“Gunman” thought himself part of ISIL

This is going to really mess up the plans of people that want us to think the Sydney hostage siege has nothing to do with IS / ISIL / ISIS and terrorism:


Last time I looked you didn’t actually need to go through a rigorous application process.  If you want to be a member is ISIL, you declare yourself one.  That’s all it takes.

On a website, now suspended, he describes himself as a convert to Sunni Islam. In his statement he expresses “allegiance” to ISIL and its leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, calling the ISIL Caliph as his “Imam”.

Also in his statement, the formerly Shiite Muslim underlines that he has converted to Sunni Islam, stressing that Shiites are blasphemous people.

He also underscores that the war in Iraq is not a sectarian strife, but a war between the Muslims (i.e. ISIL) and the hypocrites.

Looks to me like he knew exactly where he wanted to fit into the scheme of things.  And he was very much geared up to take the fight to those who fight IS / ISIS / ISIL.

Ergo:  the gunman is a terrorist, and his actions were terrorism.



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  • rangitoto

    Just a lone wolf with 14,000 facebook likes.

    • NotGandalf

      and each one of those ‘likes’ will the individual some special attention from authorities I hope.

  • Effluent

    Judging by the picture, he’s got the Islamic “finger wagging” sorted. Funny how they all do this, as if it makes their nonsensical hate-filled pontificating more valid.

    • Reaper

      Remind you of anyone else?

      • Effluent

        No-one springs to mind. Who?

        • Effluent

          Ah, yes. Got it.

      • NotGandalf

        hmmm, lets see, beardy, glasses, inherently wrong about everything he stands for…wonder if he has a twin

      • Captain Darling

        Ok not my best work, but you get the picture.

  • I wonder how many virgins he’s met since being force-fed some deserved justice?

    If oil & water don’t mix – should we be tolerant and just increase the ratio’s until it does? Yeah nah…

    • It is my understanding that, while there has been considerable pressure on maintaining the supply of virgins, they are still able to meet demand. However, they did run out of females some time ago …..

    • 1951

      (Shh, I think the thoughts of a Heavenly Afterlife goes astray if in contact with dogs or pigs. Maybe his plans started coming undone the moment those two German Shepherds turned up on the scene. Sad only one of them had a bullet proof jacket on though).

      • caochladh

        Cousin Vladimir had the right idea when he buried the mongrels upside down wrapped in pig skins.

        • 1951

          Maybe that’s the solution. I will start a Kuni kuni breeding program, then everyone who feels somewhat threatened can keep them in their front lawn.

        • dgrogan

          Maybe we should be arming all those mythical virgins these twats have been promised. They’re not likely to be going along with that ludicrous fantasy are they?

          • 1951

            Just another thought….time to bring Pig-skin back into fashion again. Makes great wallets, belts & bags.

  • jv7

    Oh dear doesn’t fit Paul Buchanan and Grant Robertson’s rhetoric at all

  • Nige.

    I have listened to all the excuses on talkback this morning and i cannot get away from the fact that this guy, whether he was loan gunman or a sick deluded INDIVIDUAL looking for attention, the bottom line is that he was doing this in the name of his religion.

    • Steve C

      When a preacher or bible studies teacher (as per a current events) commits child sex offences they, we don’t blame Christianity as a whole but the individuals involved. Kind of a double standard I would think.

      The reality is just about every major religion has been and currently is manipulated by different groups for their own purposes but that doesn’t make the original concepts of the religion wrong which your post implies.

      • phronesis

        That is because Christianity condemns child sex offences. Islam promotes and rewards violence and killing. It is there for all to see in black and white in the Koran. Your comment is a banal repetition of the sort of logic fail that passes for intelligent comment in the media.

        (I don’t like being offensive but at least try and educate yourself.)

        • Steve C

          That is BS- certain people choose to interpret the Koran as saying you get 70 odd virgins if you commit jihad but the vast majority choose to interpret the Koran in far more peaceful manner. There are dozens of similar occurrences by Christians in the past such as the KKK, the crusades.

