Hide on texting tantrums

Rodney’s onto it.

Perhaps it would help us all if Labour and the Greens drew up a list of whom the Prime Minister can and can’t text?

Key likes to text. I have kept a very touching one he sent on the birth of our daughter.

But although Labour and the Greens are apoplectic about the Government peeking at the emails and texts of suspected terrorists, paradoxically they want to monitor and censor what we say and do.

The right not to be offended now trumps free speech. We must tiptoe around the delicate sensibilities of the thought police.

It’s now not enough just to avoid saying anything remotely politically incorrect, you must sever all contacts with those who do.

Labour and the Greens have spent a great deal of time in Parliament pestering Key about his text contact with Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater.

They are in a frenzy that Key has texted him.

They are shocked and appalled that he won’t rule out texting him in the future.

One thing you’ve missed Rodney – none of this would be able to be sustained if it wasn’t for a media that’s flipped behind this issue.  Your column stands as a lonely beacon against a flood of deluded commentary.  

In our great pressure-cooker of democracy the Opposition has been fearlessly teasing out whether Key’s texting is proactive or reactive.

Their great victory was to catch Key not accurately recalling whom he texted on what date.

Are we seriously saying, after National’s six years in Government, that the big gotcha is Key’s failing to recall a text, whether deliberate or not?

Surprisingly, Key won’t let Labour and the Greens dictate to whom he texts.

He thinks – very controversially – that he can text whomever he likes. That has enraged Labour and the Greens even further.

Why is nobody else saying this in the media?  You and I know the public aren’t just over it, they’ve tuned out.

And Slater?

Well, he must be revelling in the publicity.

He has just again won Netguide‘s prize of best blog of the year.

The really amusing thing is that most media now refuse to have anything to do with stories that are published here.  They do not want to be in a position where they promote my work.

Instead, they’re using each and every opportunity to put me and the blog in the worst possible light.

What they don’t understand is that they are simply creating a public expectation that isn’t matched by reality.  People get curious, come to have a look at Whaleoil, and two things happen.  One, they see news presented and dissected in a way they have never seen before, and two, they find a huge disconnect between what the media at large are telling them about Whaleoil and me, and what they find here.

Similarly, the more that Little and Norman wax lyrical about the evils of Slater, the more it reinforces readers’ beliefs that they are on the right side of history.

Of course, there is a fear running as an undercurrent.  Especially in Labour.  Little has inherited a time bomb that he will only survive by blaming it all on Cunliffe.  Tick tock.


– Herald on Sunday


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  • la la land

    Fantastic article by Rodney – sums it up completely and makes it all seems very simple… Just shows how pathetic the media are being on this issue.

  • Sally

    Is Rodney the token gesture by the HOS in presenting the view of the right-side of the political spectrum? Just like Judith is now for Stuff.
    “See we are not bias”

  • Cadwallader

    Superb. it is damning of the msm that not a single member of it has applied any objectivity to this non-issue. ( I stand to be corrected as I believe Larry Williams may have.)

    The current obsession of the so-called opposition about JK’s texts reveals how little else they have to do…no fresh policy, no constructive messages for the year ahead, no effective revitalization of the Labour Party other than to promote an unelectable union hack to leadership and shuffling the same old deck of played cards around the House. Andy Little is so nondescript that sitting here typing I cannot picture him let alone trawl-up any recollection of anything he may have done or said.

    What will 2015 bring to the House via Labour? Nothing! But: That very “Nothing” will be lauded by the msm as heralding the downfall of JK and the vitality of Labour’s new leadership. The Labour Party and its Greenie mates constitute a dark and ridiculous asylum for their ratbag dreamers.

  • Greg M

    Sums it up pretty well. Six years in opposition and the best they can come up with is “who is the Prime Minister texting?” They are pathetic, and it’s about time they started at least pretending to be an opposition, after all, that’s what we are paying them to do.

    • Kevin

      Unless you believe Cameron Slater is the devil incarnate it’s a total non-issue. The thing is the Left, Labour, the Greens, and the media DO believe Cameron Slater is the devil incarnate and can’t see how anyone can believe he isn’t. So seen from their eyes it is a big issue akin to say President Obama being sprung texting chummy texts to some serial killer or even worse a Fox News executive.

  • James Growley

    “Little has inherited a time bomb that he will only survive by blaming it all on Cunliffe.” I suppose he will blame Cunliffe for infecting him with the virus that’s side effect manifests itself in the host with the ability to speak out of both sides of the mouth simultaneously.

    • Aucky

      Little was likely to have been born with the virus James and the astute voters of Taranaki are obviously very well aware of that. The people of Rongotai will no doubt accord him the same treatment in 2017.

      • Yeahright

        We have already King and Wussell living here, I feel dirty enough, don’t need angry Andy!

    • Monito

      Where is David Cunliffe? he has gone remarkably quiet.

      • Dave_1924

        He is playing nice, waiting to leave parliament in a couple of terms, in the sure and certain hope he will get placed on some SOE boards in 6 years time when National lose power and the not yet in parliament Labour leader pensions him off……

        • Monito

          Sure hope he does not have too much sitting on that scenario he could be waiting a very long time.

