Grumpy old bastards getting violent

Seems the pensioners are getting grumpier.

A potty-mouthed pensioner has won the dubious distinction of being the oldest person to be arrested in New Zealand in the past year.

The 99-year-old was taken into custody in Canterbury for using threatening language in a public place.

The case of the ne’er do well nonagenarian was just one of 1235 recorded apprehensions of offenders 65 or over, according to police figures for the year ending June 2014. 

Nineteen of the badly behaved seniors were aged over 85, and found themselves in trouble for a range of offences, including shoplifting, disorderly behaviour, offensive language and indecent assault.

Of the 1235 offenders, 505 were prosecuted. But of the 19 oldest offenders, only one was prosecuted – a 90-year-old arrested for common assault in a public place in the central police district.

Among those let off with a warning was a 92-year-old who threatened to kill or cause grievous bodily harm using a stabbing or cutting weapon, also in the central region.

Police said apprehensions of over-65s had accounted for fewer than 0.8 per cent of the total apprehensions across all age groups for the year.

A police spokesperson denied elderly offenders were let off with warnings more often because of their age.

“Police treat everyone the same, and consider all of the available facts on a case-by-case basis before deciding which course of action to take.”

Grey Power national president Terry King said he was surprised to hear of the number of elderly partaking in crime, as it was usually the elderly who were the targets of such crimes.

“When one thinks of an older person, what comes to mind is a law-abiding citizen,” he said.

He’s wrong.

When I think of an older person I think of a bludger with a gold card, subsidies for everything, voted in governments who borrowed massively, left a legacy of debt, had new everything and full employment and still got their hands out for more.

Maybe I’ve become a grumpy old person.


– Fairfax


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  • It does appear the old generation are indeed getting more grumpy and cantankerous these days, my father at 69 is much grumpier than my grandfather was in 1986 when he was the same age.

    • Cadwallader

      I suggest the reason may well be that finally older men can appreciate the country is ridding itself of socialism and we’re too old to ever fully appreciate the glorious dividends flowing therefrom!

      • Or it maybe that i was 13 at the time, and my grandfather lived in Ohai Southland and I lived in Upper Hutt so i only seen him every 2 or 3 years.

        • dgrogan

          I was thinking that maybe your might be the missing link, DG. :-)

  • Sailor Sam

    Us oldies are just keeping up with the grumpy, ratbag younger generations we see everyday on our streets, on TV etc etc.
    We will not be cowtowed by these people, the pathetic police and the judges inhabiting the legal system, perverting the course of justice.

  • caochladh

    “When I think of an older person I think of a bludger with a gold card”. Really?? Most of the people I know over 65 are still working. Its the young, indolent and lazy who sit at home on the dole playing video games who are the bludgers. That is when they are not out and about blagging and beating up on the elderly.

  • unitedtribes

    Iv got a gold card but aint no bludger. Still running my roading business at 68 even if my mate has to lift me onto the back of the truck with the digger.

  • dgrogan

    Not just curmudgeons then – some of us are actually violent?

  • viking

    I’m thinking”not yet” but your turn is coming and sooner than you think. Grow old disgracefully.

  • kehua

    Strange isn`t it how people can think of things so differently, when I think of older people it is with respect, for it was they who paid for my education, the hospital that I had a couple of hips resurfaced in, the hospitals that my children and grandchildren were born in, the various Mentors that straightened out a teenage `tough`, that also put the time into nurturing and guiding untold numbers of youngsters heading to an early grave or jail. Yes there is much to be gratefull for from the `older generation` not the least being the thousands who laid down their lives to enable the `gimme now` bunch of moaning spoilt brats that exist today to have such a cushy lifestyle compared to what they themselves endured.

  • The Accountant

    Yes, but they also enjoyed the most hideous tax rates to date, suffered inheritance “theft” (tax), and fought to stay ahead of some pretty nasty inflation/interest rates. I wouldn’t call them bludgers.