Where have all the Heroes gone?

John Wayne

John Wayne

The America of my Dad’s generation was represented in Movies by men like John Wayne.

No would ever imagine John Wayne giving in to threats or backing down.

If Sony was to be represented in a movie I would have to cast Pee-wee Herman, as their recent actions have been anything but courageous.

Pee-wee Herman

Pee-wee Herman

…One of the country’s leading entertainment businesses is being held to gruesome ransom. And the probable perpetrator is one of the world’s most despicable despots, Kim Jong-Un.

What’s at stake here is far more serious than the reputations of a few Hollywood players embarrassed by their emails being leaked.

(Let’s be honest, if any of our email inboxes suddenly got dumped into the public ether, we’d all be on a slow, humiliating boat to China pretty quickly..)

No, the battleground now has moved to a far bigger playing field, based on this fundamental question: can America stand up to a bullying, possibly tyrannical threat, or not?…
Is the world’s No1 superpower just going to roll over and let whoever is doing this win?

Because that’s the way it looks to me right now.

The movie that caused all the problems, The Interview – a comedy which features an assassination attempt on Kim Jong-Un – was due to be launched with a glitzy premiere in New York this week.

But it’s been cancelled, for ‘safety reasons’.

The film’s two stars, Seth Rogen and James Franco, have pulled out of all interviews, also for ‘safety reasons’.

And some of America’s biggest movie theater chains like Carmike Cinemas called off all planned screenings. Again, for ‘safety reasons’.

Now Sony’s announced it’s not going to release it all, caving into the pressure on its business.

To which my response is simple: what the **** is the matter with you all?…

Where the hell is America’s legendary resilience and resolve?

A few crazy threats and everyone just surrenders?

Whether it’s a lone geeky lunatic doing this, or North Korea, the response should be very straightforward: ‘We’re releasing this movie, and we’re now going to market and promote it even more enthusiastically than we were planning to.’

That’s the message you send when people hold you to ransom.


…And I would then expect the rest of Hollywood to give Sony its 100% public support, rather than the current self-serving silence. Because if these terrorists – and that’s what he/she or they are – succeed, then it may be any other studio next that suffers this fate when they make a film some enemy of America or their company doesn’t like.

Sony knew this was a highly controversial film. Chairman and CEO Michael Lynton’s leaked emails confirm that secret high-level talks were held about it with the State department.

A decision was then made to go ahead.

We also know that Seth Rogen was specifically asked if he would consider doing the movie without Kim Jong-Un being assassinated – and he said no.

But all this bravado counts for nothing if the moment things get really hot, everyone runs for cover.

Kim Jong-Un is a despicable piece of work, a monstrous dictator who treats his people horrendously and murders anyone who gets in his way or disobeys an order.

On the scale of global tyrants, he’s up there right now with the very worst of them.

If he is in any way connected to these ‘9-11 style threats’ on America – and surely the FBI or CIA can work this out soon? – then President Obama should treat this as a national security threat and act accordingly, or any tin-pot terror group will think they can do this with impunity.

I would also like the President to make a clear and unequivocal statement that America will not tolerate Sony’s 1st Amendment rights being violated in such a grotesque manner. That, after all, is what is being fought over here, right?

If it’s not Kim Jong-Un at all, but just a nerdy, vengeful Sony employee or ex employee acting on his or her own, then he/she should be tracked down with the full power of America’s substantial intelligence forces and brought to justice.

That’s the way you deal with threats.

Not the current humiliating spectacle of the biggest, richest, most powerful entertainment industry on Planet Earth behaving like a terrified, cowardly pygmy.



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  • Exactly. Once you give in to terrorism – and this is exactly what this is – then the terrorist wins. The media have again failed by salaciously focusing on a few private emails and not considering the greater issue. First they inflame the situation by releasing private content and then get all hysterical about possible risk. By so doing they trivialise a greater issue – the right for freedom of expression.
    The British Daily Mail isn’t in the top tier of journalistic endeavour but in this case they have it exactly right. Sony should have show it was made of sterner stuff.
    John Wayne it certainly isn’t

  • DangerMice

    If any North Koreans feel threatened at the movies #IllWatchWithYou (you’re buying the popcorn though)

  • Elinor_Dashwood

    OK, so we’re no longer in favour of abolishing freedom of conscience and of speech in response to what we are determined to label a terrorist act in Sydney?