      • dgrogan

        Yeah. I kind of miss him too. Not quite enough to say, “Wish you were here,” fortunately.

  • Liberty

    “He has just again won Netguide‘s prize of best blog of the year.”

    The Heralds anti blog committee missed that one.
    As I don’t recall intil now any mention in the Herald of Whale winning the Netguide prize.

    • Yes they did actually mention it after patting themselves on the back for winning best newspaper (or something) which I laughed at.

  • Beetle

    Having been out of the country for a few weeks and then reading the “text bomb” that Key released I was left wondering what in the heck NZ had come to. There was nothing wrong with the text nor the fact Key sent it. In fact it was a little embarrassing reading someone’s private chit-chat. Labour, Green and most of the media remains littered with negative, rear-mirror view people who are obsessively driven by the dream that they will destroy an elected government and WOBH. Whereas Key is looking at future opportunities to ensure NZ does actually have a good future. God help us if the text police of the left every get their hands on the beehive.

    • OneTrack

      This as just the leftist control tendency coming through – they think they should be able to control everything.

      And this is after they lost the election. What would they have been like if they had won? It doesn’t bear thinking about to be honest.

  • Maybe Key should start asking the Russel Norman about his texts from Kim Dot Com or Andrew Littles texts to and from that hate filled blogger Martyn Martin Bradbury? How about Key push it to the limit that they are driving at for him and build them an approved can talk to list.

    • Sam

      He often points that out when answering them during question time. Most people don’t watch question time though… I’d like to see him saying it on the news, but that’s stooping to their level.

    • Billythekid

      Key is the ultimate statesman/ diplomat. They don’t call him the smiling assassin for nothing. When the shot is on, he will take it.

  • andrewo

    I’m pleased this has appeared in the Herald on Sunday. Rodney has produced some excellent material of late but it’s mostly been hidden behind the NBR paywall.
    Thus now the metrosexual/hipster/chattering classes get it shoved in their face whilst sipping their decaf latte on Ponsonby road.

  • burns_well_eh

    I guess one day the Herald, SST et al will stumble upon the meaning of the Streisand Effect. Faces will hit palms very hard that day.

  • Captain Darling

    Well said Rodders, a beacon of hope in a dark place.

  • BJ

    This has become ridiculous.
    As the democratically elected PM of NZ I would expect that anyone elevated to that position be afforded a high level of trust, until proven otherwise over something of reasonable significance that might just concern a mature adult. It really narks me that such a useless person such as Wussel thinks its ok that my taxes are contributing to his immature ‘witchhunt’ antics, playing silly playground games of trying to get those he envies ‘in trouble with the teacher’. Really – this nonsense has nothing to do with holding the Government to account over things they do that may negatively affect this country and so much more to do with a person that has no business being in NZ politics and that up till now has contributed what exactly?

    • dgrogan

      The really happy result about all this is that Little, Norman and Turei have all this recored in Hansard for posterity. What a legacy.

    • Aucky

      Wussel reminds of that whining little Aussie kid in the sandpit ad. Same attitude too.

      • dgrogan

        “Mate. You’re dreamin.”

  • Yellow Admiral

    It really is a shame the rules of Parliament prevent Government members from asking questions of the opposition (all of it). The balance of political and media attention is very heavily skewed when the same nonsense questions that get heaped on the PM can’t be put to those whose behaviour is (in their eyes) as pure as snow ….

    I bet none of the chattering radio shows invite Rodney to discuss his column.

  • Eiselmann

    The Pm is just the first step …succeed there and its not a big jump to having all government employees required to declare ‘no contact’ with Cam, as visiting this website or following him on twitter might cloud their judgement. The attack on the PM is the beginning of an attack on all our freedom of association. …beware the next left government.

  • I’m Right

    Cam, as much as I enjoy reading and contributing to posting on this blog I have to admit a certain sense of deflation and disappointment on your constant ‘teasing’ of what you have in emails/txts from Greens/Labour…the left in general that will undoubtedly embarrass the leaders and the left in general…but you post nothing and no big ‘wait and see’ as you constantly tease us with. Getting frustrating and boring Cam. Your stock in NZ politics has never been media higher as being the pariah and ‘devil’ of the right but (according to you) you have the proof of the left chatting/contacting you…either you have or you do not, but what a great time to lay the ‘bombshell’ and embarrass a new leader who is on a high (Labour) and another who needs to be taken down so many pegs it’s not funny (Greens)…As for most contributors/readers I cannot be alone in feeling this way?!?

  • I’m Right

    Goldie…The MSM has been against Key/National/Cam/Whaleoil for years, se la vie! National won the biggest result in MMP in Sept and the left HATE it, but if they want to focus on the stuff that the majority of NZ voting public are not interested in, Se la vie! :)

  • Daniel Church

    The reality is that the left still haven’t even learned from their defeat in 2008. The 2008 campaign was entirely based around “you can’t trust him [Key]”. This is all just a new version of that.