Headlines that make you go Duh

Duh Kid -joyousoasis.com

Duh Kid

The below headlines in bold are actual headlines but to illustrate just how DUH worthy they are I have added some of my own.

Kim Dotcom almost saved Christmas for console gamers

-ONE News

Kim Dotcom almost came up with a cure for cancer

Kim Dotcom almost destroyed John Key

Kim Dotcom almost got the Internet Mana Party into parliament

Kim Dotcom almost paid his long suffering employees what they are owed

How Kim Dotcom (Almost) Saved Christmas From The Lizard Squad


How Kim Dotcom ( Almost ) saved me from a brutal beating

How Kim Dotcom ( Almost ) avoided prison

How Kim Dotcom (Almost ) got away with paying a hacker




Screen shot 2014-12-27 at 8.48.24 PM

Kim Dotcom takes on hackers in attempt at online gaming heroism (at no risk to himself whatsoever)

Kim Dotcom heroically takes on kittens in an attempt to save a saucer of milk

Kim Dotcom takes on 2 year old in an attempt at daycare heroism

PlayStation gamers still locked out as Kim Dotcom’s attempt to negotiate with hackers fails

-NZ Herald

Mona Dotcom still locked out as Kim Dotcom’s attempt to negotiate with the housekeeper fails

Jenny Craig consultant still locked out of mansion as Kim Dotcom’s attempt to negotiate with KFC fails

How Kim Dotcom stopped Xbox, PS hack


How Kim Dotcom cured cancer

How Kim Dotcom invented bitcoins

How Kim Dotcom stopped eating fatty foods

Kim Dotcom takes credit for ending PSN, Xbox Live outage


Kim Dotcom takes credit for National losing the election

Kim Dotcom takes credit for low road toll




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  • Sailor Sam

    Well the left wing media is still in love with KDC, andwould like nothing more than to see him not extradited, if only to get one over John Key.

    • Aucky

      They will be missing the crumbs off KDC’s table. There probably wasn’t much Christmas cheer distributed this year from the Dotcom mansion.

  • MSM still deny their part in Dirty Politics and their failure at the General Election…

    • OneTrack

      Already working on the next election.

  • And on the subject of great headlines there was also the one about De Gaulle “General flies back to front. “

  • Pete

    Are Sony one of the companies after .com? Seems strange to me that he wants to inject himself into the drama, a lot of criminals inject themselves into Police investigations in order to stay close to the action….

    makes you wonder eh!?

    • spanishbride

      Just like he injected himself into Dirty Politics. I will never forget when Sean Plunkett asked Rawshark to contact him, and ring ring it was Kim on the line.

      • Pete

        I remember that as well, to me his ego won’t allow him to stay quiet. I find it amazing he needs to be seen as this big hero, who saved the worlds gamers from the hackers. I wonder who they could be????

  • MaryLou

    Just to ensure we’re even-handed, here’s one from Stuff: “Live Power Lines Hit Car”.

    Those darned lively lines – chasing down cars that are happily minding their own business. They should be BANNED! Banned I say…