Hamas has a new problem and it isn’t the Israelis

Hamas has a new problem in Gaza, and it isn’t the Israelis.

It is always dreamlike to see one Islamist terror group accuse the other of being too “lenient” when it comes to enforcing sharia laws. But it is not dreamlike when a terrorist group starts threatening writers and women.

That is what is happening these days in the Gaza Strip, where supporters of the Islamic State are accusing Hamas of failing to impose strict Islamic laws on the Palestinian population — as if Hamas has thus far endorsed a liberal and open-minded approach toward those who violate sharia laws.

Until this week, the only topic Palestinians in the Gaza Strip were talking about was how to rebuild homes and buildings that were destroyed during the last war between Hamas and Israel.

Now, however, almost everyone is talking about the Islamic State threats against poets, writers and women.

It is no secret that the Islamic State has a presence in the Gaza Strip. According to sources there, many disgruntled members of Hamas and other radical salafi-jihadi groups have already joined the Islamic State, with some fighting together with ISIS groups in Syria and Iraq.

Earlier this year, it was revealed here that Islamic State has already begun operating inside the Gaza Strip — much to the dismay of Hamas.

Hamas, nevertheless, continues to deny any presence of Islamic State inside the Gaza Strip. “There are no members of Islamic State in the Gaza Strip,” said Eyad al-Bazam, spokesman for the Hamas-run Interior Ministry.

Many Palestinians, however, do not seem to take Hamas’s denials seriously, and remain unconvinced.

Over the past few days, two separate leaflets signed by Islamic State threatened to target Palestinian poets and writers for their “wantonness” and “atheism.” The leaflets mention the poets and writers by name — a move that created panic among many Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

The leaflets also included an ultimatum to Palestinian women to abide by Islamic attire or face the Islamic State style of punishment — presumably being stoned to death. The threat leaves one with the false impression that, under Hamas, women can wear swimming suits at the beach and walk around the streets of Gaza City in mini-skirts.

But this is what happens when one fundamentalist group believes that the other is not radical enough.

As always Hamas is in denial.

However this development make the establishment of a Palestinian state now very problematic.

Especially when you look at the other issues besetting the area.

A Palestinian journalist has tweeted an image of cement imported into Gaza under the auspices of the UN being sold on the black market.

Hours after 600 tons of cement arrived in Gaza, as part of the reconstruction project following the summer 2014 war between Israel and Hamas, Palestinian journalist Hazem Balousha shared the image.

“Cement came to #Gaza through #UN mechanism and sold out just at entrance of warehouse to the black market,” read the text accompanying the image.

Much of the cement imported into Gaza in the past was diverted by Hamas to build underground tunnels to aid in the terrorist offensive against Israeli targets. Concern that reconstruction materials arriving now will again be used for similar purposes remains high in Israel.

It is pretty hard to build houses when cement sent in is stolen or used by Hamas to build tunnels. I wonder if DryMix would consider sending some of their dodgy cement over.

And then there are the problems with the worlds longest serving bludger agency UNRWA.

Even Palestinians are concerned about UNRWA…and want the bludging to continue unabated…but with reforms.

UNRWA, to continue its operation, depends on death and the visual suffering of five million Palestinians who continue to wallow in and around UNRWA facilities.

The more Palestinians suffer, the more power goes to UNRWA, which allows it to raise unchecked humanitarian funds and purchase munitions. People ask: Why not abolish UNRWA? Well, this cannot be done.

The only agency that can abolish UNRWA is the UN General Assembly, which has never had the interests of the Palestinian people at heart. After all, the UN rakes in more than $1.2 billion a year as an “incentive” to continue our status as refugees.

Welfare never works…UNRWA has been in existence for over 50 years with no discernible achievements other than allowing their schools and hospitals to be used as combat operations headquarters fro Hamas.


– Jerusalem Post, The Algmeiner, Gatestone institute


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  • Not Clinically Insane

    Surely we’ll be expecting a column of outrage from Hamas-hugger Rachael Smalley any moment now?

    • sin-ic

      John Minto where are you?

      • Albert Lane

        I heard on the news that there was a protest in Hamilton today demanding that goods produced in Israel are not sold in New Zealand. If John Minto was anywhere today, that’s where he would be for sure. He would be the last person to demand that ISIS not be allowed into Gaza. After all, what’s a few beheadings amongst friends? It’s called having a selective morality. A very selective morality.

    • Billythekid

      Perhaps she can head on over and offer some advice. I’m sure there’ll be no shortage of trip sponsors. She’d look great in the full burka as opposed to the saddle and bridle she parades in back here.

    • OneTrack

      Poor Rachael must be struggling – which hardline Islamic organisation should she tell us to support.

  • cows4me

    Marvelous, nature usually instills a drive to get to the top of a heap, these clowns won’t be happy till they get to the bottom, so sad never mind.

  • Kip_Dynamite

    Well this a deja vu moment. If memory serves me right Hamas overran Fatah with extreme violence as they considered Fatah not hardline enough. If IS gets enough momentum in Gaza Hamas could similarly get their asses royally kicked by even worse fanatics. That must be a concern for Israel, I’m sure they’ll be keeping a close eye on developments.

    • Bartman

      A pre-emptive strike by Israel seems appropriate under the circumstances. Blow the place to dust, problem solved. After all, who will bomb Israel back in response? Words have long ceased to concern them.

  • Kerry

    Its only a matter of time before isis takes control in gaza, once it gains compliance from the populations of syria and iraq, then qutar ect.
    These guys need to be stopped but Obama the appeaser wont do it, likey the mess will be left to the next gop president.If the next appeaser Clinton gets in god help us all, isis will become very powerfull with riches from invaded lands to fund their jihad and help from the UN, Red cross and other cowards.