          As an exchange student once put it to me- Christians are the best followers of the worst religion and Musliums are the worst followers of the best religion. It all comes down to how they interpret their respective religious text.

      • Reaper

        Except when a preacher or bible studies teacher commits child sex offences they do not wave about Christian insignia and attempt to proclaim to the world via the media that they are doing it in the name of Christianity.

      • Nige.

        I cant remember seeing a paedophile holding up a christian flag while engaged in their crime.

      • ex-JAFA

        I do. I have no time for any of that group of mental illnesses.

  • caochladh

    It was instilled into me at an early age that pointing your finger was an unacceptable rude gesture and that people who did so showed a lack of respect. If you need to indicate, use the whole outstretched hand.

    • 1951

      That got me too. It shows such a lack of respect for others. It also says ‘do as I say’ or else. One cannot negotiate with that sort of mind-set.

  • Gaynor

    Yet in NZ we have a muslim leader saying it was like the Ashburton shootings.

    • R&BAvenger

      I understand the point that the Muslim leader was making. It’s the most recent atrocity in NZ that you could show as a parallel to the Sydney incident, the only difference being that one was muslim and one wasn’t.
      He’s trying to defuse or deflect possible negative sentiment against the muslim community. unfortunately that train left the station many years ago.
      His point is valid, as is the point that there are very good reasons to be concerned about muslim people aligning themselves with ISIL and committing similar acts against innocent people, whether mentally ill or otherwise.
      You can’t just brush it under the carpet and say, well they’re mentally ill.
      Supporting the government’s efforts to ensure proper protections are in place for people travelling to the ME or returning from the ME with murderous intent or training would be a stronger statement and position for Muslim leaders in NZ to make.
      If they don’t support that, then public discord with the muslim community is understandable. No excuses for random muslim bashing by the public, but they need to show their support for the country and laws of the country they are living in now.

      EDIT – punctuation

  • Claims to be ISIL – but doesn’t have the ISIL flag. Hmmm ….

    • Captain Darling

      Should have got Russel Norman onto it, he’s a flag expert.

  • LabTested

    He wrote letters to the widows of Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan & (according to TV today) had his girlfriend deliver them to the families at the funerals.

  • Mythrandir

    Nothing to do with ISIS. What we have here was an opportunistic lunatic career criminal out on bail. He was a walking time bomb with nothing to lose. Shame on the Australian justice system.

    • LabTested

      ‘He was a walking time bomb with nothing to lose’ Exactly the sort of person who ISIS would be trying to influence with their online propaganda.

      It seems they were very successful.

    • Jas

      Why shame on the Australian justice system? You say he is a career criminal then you say it is the Australian justice systems fault.
      Are you saying that it is ok to be a career criminal if you don’t believe in the justice system in the country you are in? Or are you saying it is ok to be a career criminal if you are of a certain religion or race?

      • Mythrandir

        I’m saying the guy should not have been out on bail. Bail laws are too loose.

        • burns_well_eh

          That is correct, but it doesn’t mean he wasn’t a terrorist wannabe member of ISIS or ISIL or whoever the hell they are.

  • bristol

    Until we in the West educate ourselves, and understand exactly what is written in the Qur’an; until we grasp that not all religions are the same; until we absorb the fact that the Qur’an is all about subjugation and murder, we will be forever damned to suffer the consequences of our ignorance, almost certainly putting the continuation of our civilization in grave danger. Specifically, Islamic ideology is about world domination. Terror. Enslavement. Barbarism. Simply put, the message is convert or die.
    “You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.” Ayn

    • 1951

      …and if people are not convinced of that, just track how far that religion has smothered the continent of Africa in the last few decades.

  • Catriona

    Dreaming of those 67, or whatever it is ,Virgins I dare say.

  • Whitey

    Sounds like this guy may well be the kind of nutter who would attach himself to any available cause, but that doesn’t negate the fact that he aligned himself with ISIL. ISIL provides an excuse for this man and others like him to commit atrocities. It gives them ideas. We can’t avoid the fact that this man identifies himself as a member of ISIL and was working to further the ISIL agenda.

