Hawkes Bay ferals


KFC is generally stereotyped as the dining experience of choice for those who can least afford it, and this story isn’t helping their image.

A Hastings woman has been referred to Child, Youth and Family after leaving her 6-month-old baby on the floor of a KFC restaurant yesterday.

The woman arrived with her mother just after 12.30pm, but they soon started arguing. The heated debate then spilled to a carpark and the child was left inside a capsule on the ground for a matter of minutes.

Outraged members of public cared for the baby and refused to return him to his mother when she stormed back into the Hastings eatery.

“There was some confusion in the store about the mother’s intentions and some customers became concerned and took it upon themselves to keep the baby safe,” Sergeant Glen Yule said.

“The mother made some unfortunate comments that may have been misconstrued.”

Cherie Sweeney, founder and volunteer of an organisation called Nation of Advocates for the Rights of Children, had been contacted by “irate” witnesses who were shocked that nothing more was done.

“She was more interested in having a domestic dispute which seriously put a child at risk,” Ms Sweeney said.

At the time it’s more important to have a punch up with your mum in the car park instead of making sure your baby isn’t abandoned and sitting on the floor of a restaurant surrounded by strangers, I think you might as well hand in your parenting card.

You’d think that either of the women would have cared enough for baby and grandchild, but it seems that grandma didn’t pass on the necessary skill set to her daughter.


– Hawkes Bay Today


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  • Justsayn

    I was pleased to read that the other customers not only intervened, but when the mother made what sounds like threats about the child the other customers seem to have refused to give the kid back until the police got there.

    We need more of that willingness to do something.

    • Soleman

      Which shows, despite the headline to the story, we are not all “feral” here in the Bay

      • Justsayn

        Feralism is not endemic, but there does seem to be more than the recommended dose of chlorine in the gene pool.

  • All_on_Red

    In HB Today, Hastings City Councillor Malcolm Dixon reveals some startling stats about HB and it’s residents;”The latest census data on Hawke’s Bay reveals
    1. In median household income by region, we are fourth from the bottom.
    2. In employment growth, we are fourth from the bottom.
    3. In productivity, we are second from the bottom just ahead of Northland.
    4. By percentage of population not in education, employment or training, Hawke’s Bay is the second highest.
    5. For total crime recorded per 10,000 population, Hawke’s Bay is No1. We currently have the worst reported crime statistics in New Zealand.”
    And “Our Health statistics recently published by the Hawke’s Bay District Health Board are not that flash either:
    1. Hawke’s Bay has more people drinking hazardously compared with the rest of New Zealand.
    2. The overall life expectancy of the Hawke’s Bay population is less than the rest of the country.
    3. A third of our children are growing up in poverty.
    4. Hawke’s Bay men and woman are less active at all age levels than their New Zealand average counterparts.”

    Sad isn’t it? I would have thought they had the resources to have good employment growth. It’s a beautiful place.

    • Chris

      Like here in Marlborough, I thought there are thousands of hectares of grapes grown in Hawked Bay. Why are the unemployed not working in this industry which has to import many hundreds of workers from Pacific Island countries to make up the shortfall?

      • jaundiced

        Like the imported seasonal workers in Bay of Plenty, where there is high unemployment. WINZ sends local workers to the kiwifruit farms, but after day 1 or 2, they can’t be bothered getting out of bed.

        • dgrogan

          That’s why we have welfare, right?

      • Reaper

        Because it is too much like hard work. It’s not just grapes either – stone fruits, then later in the season squash as well. And from what I have seen it is mainly African people doing the seasonal work these days, even the Pacific Islanders cannot be bothered any more.

        • IainH

          Think you may find that they are Melanesian (ni-Vanuatu) rather than African. My ni-Van friends are very keen to undertake seasonal work in NZ and take their savings back home and there are waiting lists for the opportunity to do so.

    • dgrogan

      I bet the left will say we are not paying enough in benefits. They will advocate chucking more money at this problem Pffft. As if more welfare could EVER be the answer to welfare dependence.

    • 2rotorbro

      Glowing stats.

    • Michael_l_c

      Has Hawkes Bay become the new Great Barrier/Waiheke for those not wanting to work? Nice climate, great beaches, good scenery etc, little employment, cheaper rents, all making it attractive on a benefit?

      • unitedtribes

        Waiheke’s moved on.

      • nataliepanda12

        Wow you are deluded how DARE you insult the GOOD HARD WORKING people of hawkes bay like my parents and countless others who live in hawkes bay.

        • burns_well_eh

          Natalie there’s no need to shout – that might happen on your usual blog but here we try and debate civilly. Michael insulted nobody, he simply asked a question. That question was based on the damning statistics recently quoted by a Hastings City Councillor, no doubt elected by some of the good hard-working people of Hawkes Bay.

          I’ve seen your other comments and – dismissing your clear obsession with our Prime Minister – I suspect you may be a borderline troll. Don’t tip over the edge – it never ends well.

    • CheesyEarWax

      Still, HB is one of the most beautiful place to live in NZ.

  • All_on_Red
    • dgrogan

      Oh…..yuck. I feel defiled. I clicked on that link and then went to the Home Page. Now I’ll have to go and have a long, hot shower. What a harrowing experience that was.

  • mommadog

    “KFC is generally stereotyped as the dining experience of choice for those who can least afford it,”
    I agree that its stereotyped probably because of the fat connection (fried and seen to be eaten by poor but very overweight people who aren’t getting enough benefit money to choose to buy vegetables to cook themselves) but as far as I’m concerned its not cheap. You can grab a pizza or burger cheaper than a feed of KFC. An occasional meal of KFC (once or twice a year) is all that gets purchased here.

    • Soleman

      I was recently in Melbourne visiting family. A tradition of my visits is that Grandpa takes the three grandies (aged 5,6,8) out for lunch at a mall. I offered to take them to KFC for a change from MacDonalds. The 8 year old bluntly refused, saying that the kids at her school referred to KFC as the “kids fattening centre”.
      From the mouth of babes?

  • Sunshine

    A reporter walking around some of the South Auckland town centres would see things like this on a regular basis.

  • Albert Lane

    So what will Child Youth and Family say to her? “Sweetie, if you want to leave the baby anywhere unsupervised, do what we do, and simply leave it in a place where nobody will see it.” “And now that’s all sorted, how was your lunch?”

  • Tom

    Ou let me guess:
    She was Asian. lol