Health Trougher attacks Associate Health minister

Had to have a laugh at this one.  Associate Minister of Health Peter Dunne tells it how it is with this tweet about prohibitionist and supermarket hater Doug Sellman;


This resulted in a torrent of abuse to old Peter, who dug in his heals with this tweet: 


Clearly people can’t handle the truth about Professor Doug Sellman, as those trusims again caused a torrent of hate by twitter trolls. One of which just happened to be health nutter trougher Ninya Maubach, who went on to tweet;


Ninya Maubach is currently hoovering through over $100,000 in Health Research Council Funding for a “Heuristics in the supermarket: Do food labels support healthy choices”.

That’s going to work well when Ninya Maubach trots up on her high horse to Parliament banging on wanting restrictions and bans on things she doesn’t like.

Hopefully she’s moved into National MP Chris Bishop’s area. Now that would be funny.



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  • yossarian

    If I had a Twitter a/c, which I don’t, I’d be inclined to tweet Ms Maubach that I am happy to know she is leaving “my” electorate. It has been an embarrassment to have her here slurping up the taxpayers’ dollars so she can pursue her hobby horse. Well tweeted Pete, I didn’t know you had it in you.

    • unitedtribes

      I don’t have a twitter account. I just wonder around calling out dumb things every now and then. So far I have 3 followers. Im sure two of them are police.

      • yossarian

        Ahh, so apart from the two in trilbys and long raincoats following you, you are just like most of the MSM then?

      • Justsayn

        Minto? Is that you?

    • Whitey

      I couldn’t agree more. I don’t have a Twitter account either though.

    • SlightlyStrange

      I do have one, but I don’t really want to turn it political like that. She might have friends who would make me regret having one…
      But I, too, am glad she is leaving my electorate.

      • Crookednose

        Just do what I’ve done and create an “alter-ego” aka a troll account. Perfect for times like this. Particularly handy when sending links to Wussel, tiso, bomber and more highlighting their Hypocrisy, idiotic against the grain beliefs, nutbar behaviour and more. Wussel got particularly owned the other day when he was harping on about a public policy for child poverty.

  • caochladh

    It should be conditional upon receiving any grants, funding etc., from the public purse that accounts of income and expenditure are made public for each year that funding is received.

  • Whitey

    An excellent tweet and response from Peter Dunne. I must email him and tell him how much I appreciate his attitude, given that he is my elected representative. He’s certainly representing me in this instance!

  • andrew carrot

    “…to have YOUR as an elected representative”! Clearly a product of NCEA expressionism rather than old world accuracy.

  • Second time around

    Sellman’s publications seem a little below weight- a lot of reviews but thin on any startlingly original research that could justify him dictating health and fiscal policy for the nation.

  • disqus_XQTYMFVKlf

    Welcome to true democracy, defined not by the voice of the people, but the those who have access to funding to push their agenda.

    Meanwhile submissions and referendums from general public are ignored.