    “Deranged lone gunman” and “terrorist” are not mutually exclusive categories at all.

    • dgrogan

      Indeed. It seems very implausible that this nutter might otherwise align himself to the The Dalai Lama and Lobsang Sangay.

  • JKV

    From Tim Blair:

    Perhaps annoyed by reports that his crappy cafe display flag wasn’t extreme enough – Waleed Aly (Australian Fairfax journalist and big-time Muslim apologist) referred to it as a “generic” flag that “anybody” could obtain – Monis yesterday demanded a more impressive Islamic State flag:

    Channel Ten said it had spoken to two of the hostages inside the cafe and the man holding them had made a series of demand. “He needs the ISIL flag to be directly delivered to the cafe, and his second request is to speak to the Prime Minister.

    Jim Treacher satirises perfectly the media’s gutless whitewash impulse:

  • zotaccore

    I wonder if a warrant has been signed to put that maori nutter who recently advocated support for ISIS under surveillance. He needs putting away.

  • Andy

    I’m sick of the sanctimonious #illridewithyou hashtag campaign on Twitter already. Everyone is feeling “so proud” that they are not rising to the bait of Islamophobia. No thoughts for the dead then? Just yourself? Jeez we really do live in a narcissistic self-obsessed age.

    • Kevin

      The irony is that the feared backlash against Muslims everyone predicts will happen never happens. But imagine the backlash if it had been a Jewish Rabbi. It doesn’t take much of an excuse for people to reveal their anti-semitism.

    • JKV

      James Delingpole has really nailed that #illridewithyou campaign Andy.


      Sums the lefty twittersphere up perfectly.

      • 40something

        That hits the nail right on the head. I read about that silly hashtag at
        3am this morning as I could not sleep thinking about this whole thing.
        I was blown away by the sanctimony. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  • JKV

    Sorry hit post too soon.

    Jim Treacher satirises perfectly the media’s gutless whitewash impulse:

    Congratulations to non-denominational community activist Man Haron Monis for achieving martyrdom, for reasons that will never be known.

  • Captain Darling

    And did you hear Phil leaker Goff spouting off this morning that John Key was being “opportunist” in talking about IS and terrorism in relation to this incident.
    What a first class tool he is. Some people want him as mayor for Auckland, spare me.

    • Mythrandir

      We should be talking about lax bail laws.

      • Captain Darling

        You can talk about whatever you like. As can I.

    • zotaccore

      Yes it is a bit rich spouting opportunism, which reminds me, is Goof being charged by the police for breaching suppression orders? It kinda irks me he is sitting out there scot free with a sense of immunity.

    • Hans

      Well he gave Yasser Arafat one million of tax payer moneys to help his fight for freedom – what a tool

  • Kevin

    Saying this guy was a lone gunman who didn’t act on behalf of Islam or Islamism is like saying Trotsky wasn’t a communist.

  • I’m actually disappointed that this nutter was killed, i would of loved to see the expressed logic behind his attack and the realization slide across his face when he realizes he is to be treated as mentally incapable of life on the outside and is to be locked up in a secure funny farm for the rest of his life.

    • Justsayn

      No need for a proper Court system to give him a platform to spout his hate in front of the media.

      • But if he spouts his hate, he’ll just be revealed to be as much a nutter an Anders Breivik and laughed at. Nobody wants to be laughed at.

  • Justsayn

    Andrew Little claims to be pro-business, I claim to be clever, Dotcom claims to be innocent…

    • rangitoto

      Hitler claimed to be a Nazi but maybe he wasn’t. One option is to judge people by their actions. Just a thought.

      • Justsayn

        Agree it is the actions that matter, not what they claim to be. Anyway, who cares if he is correctly labelled a “terrorist”.

        I actually find the lone wolf (inspired by ISIS or otherwise) idea more frightening. If someone is acting under the direction of someone else then that offers a chance to intercept communications and act to prevent the danger. If they are acting off their own initiative (even if encouraged to do so by public appeals for action like that we have seen from ISIS) then that makes them much harder to detect.

