Help us finish our book about Dirty Politics with your stories

In my Christmas message I wrote about Dirty Politics and the criminal actions of a hacker, the criminal political conspiracy and someone who profited from illegally obtained data affected me.

Today I am asking how it affected you.

If you are one of the thousands of non-political people over the years who have contacted me in confidence about your mental health issues, your custody issues, your battles with abusive spouses or partners and those who were being bullied by others just for a chat and were affected by what you thought the hacker was going to do with your private emails or data sent to me then I want to hear from you.

Please contact me on the tipline and I will have the author of the other side of Dirty Politics contact you over the holidays for either a phone call or personal interview with details of what carnage the hacker did to your life in the Whaledump weeks.

The media refuse to explore who was behind the illegal hacking, they were in fact complicit in the whole saga.

When I went to court to stop the media one senior news boss even presented to the court that he didn’t give a stuff about my privacy.

Well I cared about your privacy, I cared about my sources and I still do. 

While they cry crocodile tears about their own journalists privacy these ratbags were rummaging through my emails that you guys sent me.

Anyone who contacted me in the past 10 years is a victim, ugh…hate that word…how about affected of the actions of a criminal and his enablers in the media.

Your story needs to be told, and we decided that a special chapter of the book should be dedicated to you.

Some of you shared your experiences with depression, with alcohol, with drugs…all deeply private. you were motivated to do so by my blog posts sharing my battles…and the dirty criminal hacker got all those, and the media likely pored all over them gleefully.

This is to give you a voice. The book is as much about you as it is about my political friends.

Contact us…tell your story…even if it is just a quick email. It will be anonymised, if you desire, or not as you wish. The choice is yours, not a hackers.

Don’t let Nicky Hager and the criminals and the media win.

Stand strong with us.


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  • Chiefsfan73

    Thanks for your unwavering courage.

  • 1951

    That’s the way…..go get ’em!!

  • Hager, the MSM, the criminals didn’t win, nor will they. The losing of the election was just the beginning…

    They might think they won the first squirmish, but like Comrade Auntie winning her 3rd Term, it was the beginning of the end… They just couldn’t see it and especially so with a complicit MSM attempting to inflate the Political Left with plenty of media sunshine and blow hards blowing hard trying to resurrect a rotten corpse that once was the political Left.

    Stay strong. The truth always prevails eventually.

    • 1951

      That Unholy Alliance (Aucky’s term) were good and strong long before that 3rd term too and no matter how hard one tried, messages to msm would not be reported, would not heard on radio ,would not be seen in print. They only shout democracy when it suits them.

  • Korau

    When is it available?
    What’s it called?
    How much?
    Where can we get it?
    Can we advance order?
    Will it be available as an ebook download?

    So many questions, so few answers.

    • spanishbride

      We should have a competition to design the cover art or the title. I can’t wait to read it myself. I think I will e-mail the author about how it affected me as Cam’s wife. My biggest shock was that they weren’t drawing the line at the Political stuff but had started venturing into the personal conversations that had nothing to do with politics. It was then that I realised that no e-mail was safe as the MSM had no ethical boundaries at all. That was pretty scary stuff.

      • spanishbride

        Just came across this which illustrates my point….

        • Wallace Westland

          She really is a nasty little self important cow. There is a special place for people like her.

          • Cadwallader

            Unfortunately she is not alone. I may be being a trifle sexist here but since Hagar’s foolery the worst commentators and champions of the left seem to be female. Campbell Gower and co are just parodies of journalism so I do my best to remain oblivious to them. It isn’t difficult if you keep the TV turned off. In recent months apart from Vance we’ve had the unthinking Smalley wading deep into left worship and Fran sadly heading off that way too. Bradford sang a song for the left in the lead up to the election and most likely will continue to do so. The only relief is that Sqawkery is presently below the radar. The proposal care Smalley that Goff would make an ideal mayor of AKL reveals an adherence to the left and a large helping of not thinking.

          • Wallace Westland

            No argument from me and it’s not a sexist comment. It is a well documented fact that women tend towards the left. There is no other possible explanation for Russel…. real men can’t stand him!

          • Cadwallader

            So, both Greenie leaders are female? I have wondered about that for quite some time….

          • 1951

            Susan Woods is very close to joining that list too. I got the impression when interviewing JK on zb last week she was following script but once she dropped that, her natural style came through. Maybe there is influence coming from on-high.

