Hippies couldn’t organise a root in a brothel


No wonder the Green party vote never increases…they couldn’t organise a root in a brothel.

The only two Timaru protesters to stick their heads in the sand against perceived climate change inaction missed each other and ended up protesting at different times and ends of Caroline Bay yesterday.

Green Party Aoraki branch convener Gerrie Ligtenberg and party member Kate Elsen got their wires crossed and protested alone. ?

Ligtenberg dug her protest hole at the skatepark end of the beach at noon, whereas Elsen had turned up earlier at the Marine Parade end.

“It was all a bit last minute,” Ligtenberg said.

Although a few beach visitors gave her some odd looks, she was not as silly as she looked, she said.

“I put a plastic bag in the hole so I didn’t get sand in my ears.”

I can think of better uses for the plastic bag…but isn’t it hugely ironic that this fool is protesting the use of oil and yet uses a plastic bag in the hole…did she forget her hemp sack?


– Timaru Herald