        • Prepare to be frightened then as that is how ISIS/ISIL works, they actively encourage “lone nutters” and there are plenty of them around, I wonder how long it will be before one of the “illridewithyou” are targeted as one thing that has been shown over and over is that radicals treat moderates pretty much the same as westerners, there are a lot of people who would love to see the lone nutter label rather than terrorist as this backs up their call to scrap increased survaillance measures.

          • Wallace Westland

            Oh God yes. So accurate. If there is one thing we know these murderous mongrels are more than happy to take the easy targets. You only have to look at those they have captured and beheaded. Journalists and aid workers there with their hearts on their sleeves to help Muslims soon to end up with their heads between their knees.
            That’s the gratitude of the Muslim community to the west. And as an aside the women that was the beginning of the I’ll ride with you hashtag WALKED OFF!

        • BlitzkriegNZ

          You are right, for every nut job who has made it obvious online that they need to have an eye kept on them, who knows how many out there are smart enough to keep it to themselves.

  • kloyd0306

    The Koran – radical Islam – Terrorism………
    The dots are getting bigger………..

  • kayaker

    I wonder where he got his inspiration from? One guess.

  • Hans

    If he was a lone terrorist why are there so many people in youtube clips standing beside him protesting – or are they all just spectators who happen to read the same book!!

  • Eddie

    Let’s just hope the police are closely watching that guy in Hastings who thinks he’s leader of Islamic State of Aotearoa!

  • Go Home

    Anyone down for protesting at the Kilbirnie Mosque in Wellington? I’d be if there were more of us :/ especially after the veiled threat Muslim leaders here made to the people of New Zealand recently…

    • El Diablo

      I’m against this. The only purpose that will serve is to help the muslims continue to portray themselves as oppressed victims.

      I would be in favour of a protest outside the immigration department offices to stop allowing more of these people into our country.

  • Hans

    Cartoonist charged with Blasphemy laws after drawing cartoon about ISIL, i thought ISIL had nothing to do with Islam – must ask Phill G how that works

  • Honcho

    He was a lone wolf, a rogue, he doesn’t represent the muslim community in Sydney. The muslim community in Sydney do not support terrorist organisations, they are not sympathetic to terror organisations, they do not engage in terrorism.

    Here is a screenshot from the Australian news this time two years ago, not far from yesterdays terrorist hostage situation, how many more alarms need to go off before we all wake up?

  • Honcho

    How deep do people have to bury their heads in the sand when we have whole families relocating from West Sydney to join the Islamic State?

    How deep do people have to bury their heads in the sand when we have men in West Sydney actively fund raising to send more ‘soldiers’ over to Syria to join the fight?

    How deep do people have to bury their heads in the sand when we have young women from the muslim community in Sydney so brain washed that they think flying to the Islamic State to offer themselves as brides?

    How deep do we need to bury our heads in the sand to young children becoming indoctrinated by hate, under their parents and communities watch, and going out of their way to join the fight.
    http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/575529/20141210/sydney-isis-dubai-malaysia.htm#.VI-03I0cTuh (yeah no one noticed he left, im sure his brother also doesn’t know how he lost his passport)

    How deep do we need to bury our heads in the sand when young children are abused and threatened for attending a Christian school, not in the middle east, but in Sydney.

    It took me all of about 2 minutes to find these articles, I’m sure there are dozens more out there … but yesterday was an isolated incident, it was a mental health issue, we have nothing to fear, nothing to be angry about.

  • Andrew Gibson

    I’m guessing those opposing the strong arm tactics of our US friends will be feeling a little silly right now?

  • Tom

    Should of handcuffed Russell Norman to him.

  • Tanmedia

    Here’s my indicator to my Indonesian friend in Japan:

    The reaction in NZ was horrible. Weak-ass white people who only have bravery behind a computer started to abuse the Australian police and army for not starting shooting and trying to kill people.