk.   

“Even in these circumstances, the Director of the Security and Intelligence Service will be required to immediately notify the Commissioner of Warrants and the Inspector General of Intelligence; and a warrant obtained within 24 hours, not the originally proposed 48 hours,” Little said.

The SIS would have to report publicly every six months, rather than every year, and in more detail, on the use of its new powers.

“Labour insisted on these safeguards to protect New Zealanders. This legislation is temporary and Labour also obtained a shorter sunset clause pending a comprehensive review of the activities of all our intelligence agencies the Government has promised next year.”

“Labour remains adamant these powers should only be used when New Zealanders are at risk from terror attacks and not as a means to broaden general spy powers,” Little said.

Of course Labour will claim victory, but this has played out exactly as I predicted…a watering down of the 48 hours warrant-less period.


– Fairfax


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  • Intrigued

    I had to chuckle when I heard this news at midday while driving. Just as Cam predicted I thought to myself and yet the way the media spun it you’d think it was all Labour’s grand idea and victory. Well done once again Cam for being ahead of the curve!

  • Blue Tim

    The morons at Labour have given JK exactly what he wanted. Now how do we get the media to expose the Greens for the terrorist lovers they are?

    • Abe Steinberg

      They, like you, are lovers of “Freedom”.

      The Esteemed Muslim Umah would have its work cut out for it dealing with the adulterers, sodomites and garden variety blasphemers in their ranks.

  • Funny what a difference 24 hours can make.
    Suddenly gone from the MSM are all the “privacy breaches/spying/anti-terror law” stories and instead, it looks like Angry Little saved NZ from such desperate measures… but only because it was Labour that saved NZ… /sarc

  • Spiker

    Why does this seem like old news? Oh I know, I read it here days ago.

  • Dave_1924

    Weak decision by Labour. No valid reason not to push harder for no surveillance without a warrant. But good politics Nats you got what you wanted -bipartisan insulation from criticism….

  • symgardiner

    This is actually what Labour has to do more of. Be seen to make minor tweaks to legislation. It shows they can be reasonable.
    Then if they stopped with being so nasty and put up no more than 2 big policy differences with the Nats they would probably get over the line.

  • kehua

    You read it spot on Cam , welldone.

  • Ryan

    Good call by Andrew Little and no moaning from the rest of the party’s except for the Green Party making them stand out like a sore thumb.