In a holiday mood? Well, have you considered North Korea?


Before anyone accuses me of running native advertising, I haven’t been paid to promote Kim’s place.  (Why are all the evil ones called Kim?)

Between issuing chilling threats of nuclear warfare and allegedly launching a cyber attack on a Hollywood studio, North Korea has working on a website to entice tourists to the secretive state – complete with pictures of a ski resort, grinning children… and missiles.

The site,, provides foreigners with detailed information on the secretive communist nation’s tourist attractions, hotels and tour programmess through related stories and video clips.

The North has a few other propaganda sites for outside online users like Uriminzokkiri and Naenara. But the new website focuses more on attracting foreign tourists, reports South Korean news agency Yonhap.

Wow!  What else?  

The North’s media said the website has been created to ‘satisfy growing interest and expectation’ over the nation.

It features pictures and info about the nation’s food, culture, beaming children and even information on North Korea’s national bird (the Chollima, a mythical winged horse).

However, as a chilling counterpoint to the cheery pictures, the website also features images and articles about its missile programme.



Gareth Morgan went there, and the raved about the place.   Maybe it’s because they only raise cats as a food source there?

I’ve had an inside tip that if you are very good at Photoshop, and bring your own late model laptop, they’ll even provide a working visa!


– Mail Online




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  • conwaycaptain

    Send Wussel he can have 1st hand experience of a Socialist Paradise

    • Eiselmann

      Add Tiso who can’t handle a society that rewards effort and of course Martin Martyn hates being around his fellow New Zealanders and all this independent thinking rubbish.
      If its an issue with funding the travel , they only have to ask.

      • sheppy

        Given that Air New Zealand are retiring the 19 seaters perhaps they could round up the top 19 communist sympathisers and take them over there in one of the surplus planes. Given lefties are usually public transport enthusiasts they will appreciate the extra noise, long journey time and refuelling stops needed along the way.

        • DavidW

          Unless things have changed, Air Koryo is the only airline allowed into Puyongyang. They fly old Ilyushin Il-62’s with real wood tray tables that don’t fold away. At Beijing airport they park about a kilometre away from the terminal and while on the ground are surrounded by security – not sure if this is to prevent the crew from doing a runner or because they are a safety hazard. The flight to Pyongyang was scary in that the altitude was down (est <15000ft) which gave the impression of great speed. Enough to heave a sigh of relief when disembarking anyway.

          Departing Seoul, still today all flights leaving in a northerly direction are required to make a sharp turn at low altitude to avoid straying into NK airspace and getting shot down. Real fun place to be.

          • sheppy

            Perhaps they could add in a deliberately inefficient plane change to the mix, it would make even more like public transport.
            That’s an interesting insight into the reality of communism, thanks!

    • caochladh

      It probably would be “paradise” for some of his hair shirt wearing bozo tribe.

  • LabTested

    I have recently finished the book ‘Nothing to Envy – Ordinary lives in North Korea’ by Barbara Demick.

    Many stories, like the kindergarten teacher who learnt not to share her food with the kids because they were going to starve to death any way,

    • Sunshine

      Just added this to my must read list. Looks pretty harrowing though.

  • Jas

    Do you think that any of hard left wingers who might visit think that their visit actually means that there is less food for the ‘working class’ because of them?

    • Eiselmann

      You’d think they would have that concern right…until you remember the hard line lefties are happy to take much needed money from the working poor in this country in order to fund their own upper middle class lifestyles (Helen Kelly doesn’t exactly earn 20k a year and live in Manurewa but you can be sure many of those who fund her wages do) ….hard line Unionist already take food off the tables of the working poor, doing so in North Korea wouldn’t even cause them to blink.

  • cows4me

    I’m surprised KDC hasn’t applied for a visa, he would get on with those gangsters like a house on fire, they big on file sharing too.

  • Sir Henry Morgan

    I’ve visited. Was an interesting experience. Local beer was alright. Mind you I was coming from China where the beer is weak rat piss.

  • damm good thrashing

    Perhaps all the cats have been eaten.