Hippies couldn’t organise a root in a brothel


No wonder the Green party vote never increases…they couldn’t organise a root in a brothel.

The only two Timaru protesters to stick their heads in the sand against perceived climate change inaction missed each other and ended up protesting at different times and ends of Caroline Bay yesterday.

Green Party Aoraki branch convener Gerrie Ligtenberg and party member Kate Elsen got their wires crossed and protested alone.  

Ligtenberg dug her protest hole at the skatepark end of the beach at noon, whereas Elsen had turned up earlier at the Marine Parade end.

“It was all a bit last minute,” Ligtenberg said.

Although a few beach visitors gave her some odd looks, she was not as silly as she looked, she said.

“I put a plastic bag in the hole so I didn’t get sand in my ears.”

I can think of better uses for the plastic bag…but isn’t it hugely ironic that this fool is protesting the use of oil and yet uses a plastic bag in the hole…did she forget her hemp sack?


– Timaru Herald


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  • Chris Chitens

    Plastic bag!! GOLD!!! Also ironically is that even if the silly goose did use hemp it is made by Bangladeshi kids and the waste from the plant is usually all burnt!

  • shykiwibloke

    Pity they didnt fill in the hole as part of the protest….

  • Sally

    Hope no children were watching – wrong on 2 levels.
    Dangerous to stick head into the sand but to put head in a plastic bag then into the sand – how dumb.

  • Justsayn

    Trevor Mallard looking for the missing million?

    Edit: is this a photoshop? I cannot see a head!

    • Aucky

      Phil Goff looking for his shiny shovel?

      Wrong beach Phil…….it was Papamoa.

  • jude

    Oh good lord!
    The left need the Greens if they are to form a government. Does this action inspire any confidence in the Greens at all?
    They should rename themselves back to the Mcgillicuddy Party and be done with trying to convince anyone of their so called”Green” intentions.

  • All_on_Red

    Greenies with their heads in the sand. Situation normal then.
    ( it’s almost as good as Shearer holding up two dead fish)

    • mommadog

      It would have been better than the fish if Russell had bought a bucket of sand into parliament and stuck his head in it there. Definitely would have beaten two fish then.

  • El Diablo

    It’s hilarious that these green luddites use the symbolism of sticking their heads in the sand when that’s exactly what they are doing to any global warming skepticism. Ask any greenie if they are aware that there has been no increase in global temperatures for the past 18 years now and they will refuse to believe it could possibly be true.

    • Chris Edwards

      Diablo, look up the engineering phenomena called Latent Heat (or Enthalpy) of Fusion. Wikipedia ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enthalpy_of_fusion ) has a basic explanation. In short, a system (the earth) taking a constant energy source (global warming) does not exhibit a change in temperature when the system is undergoing a phase change i.e. a solid changing to a liquid aka melting polar caps. The problem is the very rapid change in temperature when the phase change nears completion.

  • Pluto

    Presumably when he pulled it head out of the sand he put in back in the same place he had just removed it.

  • Betty Swallocks

    Apart from anything else, shouldn’t wearing socks with sandals be a criminal offence?

    • Pharmachick

      Yes… except in any Physics Department at a major University ;-) ;-) LOL

  • Captain Darling

    Wouldn’t you feel a right pillock being the only person on the beach sticking your head in the sand?

    • Albert Lane

      But I thought that the greenies always had their heads in the sand. They have opinions on anything and everything, and of course their opinion is always right., and they’re always available to give their rubbish opinions to the media. I think it would be a good idea if Wussel Norman agreed to have his MPs to have an IQ test where a number of IQ skills were tested and the results would be made available to the public. Such as reasoning skills He’d never agree of course. The results would make him and his team look like fools. Oh? They’re already fools. Who could have guessed?

  • Nice work from Bill English this afternoon, sledging Russel Norman over the “head in the plastic bag in the sand” incident (around the 3:50 mark)


    • Bartman

      Love the emissions chart – almost as good as the snapper prop – “the Blue line is going up”, prompted a snarky response from Kermit!