          • Cadwallader

            The thing with Susan Woods is that she talks faster than a drunken turkey and as a result I seldom pick up on what she happens to be gobbling on about!

          • 1951

            She has become very snarky lately. I’m convinced she’s full fledge member of the Pack now. All professionalism gone.

      • kiwibattler

        Something like “The real dirty politics: Hackers, Hager and hypocrisy”

      • Hard1

        “Duck Quacks Don’t Echo”

        How the Left of NZ abandoned morality in their quest for power.

    • I don’t know how many copies Haggard sold but I can see the expose of the other side being a best seller. Put me down for a copy!

  • intelligentes candida diva

    I went back to your Christmas message, wonderful, made me cry reading of your experience with God. I’m happy for you that you had that experience and have been courageous to share it when you are attacked from so many Cameron.

    My mum always said to us “silence is golden” wise move not to retaliate & implement the strategy you did.

    Dirty Politics, I was not affected by it, however I had stuff occurring for me and thought aspects of it may have been of interest to this blog and thought of sharing it via contact. I didn’t make contact because of what was occurring for the blog, so I can say I believe there would have been people who erred on the side of caution in making contact and decided not to because of concern about privacy breaches.
    I will buy the book, bring it on!

    • Sagacious Blonde

      In the late 70’s my own family was done over by the “establishment”, so I am well able to empathise.

      We were stymied at every turn. We would prove one lie, they would produce another; our own lawyer proved to be in cahoots with the opposition; toll operators were paid to listen to and record calls; Judges were one-eyed and obstructive in preventing evidence being produced; animals died mysteriously; loans and overdrafts were called in despite being serviced as arranged; the press were gleeful. I could go on, and on, and on for over 7 years worth.

      The most soul destroying thing was that in our naivety we thought that truth would prevail and justice would be served. Justice in New Zealand is a myth, particularly if you dare to challenge the self-elected brokers of power.

      I applaud Cameron, his family and his friends for their courage in standing up to what is, at its most basic, a savage attack on the freedom of all New Zealanders.

  • cows4me

    I might have to buy a new bookcase, the dirty politics of the left will probably give encyclopedia Britainnica a run for it’s money.
    edit spelling again.

  • Greg M

    I remember a few long time and well respected commenters who were consumed by the fallout. One of whom in Wellington lost his job.
    They won’t be forgotten, time for the fightback to begin.

    • Chris W

      Seriously ?? Someone lost his job for commenting on a ‘blog ? In New Zealand?? Scandalous…

      • More than one person lost their job as a result of the criminal hackers the media who went baying for blood.

        No one broke the law, yet they were persecuted for daring to be my friend, or a commenter.

        • Pharmachick

          Which is why some of us remain behind pseudonyms – despite giving away so many clues that most could work it out if they wanted. When you work in a conservative environment, even “freedom of speech” is not alway guaranteed. The only way I can [legally] be fired now is 1) gross negligence/gross breach of trust, 2) certain types of illegal acts and 3) “Bringing the Institution into Disrepute”. Its (3) that they use when they’re really up against it – which is, admittedly; rare – but it does happen.

  • Andrew Gibson

    Ashamed? No. Scared, worried and stressed? Yes.

    • MaryLou

      I hope so.

  • Crookednose

    An ideal picture or quote would be screen grabs of the same reporter/presenter/journalist giggling and smiling with an exact word for word quote they were saying about Cam & the hack at the time. Accompanying that would be another with the fallout from the Sony hack ie calling it an illegal hack or terrorism.
    Same person, two clashing views of exactly the same thing.
    Or similar with quotes about the importance of privacy from the media, and then all the Gleeful quotes from Cam’s and the Sony execs e-mails that went public.

  • la la land

    Your Christmas post was amazing… Am so glad you shared the link again or I would havemissed it. Bless you.

  • Pharmachick

    I will buy a copy. Please try to make it available as an e-book as well otherwise Parents of pharmachick will have to buy and ship ;-)

  • I think I have had one personal communication with Cam. Some years ago. On Facebook. And that will be one of the least offensive things I do.

    I know one HR person at my employment once said she would have never hired me. For what I had written on nz.politics (Usenet). But she does not hire at my level: the competent are still needed far more than the politically connected.