A Happy New Year present from a reader


This morning there was a knock at the door…it was a courier, and there was a little box addressed to me.

Inside that little box was 3 cigars with a trimmer and a note.

The note said:

Hey Cameron, thanks for another year of entertainment – especially loved the Poverty Kids and calling BS on the Salvation Army attack!  

The unbanded cigar is my own The Humidor Company – Honduran rolled (at the Raices Cubanactory) Short Gordo, a beefy solid cigar with an interesting blend of tobaccos.

The Nica Rustica is a signature line from Drew Estate, created for my good friend Pedro Gomez to showcase new blends of Nicaraguan tobacco and they they (Nicaragua) are now the powerhouse of the cigar-world.

Lastly I have included the Herrera Esteli Priamide Fina which was named the #8 cigar of 2013 by Cigar Aficionado magazine, blended by another great friend of mine, Willy Herrera at the Drew Estate factory in Nicaragua – this has a very Cubanesque profile.

Awesome, can’t wait to try them…might save them for launch date though.

Some people like to save seals or frogs or dolphins…me? I want to save political traditions and I think we should start by bringing back the smoke-filled rooms where political deals are done. Trevor Mallard wants to bring back the Moa, I want to bring back smoke-filled rooms.

I wonder what is involved in creating a Whaleoil brand cigar…so readers can blow smoke into watering liberal eyes as they turn red with rage that someone dared to make a choice to smoke a cigar and to save smoke-filled rooms of course.

Anyway, to celebrate the new year if you go to The Humidor online and use the discount code NY2015 you will get $10 off your first order over $100, so you can enjoy cigars like the ones I have been sent.


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  • KGB

    Great gift.

  • -D

    Well I never…

    Where do I sign up…??

  • Lord Evans

    I swore off cigarettes, but curiously still enjoy the special occasion cigar, not as a connoisseur mind you. As for politics and cigars, I’m sure Mr Clinton would concur.

    • -D

      And others before him…

  • Mark Schmid

    As Sigmund Freud said “sometimes a Cigar is just a Cigar” – yeah right….

  • maninblack

    Wait for the left to boycott cigars.. oh wait..