  • BlitzkriegNZ

    What a shame the new season of South Park just finished, I’d love to see them rip into this topic. They made team America world police and no one cared even though it was hilarious and offensive as hell….. Matt Damon.

  • Kiwi53

    At the same time if anyone made a spoof comedy on how to kill Obama how long do you think it would take before the perpetrators would be told to quit before they start or face the consequences. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. Not expressing any support at all for KJU. But the principal of the matter should be the same regardless.

  • Cowgirl

    I say release it and let’s make it the biggest blockbuster of all time. If they are worried about words on paper being released, that’s pretty lame. I guess if there are serious threats of violence, then maybe a big corporation might not want to be responsible for attacks on theatre patrons, but what’s to stop them releasing it online if that’s all they’re worried about? When this thing does get out, it’s going to be massive I think – imagine if this was just all the greatest viral marketing stunt of all time?

    • jude

      Well put. Release on DVD and I bet sales would soar world wide:) my kids were looking forward to its release!

      • Cowgirl

        I reckon many people would see it now just because we can and to stick it to the hackers! I know I would :)

  • axeman

    This is where we have all gone barking mad. If Sony releases it and something was to happen, the outrage at Sony for releasing would be monumental, where the outrage should be at the perpetrator. The media would be saying it was an action of a Lone Wolf, or wasn’t connected to IS or what ever

    • Whitey

      Too true. Somewhere along the way, our society has got its priorities really screwed up.

  • MAWG

    Would Sony have released this movie?

    • Bart67

      You beat me to it! Apparently he was inspired to make it after watching Reifenstahls ‘Triumph of the Will”. Laughed all the way through the screening, and went back to see it a number of times to nail down Hitler’s mannerisms!

  • tjb

    Disgusting precedent has been set.

    Get ready for threats against all sorts of things now.

    Never should the free world cave in to threats of violence.

  • Hey – threats of violence has worked for Muslims for years. Why wouldn’t the North Koreans give it a go?

  • Annoyed

    Pull a Russia (re Ukraine and the threat of the US) and just ignore the threat of China. If this is North Korea, then this is absolutely a declaration of war and should be treated as one. China should be easily placated by the fact that North Korea have clearly overstepped their bounds here.

  • NotLen

    Isn’t Sony a Japanese company?

  • Cadwallader

    I remain surprised that “Atlas Shrugged” was ever made into a movie. (Not well made unfortunately.)

  • Kopua Cowboy

    No screaming from the Left about state sponsored terrorism? Well colour me surprised…

  • Isherman

    And how did this become a issue in the first place..Oh, thats right, a MSM that was quite happy to publish stolen material, because they decided that was in the interest of their readers. I mean, what is the true assessment of a credible threat from the DPRK over a movie, not much at all. If the MSM had not made such a public scare out of it, it would be business as usual. The DPRK get all upset and threaten nuclear devastion on Japan, South Korea and the US every other day, everyone just laughs at it as they should. Im sorry, but Kims got a clear victory here that has cost Sony and the US far more than any action of actual retribution the North Koreans would actually dare undertake.

    • Andy Brown

      Totally agree. It actually serves to make them feel stronger. But North Korea is very lacking in technology, arms etc.

  • Bazza63

    Sony should release it for free, that would be fitting response.

  • dgrogan

    I’m pretty sure pacifism has been tried before in history and came up wanting.
    The biggest problem the West faces right now, is its refusal to stand up for it’s own rights and principals, whilst pandering to minorities’ sensibilities.

    • axeman

      There’s a quote not word perfect but go along the lines of “for evil to reign all it takes is for enough good people to do nothing”

  • Apolonia

    Isn’t the Pee-wee Herman the MP for Epsom?

    • Mark J

      No, that’s Arnold Rimmer.

  • Crookednose

    Excuse the following language, but in following this (and commenting), I came across the following quote that sums things up nicely –
    “At least we have a date when America lost it’s balls. ”
    A middle finger was required here, not back sliding cowardice.

    • Disinfectant

      The problem being is that America hasn’t had a Cowboy President since Ronald Reagan.
      He didn’t back down against Libya or Granada.