    • Diddly_Squat

      Dang Aussie imports, the word is graph … Whats with “Graarrff”, us Kiwi’s say “Graf”

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Oh dear God, *head shaking* (because its not stuck in the sand), Im all for making a point but there has to be an element of discernment between good judgement and crazy, clearly these people are not familiar with the proverb posted today on WOBH.

  • Huia

    Hahaha, he’s beached as Bro, is he looking for plank ton?
    Oh my word, love the photo, has to be the silliest and most ludicrous protest ever dreamed up by the sheeple party.

  • Cadwallader

    Hasn’t he positioned himself for a “root?” He’s not wasting time/money going to a brothel.

  • cows4me

    I would have been easier if they had left their heads where they usually keep them, in the arses, save digging a hole.

  • Dumrse

    The photo is actually Wussel Norman working on his policy matters.

  • Caprice

    How dare you Cameron. Of course we greenies could find a root in a brothel! It is finding an equal opportunities brothel that presents a problem.
    Where are the Elderly/Disabled/Ethnic minority’s, Dwarves etc. It is shocking that no one calls these establishments to account..

  • Cadae

    About four of these oil exploration protester were blocking the entrance to MBIE in Wellington this afternoon with a chain over the entrance and their bodies in the main doorway. Being late for a meeting there, I quickly lifted the chain, jumped the bodies and departed leaving a few choice words. The police turned up later and eventually cut the chain and arrested a couple of them.

    • Wahbonnah

      I’m surprised you didn’t “accidently” trip and stand on a couple of the idiots, since they’re in the way and all

  • Rick H

    I believe I mentioned this yesterday – the muppets in the Timaru sands at Caroline Bay, not even being in the same end of the beach.
    What a bunch of twats these Greenies are.
    They keep ranting on about CO2 – as if it is a big, bad black horrible thing.
    The carbon I most often deal with is a mixture of Carbon and Oxygen.
    Commonly called CO2 – and it emits from the bottle after I let go the corkage.

    Invisible, smells delicious, and makes the day so much more bearable.

    CO2 – inhaled by all plants, indeed, essential for their growth.
    Because of the plants’ ability to use the CO2 to grow themselves, it is a really simple way to see how the planet works.

    Plants draw up from the ground, and from rain, (but mainly from the ground through their roots) water – Hydrogen and oxygen, named H2O (water)
    They also draw win through their leaves, Carbon Dioxide CO2.
    Through the process of Photosynthesis, being the sun’s action on the green leaves, the CO2 and H2O is transformed into “Carbohydrates – i.e. sugar – i.e plant folliage” and Oxygen.
    The Carbohydrates grow the plants (trees, if you use the tree felling thing)
    The Oxygen is emitted into the atmosphere for us to use.

    Without CO2 emissions, the world would grind to a deadly stop.

    • Kiwibabe

      Earth’s CO2 level has been 8 times the present level, it survived, there is more life than ever, and no humans were around to cause that CO2.

    • cmm

      Yup, CO2 is plant food and human emissions are only a small % of natural emissions. The plants just need to eat a bit more and we’d be back in balance.

      So how does that balance happen? More plants grow. Areas get greener: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2009/07/090731-green-sahara.html

      But of course the climate troughers won’t let it rest. All that extra plant food must be bad. The latest theory I heard from someone “working” in that area is that the extra food is causing the plants stress and fatigue due to over feeding – something like plant obesity!

      • Rick H

        Plant Obesity – bring it on.
        I believe certain plants already are growing bigger and faster than they used to.

  • damm good thrashing

    It is appropriate that they chose sticking their heads in the sand as a protest against global warming.

    • axeman

      Perhaps the protest wasn’t against CAGW after all. Can you hear him saying “I can’t breathe”?

    • Kiwibabe

      And their butts in the air might have added to global warming?

  • Tom

    Wheres a tsunami when you need one ?

  • Diddly_Squat

    The only time I have ever had .. head down, butt up, in the sand .. was sampling Wussel’s Aussie beer and whine.